Monday, April 11, 2016

Let's Get On The Good Foot: Run A Relay, Fight The Power & Alicia Keys.

Have you ever felt that you could be doing more? And by more I don't mean climbing up the professional ladder or meeting Mr.Right (or Right-Now... we don't judge) - we are broaching the topic of being more altruistic, socially conscience and simply more selfless? How do I put action behind the notion? By taking the first step with UNITED RELAY OF AMERICA + AfterShokz I can do just that and get on the good foot (I am a James Brown fan!) and run a stage of the world's first ever triple-route coast to cost non-stop relay. It's more then just a running relay, in the process of the event, runners will be raising much needed funds for a plethora of charities.

Runners who want to make a difference will set off from Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles, and meet in New York City, carrying three batons nearly 12,000 miles in the three unbroken chains. In the process, awareness and an estimated $1.5 million will be raised 

The Alicia Keys Factor 

Alicia Keys understands the notion of being of service and this Haute Mom, Grammy Award winning Singer/Song-Writer and philanthropist is supporting UR AMERICA and all those who join the cause.

All you have to do is sign up to a run a stage and you’ll be automatically entered into our once-in-a-lifetime prize draw to meet Alicia during a two-night stay in NYC with flights included. The winner and a friend will also receive a FREE pair of AfterShokz headphones and a goodie bag including an exclusive United Relay t-shirt signed by Alicia Keys!

Sound like Fun? Increase your chances of winning!
  • 5 points for signing up to an empty stage
  • 4 points for signing up to an Standard Stage
  • 3 points for every $100 you raise
  • 2 points for recruiting a friend to run
  • 1 point for signing up to a Group Stage
Each point represents the number of times your name is entered into the prize draw.

Love to listen to music whilst you run? Great! Join today and we'll automatically enter you into our weekly AfterShokz prize draw to win one of 10 FREE Trekz Titanium headphones!

There's nothing like challenging yourself, being of service to others and working up a good sweat! I hope to see you all out on race and to get started just clicked here ...

Thursday, March 31, 2016

#LaPETITEBites: Grill Like a G - Not Really But You Know What I Mean!

If loving all things grilling is wrong, les petites I don't want to be right! If you are an avid reader of this blog you are well aware that 1. I LOVE books. There really isn't a topic I haven't reviewed of discussed (there is but humor me on this will you?) and 2. I LOVE all things culinary and grilling is definitely one of them. From the fragrant scent of the grill and it's limitless options I personally find it fascinating what can be done with a grill, some ingredients and a little ingenuity. 

Ten Speed Press

Ingenuity, inventive and simply orginal can be said about the new tome from Ten Speed Press, AROUND THE FIRE: Recipes For Inspiried Grilling and Seasonal Feasting From Ox Restaurant courtesy of the purveyors of the beloved Ox Restaurant Greg Denton and his wife Gabrielle Quiñónez Denton (along with Stacy Adimando) conjured up a resource of recipes and techniques that at first glance seem extremely intimidating (I have never grilled leg of goat nor poached squid and octopus) but like the book states 'rest assured' there is a way and it's accessible thanks to the easy to follow instructions that even a foodie novice can follow. 

Ten Speed Press
And fear not - this book is for the masses, it's filled with plant based meals as it is with various meats to seafood. It's grilling for the people and with summer fastly approaching it's a must have.

Check out Clean Your Grill in Record Time With These Hacks
by Josh | The Kentucky Gent at Mode

 I received this book from Blogging for Books for this revi

The smell from a grill could spark up nostalgia ~ DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince "Summertime".... I just had to throw that in for good measure. xx 

Monday, March 28, 2016

#LaPETITEBites: We Gonna Chow Down In Koreatown [Yes, We are Cheesy, Don't Judge!]

I wasn't introduced to Korean cuisine until recently. A good friend of mine who is all about all things edible introduced me to the cookery much to my delight. From the intense flavors and the entire experience of eating these dishes Korean BBQ  truly is an palatable adventure everyone with a pulse should go on. Deuki Hong and Matt Rodbard knows this and together assembled a gem of a book KOREATOWN: A COOKBOOK (Clarkson Potter) it's more then just a mere title on regional cooking - NO! It's an insider look on the subject told in an approachable way that isn't esoteric, obscure or complex. For those like me who by the very definition of the word - a neophyte to the cuisine this is an outstanding introduction. No only do have a plethora of recipes to refer to but a deeper look at the people, the stores, the culture as a whole for us to indulge in with all our senses. What really struck a cord with me was the guest recipes by some of the most celebrated chefs. Literally there was no stone left unturned and this book will be treasured for years to come. 

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review. 

#LaPETITEBites: Danny Glover's Monkey Bread

Check out Let’s Eat! Fun Foods and Tasty Family Favorites
by Tend Editor at Mode

Friday, February 19, 2016

#LaPetiteBites: The Indian Family Kitchen. When Classic Becomes Renewed.

The Indian Family Kitchen
Clarkson Potter

Have you ever craved those childhood meals that you just can't seem to master yourself? This place of remembrance, that sensory trigger that occurs when you get one of those flashbacks sitting at the  dinner table or eagerly waiting by the stove to be handed a plate of succulent goodness prepared with all the love in the world?  This has been my life for the past few years, especially 2015 as the elders in my life have all transcended and left me behind to dream of those meals of yesteryear; wishing I took a moment to really learn all the secrets and nuances that made all those dishes special. While I will forever live in the remembrance I can appreciate the meals from another family, tasty meals at that. 

The Indian Family Kitchen
Clarkson Potter

In Anjali Patak's beautifully crafted tome The Indian Family Kitchen: Classic Dishes For A New Generation (Clarkson Potter) she illustrates not just cooking techniques, she shares her history in all it's beautiful flavors and colors. She interprets each dish and while respecting the foundation that was laid out before her she reinvents it to today's standard making it anew. I love that the cookbook will satisfy any palate from plate based to full on carnivore -  and the libations are out of this world. Pathak's book has inspired me to reach out to my own family members and collect recipes so that I can have a reference to and somehow invent it to put my stamp on it too. This is more then just a cookbook - Pathak has started a movement. 

The Indian Family Kitchen
Clarkson Potter
As the granddaughter of Patak's, the popular brand of Indian-style curry pastes, sauces and spices Anjali Pathak is loved the world over as a renowned chef, culinary teach and food writer (what a repertoire!) to learn more about Pathak's take on all things Indian fare check out

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Can I Blog My Way To Independence?

January 15th 2016 | Manhattan Bridge, New York City
Photo: La PETITE Blog

I am on the precipice of complete and utter ruin. I am currently lacking in faith, funds, confidence and reassurance that 'tomorrow' will be okay. I have hit an all time BLOCK in life - from losing my mother after a ten month battle with cancer and shortly there after  (two months and twenty-four days to be exact) losing my brother suddenly; I have completely and utterly lost my 
focus and drive.

I once had a thriving career as a fashion stylist - working with celebrities, publications - etc.; when I took time away to deal with being a caretaker and then grieving  - I wish someone would of informed me that those contacts, those 'friends' I thought I had all but disappeared. Phone calls are sent to voicemail, emails and texts unanswered - so here I am.If I want to be a stylist again I will have to start all over again - here's the honest truth - I have no interest in styling. Frankly I have no interest in anything at the moment.

Without a steady stream of income, really no security on where I am going to live and living in complete fear that all this stress and anxiety is going to leave me completely and irrevocably 
 broken. It's just been too much to bear.

Here's the question:  What am I to do? I do not own anything of any value besides this MacBook Pro I am currently perusing - and even this has depreciated as it's from 2011. I have this blog - yes, this blog I started in 2008 on whim because I was in between styling projects and wanted an outlet where I can share things that I fancied. I never really focused on my blog  being a 'business' because I kept it somewhat as a hobby - but now it's literally all I have.
My question to you (whomever is reading this - or not) is there hope for me? How do I pick myself back up?

For the past nine months I have gone to grief counseling and recently therapy to deal with it all - from the bereavement to the anxiety (and yes,
depression) I have even started meditating. The photo above is me walking from Brooklyn to Manhattan to my meditation class (it's a free series) during the walk I was actually reciting the Rosary, asking God to give me clarity, to give me hope - honestly to give me faith because I have none.

Then today happen.  I participated in a Google Hangout chat  with blogger and author Mary Carver discussing her new book Choose Joy: Finding Hope and Purpose When Life Hurts
 (Faith Words) a new book about the amazing Sara Frankl who lived with Ankylosing Spondylitis an autoimmune disease resulting in chronic pain. Sara was confined to her home because of the disease and transcended at the age of 38. During the chat Mary spoke about how Sara had a joie de vie about her, that her joy was a choice and a testament to the 'fruit of her spirit' - sentiments I can relate to that of my grandmother who lived with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease (she passed a year before my mother, my mother was diagnosed literally six months after we buried her....) and my mother who was constantly in a state of gratitude even at the very end - even to that of my brother who was a shining light to the entire family during my mother's services yet he was literally on his last days but was of service to others. People like Sara, like Granmél, like Mommy and like Frantzy are a rare breed. They have the clarity and the strength to Choose Joy - but what about people like me?

I have so many questions and I am not going to be scared (anymore - well I will try not to be scared) and I will ask them until I find the answer that leads me to joy. Maybe reading the book (which I haven't done yet) will be a good start, maybe not but I know that I have to work on me because
I literally have nothing to lose. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

From the Heart: Eating Healthy Just Got GOOD!

American Heart Association Healthy Fats, Low-Cholesterol Cookbook


This past August I turned 35. I will repeat it because there are moments when I can't believe it myself; I turned 35 years old! It's a bit surreal because my life (and body) doesn't feel like a thirty-five year should be. When I was a child I envisioned my thirty-five year old self to be this wunderkind who has surpassed all my goals, dreams and aspirations. In reality my thirty-five was harrowingly different from what I thought my life would be right now. I am in a state of bereavement and have been for the past year since the lost of my mother and brother within three months of each other. During that time my emotional and physical state has been compromised. I have amassed a plethora of gray hair (of which I am not ready for!), weight gain and anxiety to the point my doctor has prescribed me heart medication because this ticker of mine has been racing non-stop! I have come to realize that my thirties - especially my thirty fifth year is a period of realization and transformation. It's time for me to roll up my sleeves and get to work on myself because it's now or never. I have been actively sought out grief counseling and therapy for my depression stemming from the loss of my mother - a grief so intensifying that I have been paralyzed with emotions for months on end. Along with my counseling I take walks - long walks, across New York City but it's not enough. My eating habits are less then desirable because I quite frankly do not want to cook! I was once a burgeoning food enthusiast who wanted to devote this blog to exploring different recipes and cuisine but rather I lived on frozen waffles and cereal for the past year (don't judge me!). Recently my grief counselor told me that I need to push myself and push myself I will. One of the 'pushes' I am commiting to is getting back into the kitchen and cooking for myself. Self-care is one of the first things subsided and I need to focus on that because I deserve a quality of life since I am still very much alive. I have been taking baby 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Getting to the Core of it All With Coconuts!

The Whole Coconut Cookbook: Vibrant Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free Recipes Featuring Nature's Most Versatile Ingredient
by Nathalie Fraise
 Ten Speed Press

Growing up in a Haitian household (albeit in New York City), coconuts were prevalent in our everyday lives. The oil was a multifaceted and all-purpose accoutrement from culinary to beauty treatments. And its flesh, water and milk were constantly used for a variety of dishes that were delectable. Coconuts also played a big part of my childhood outside of my home as well. I remember summers traveling with my mother and siblings venturing out and discovering other Caribbean cultures (this time out of the country) we would always start off the trips with some fresh coconut juice straight from the drupe, it was our ritual marking our holiday and I could never get enough. Flash forward a few decades, with a thriving small business, insane debt and a never-enough-time-for-myself mode I am currently on I forgot just home much I loved coconuts- until now. 
Photo Courtesy of Erin Scott

Nathalie Fraise latest tome  The Whole Coconut Cookbook: VIBRANT DAIRY-FREE, GLUTEN-FREE RECIPES FEATURING NATURE’S MOST VERSATILE INGREDIENT (Ten Speed press) was a Godsend to me at this stage in life - I have been riddled with anxiety since the death of my mother. To say that I have not truly taken care of myself for the past year is an understatement. Honestly, not wanting to take care of myself is truly the crux of the issue and then on the anniversary of the day my mother was put to rest I received this book in the mail. Reading about Fraise's struggles with migraines,  anxiety and overcoming this obstacles with taking the time to care for herself  really struck a chord with me. 
Photo Courtesy of Erin Scott

The beautifully crafted book showcases an array of meals, beverages and treats that are both dairy-free, gluten-free, accessible and mouth-watering GOOD. She shares substitutions and her vast knowledge on how one can truly incorporate coconuts into one's lifestyle is truly remarkable. And for the recipes itself - they are delicious as they are innovative. I loved the Spiced Hot Chocolate, it was savory, sweet and with a kick of cayenne the drink warmed up my soul from within. What I truly appreciate about Fraise's tome was that she - like my mother and my grandmother before her utilized every facet of the versatile, multifaceted, multipurposed fruit. This book conjured up bittersweet memories and gave me a renewed sense that I have to take care of myself and I am grateful for that. 
Check out Coconut ~ Everything
by Jeanne Lander at Mode

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review. 

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Looking the Part for 2016!

There are legions of cliché assertions when it comes to approaching the mark of the new calendar year , from "New Year, New Me"; the no avail resolutions and the routine of trying to change which can be taxing and I say let's be done with it all! Why can't we curate our lives, create collections in time and just celebrate that we are alive?


 The past few years have been transformative for me in some extremely devastating ways and while I would like to curl up and just cry like a baby about my constant misfortune I will instead put apply some lipstick, grab one of my wigs and celebrate that I am still standing.
I wish you all a happy, joyous, exploratory and illustrious New Year! 
Happy New Year! 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

When in Doubt Do It Like Dietrich!

Marlene Dietrich in Dior in Alfred Hitchcock’s “Stage Fright” in 1950.
Photo by © Rue des Archives/Courtesy Dior 
Marlene Dietrich was the Queen of reinvention. It's a bold 
statement but when it comes to showbusiness and the allure of a 
Blonde woman on the silver screen it's sentiments ring true when 
it pertains to Marlene Dietrich.  Long before Madonna, Lady Gaga 
and those other dames, Madame Dietrich - the German born 
singer and actress understood the one must constantly evolve and 
she did just that. From sultry gowns, sleek menswear and awe-inspiring jewels Marlene knew how to capture an audience,cement her place in history as a Dame of style. Here we take a look at her celebrated mystic and envision what she would of in 2016. 

From Left: Marlene Dietrich with husband Rudy Sieber in Paris (1938) | Marlen Dietrick in menswear both photos from Pinterest|  Marlene Dietrich in Paris, acompanied by her husband, Rudolf Sieber (1933, photo by Imagno/Getty Images)

Dietrich 2016! From Left: SILVER SPOON ATTIRE Beret With Mesh Veil $200 LUISAVIAROMA.COM | David Webb Scroll 18-karat gold, jade and diamond clip earrings $22,600 NET-A-PORTER.COM MARTIN GRANT Leopard Fitted Peacoat $1,889 | | AQUAZZURA Hello Lover Cord-Trimmed Suede Pumps $765 |  SPLENDID SUPIMA COTTON AND MICRO MODAL-BLEND TURTLENECK TOP $85  | MARTIN GRANT Wide Leg Wool Pant $1,009 Roksanda Fox Fur Panelled Scarf $3,360  FARFETCH.COM | CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA Cheetah Bucket Bag  $1,276
Dietrich 2016! From Left: Pre-owned 1970s Norman Durand Crimson Beaver Fur Felt Fedora,  $375 1STDIBS.COM |  CHARLOTTE SIMONE Navy Popsicle With Baby Blue Tail, $450 | Lanvin Blazer Coat, $2,797 FARFETCH.COM | VIVETTA Tennyson Dress, $620 | Pre-owned Demner Emerald Ruby Sapphire Diamond Gold Choker Collar, $31,000 1STDIBS.COM | Burberry Prorsum Thigh High Patchwork Boots, $1,426 FARFETCH.COM
Dietrich 2016! From Left: Thom Browne Patch Pocket fur-trimmed coat, 9,625  MYTHERESA.COM | Thom Browne Cotton and wool-blend,  $2,645 MYTHERESA.COM | HOUSE OF LAFAYETTE  'Bandito' hat  $400.00 Delfina Delettrez 18-karat gold pearl ear cuff $2,760 NET-A-PORTER.COM |  THOM BROWNE Jacquard tie $185  MYTHERESA.COM |  Theory Silk Shirt $331 FARFETCH.COM Chloé Drew leather clutch  $930 MYTHERESA.COMNike Air Huarache sneakers $130 MYTHERESA.COMAlexander McQueen Flared Wool Trousers $795 MYTHERESA.COM

From Left: Marlene Dietrich photos from Pinterest
The underpinnings of a Diva, rather a Dietrich! From Left: Fleur Du Mal cage lace body $223  FARFETCH.COMFleur Du Mal Playboy Bunny tulle-paneled ponte bodysuit $335 NET-A-PORTER.COMZuhair Murad Sheer Lace Body $1,294 FARFETCH.COM

There is no historical fact - just my imagination (which is all that counts!), Madame Dietrich would not just wear a standard brassiere and matching underpinning. In her world her undergarments were just as fabulous as the gowns - etc. These three fit the bill (no pun intended). 

Above: Turban Perfection | Photo Courtesy of Pinteret

Dietrich 2016! From Left: SUPERDUPER Metallic Viscose Turban $254 LUISAVIAROMA.COM | Preowned Orange Multi Velvet Turban $225 1STDIBS.COMPreowned Mr. John Classic Black Detailed Cloche $650 1STDIBS.COM | Piers Atkinson Unique Blackberry Visor  $756 PIERSATKINSON.COM | Vintage DIOR Hat $327 VESTIAIRECOLLECTIVE.COM | Piers Atkinson 'Andrea' Deep Red Turban $2,008  PIERSATKINSON.COM | Colette Malouf Silk Belle Tip Headwrap $225 COLETTEMALOUF.COMColette Malouf Haute Encrusted Pearl Veil $788 COLETTEMALOUF.COM
From Left: Marlene Dietrich photos from Pinterest
    She remains what she has been for many years - an absolutely strange delight, whose gift lies outside her achievement as an actress, is not tied to a specific time and does not depend on the taste of the moment, not even on common sense.”                                                                                                                                              ~ Cecil Beaton on Marlene Dietrich 

From Left: Marlene Dietrich photos from Pinterest
    Marlene - with the unambiguous allure of the woman of yesterday and the ambiguous charm of the woman of today who has man not only about her but also within her.” 
                                                                    ~ Hanna Schygulla on Marlene Dietrich 

Left: Marlene Dietrich photos from Pinterest

Art Deco Perfection From Left: Pre-owned Marina B. Onyx Blue Topaz Garnet Diamond Gold Limited Edition "Troc" Earrings $28,000 1STDIBS.COMPre-owned Black Enamel Diamond Gold Bangle Bracelet (Set of 2) $9,500 1STDIBS.COMPre-owned David Webb Black and White Enamel Diamond Gold Ring $11,900 1STDIBS.COMPre-owned Emerald Diamond Platinum Earrings $39,000 1STDIBS.COMPre-owned Art Deco Colombian Emerald Diamond Platinum Panel Bracelet $144,480 1STDIBS.COMCartier Art Deco Emerald Diamond Platinum Link Bracelet (Set of 2) Price upon Request 1STDIBS.COM | Pre-owned 1950s Emerald Diamond Gold Bracelet $85,000 1STDIBS.COMPre-owned Colombian Emerald Diamond Gold Bypass Ring $54,000 1STDIBS.COMPre-owned Art Deco Pearl Emerald Diamond Tassel Sautoir $97,500 1STDIBS.COMPre-owned Art Deco Diamond Platinum Clip-on Earrings $23,800 1STDIBS.COMPre-owned Geometric Diamond Gold Link Bracelet $48,355 1STDIBS.COMArt Deco French Diamond Platinum Plaque Bracelet 1STDIBS.COMOkrant et Davidonniez Art Deco Diamond Platinum Extra Wide Bracelet $250,000 1STDIBS.COMCartier Lady's Platinum Art Deco Diamond Wristwatch 1STDIBS.COMStunning Diamond Platinum Engagement Cocktail Ring $69,999 1STDIBS.COMArt Deco Tortoise Shell Diamond Hairslide $10,589 1STDIBS.COMPre-owned Meister Zurich Yellow Sapphire Diamond Platinum Ear Clips $39,000 1STDIBS.COM Kwiat Sapphire Diamond Platinum Bracelet at 1stdibs 1STDIBS.COMPre-owned Art Deco Diamond Sapphire Platinum Bracelet $48,000 1STDIBS.COMCartier Lady's White Gold Declaration Rock Crystal Diamond Bracelet Wristwatch 1STDIBS.COMFrench Art Deco Sapphire Diamond Gold Platinum Link Bracelet $45,000 1STDIBS.COM

Marlene Dietrich In Art Deco Jewelry | Photos Courtesy in Pinterest

From Left: Pre-owned 1950s Gold and Diamond Clip Earrings $14,500 1STDIBS.COM | Van Cleef Arpels Mid 20th Century Diamond Gold Necklace $5000 1STDIBS.COM Boucheron Serpent Bohème Toi et Moi Diamond Gold Ring OFFERED BY FORTROVE $6,200 1STDIBS.COM | Pre-owned Elegant 1950s Turquoise Gold Earrings $2,295 1STDIBS.COM | Pre-owned Van Cleef & Arpels Turquoise Diamond Gold Link Bracelet $19,500 1STDIBS.COM | Pre-owned Van Cleef & Arpels Turquoise Gold Link Bracelet (Set of 4) $8,500 each 1STDIBS.COM | Pre-owned Van Cleef & Arpels Turquoise Diamond Gold Cocktail Ring $48,000 1STDIBS.COM | Pre-owned 1960s Bulgari 18k Gold, Spinel, Turquoise and Diamond Earrings $155,941 1STDIBS.COM | 1950s Van Cleef & Arpels Diamond Gold Platinum Cordes Ludo Bracelet (Set of 2) OFFERED BY KENTSHIRE GALLERIES $85,000 1STDIBS.COM | Yellow Beryl Ruby Gold Cocktail Ring $6,200 1STDIBS.COM

Marlene Dietrich | Photos Courtesy of Pinterest

 From Left: Marlene Dietrich photos from Pinterest

 From Left: Marlene Dietrich photos from Pinterest

There isn't a reson for me to peruse the Rizzoli Bookstore - I love 

the titles and the tomes are truly beautiful (no, this isn't a 

sponsored piece - I truly love the tomes)! These four 

tomes broach the subject of Dietrich and four needs to be in my 


Check out Do It Like Dietrich!
by La PETITE Blog at Mode