Monday, June 30, 2014

"YES, YES, YES!!!!"

Photo Courtesy of C.Cantave | La PETITE Blog 
We here at LPB are a lucky bunch of bloggers, we sometimes receive amazing packages from great brands and today was no exception. 

Photo Courtesy of C.Cantave | La PETITE Blog 

Our friends at Influenster sent us a Victoria's Secret Sports Bra gratis from the eponymous brand and it came just in time as I was in need for a new bra (especially since I plan on running eight miles tonight but that's a different post!).  

Photo Courtesy of C.Cantave | La PETITE Blog 
When it comes to staying active and physically fit it's all about the undergarments for us here at LPB and sportsbra can be so controversial with it's fit and being on the larger bust scale I am the one at the office that usually has to double up on my bras so I was eager to try out this out. 

Photo Courtesy of C.Cantave | La PETITE Blog 
 Not only was I gifted the bra but the package came along with socks and a coupon to shop Victoria's Secret Sport! 

Photo Courtesy of C.Cantave | La PETITE Blog 
 I was skeptical but after trying on the VSX Sport's Bra (and socks) I was pleased beyond words. The fit was good, I did not feel like I needed to double up on brassieres which is a first for me. 
Photo Courtesy of C.Cantave | La PETITE Blog 
All in all I would invest in this bra again and as a matter of fact my sister at Deesse Magazine used the coupon and bought a bra of her own! Gotta love a freebie~ 

The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of  Victoria's Secret | Influenster. 

My Summer In This City!

Photo Courtesy of J.Cantave | La PETITE Blog 

Les petits, we have survived the Polar Vortex! While the rich and famous are out luxuriating at spas across the world and jet setting to lush exotic lands this summer I am here in New York City toiling away but don't cry for me Argentina! I am just happy I can put away the snow boots and get some much needed Vitamin D from the Sun  right here on these gorgeous city streets. My plan is to seize the day each and everyday during the summer season to ensure that when those first flurries of the blizzard (yes, blizzard!)season arrives I will be toned, tanned and ready for the Old man winter. Enough of with this cold chit chat, I am so excited about my staycation in the city that I want to share with you just how I will be fab in the boroughs. 

So first things first, I plan to start my 28 days of freedom this summer by venturing to haute spots all over town, libations that will hydrate me during the sweltering heat and skin so smooth you will think I am a bronzed Goddess.  
Photo Courtesy of J.Cantave | La PETITE Blog 
Being a native New Yorker it’s all about knowing the all the hot spots. Now while I am not a big on clubs I like more mellow settings, luxurious lofts, penthouse and the like. The only crowds I plan to encounter will be during the summer series across the city from free concerts and plays in the parks. Other then that les petits I take joy going to  places where I can relaxed and truly be one with myself and there’s no lines. I love taking in the views sipping on some infused  H2O. 

Photo Courtesy of J.Cantave | La PETITE Blog 

And since everyone is usually out of town during the weekends I get the best dibs on some über chic pied-à-terre with views that will have you believe you are in Elysium with the Gods. 

Photo Courtesy of C.Cantave | La PETITE Blog 
Now, let's talk about the body darlings, the physique! With the constant fetes, musical festivals and rooftops to be perused one needs to be well prepared! Here’s a secret petits (don’t judge me!) but during the harsh winter months to say I get a bit lazy with my ‘upkeep’ is an understatement (my sister’s use to call me Wolverine but that’s another article altogether) so when the weather breaks I unleash my get haute arsenal and my latest addition is the Veet Wax Ready-to-Use Wax Strips Hair Remover, Legs & Body. This at home hair removal has proven to be long - lasting, wallet friends (LOVE this), and so on trend for dolls and gents who need a quick fix.

Photo Courtesy of C.Cantave | La PETITE Blog 
So while I love to be writing to you about my jet setting lifestyle that is non existent ;  I will cherish my summer with free concerts in the parks around town, fun weekends at top secret locals and looking like a phenomenal woman with glistening skin. With my secret weapon, Veet® helps you feel smooth all summer long. There's nothing like the feeling of freedom that summer brings.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Reckitt Benckiser via MODE Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Reckitt Benckiser

Saturday, May 3, 2014

#TB HAUTENESS! Thierry Mugler’s 20th Anniversary Collection

Jerry Hall. Claudia Schiffer. Tippi Hedren. Julie Newmar. For his 20th anniversary collection, Thierry Mugler put on an unforgettable show featuring a host of leading ladies from different eras. Here's look back at the fashion spectacular, which culminated in a special performance by the Godfather of Soul, Mr. James Brown. There will never be another Thierry Mugler! Long Live ManFred!!!!! 

As seen on

Thursday, May 1, 2014



#GIRLBOSS, the new tome by Nasty Gal chieftain, Sophia Amoruso is slated to be a must have guide for not only female entrepreneurs but women everywhere who want to have the career of their dreams and truly invest in themselves. This message while not new is needed with legions of both men and women venturing out and creating jobs for themselves at this time of financial variability. With the influx of so many entrepreneurs there a need of resources that can further assist us all make our mark in the world. Since #GIRLBOSS isn't available until May 6th (you can pre-order the book HERE) - here we have some invaluable tips from Zenovia Andrews, author and business development strategist on the how to delegate and truly run things. 

Zenovia Andrews' Keys To Delegating Your Way To Success

  Understand that your team is made up of human beings. No one can work nonstop, so get your timing right. Know what each employee can handle, and never overwork them. Most people perform at their best when they are consistently busy but not rushed or pressured.

•  Focus on the strengths of your team. Delegation is not a dump-and-run tactic. Know your employees and how they fit into your business puzzle. Allow them to do what they do well, and give them responsibilities and authority. They’ll be happier and so will you.

•  Focus on your own strengths, then plug the holes. Few of us are great at everything! If bookkeeping’s not your thing, hire an accountant. If you don’t have marketing experience, find someone with proven skills. Trying to perform jobs that you don’t do well will require twice as much effort with less-than-satisfactory results. 

•  Be the resource king or queen. Your employees are only as good as the resources they have. Make sure that they are equipped to always do the best work for you on a daily basis. Running out of stock, not having new software and not shelling out for that desperately need printer is NOT good delegation.

•  Become the fire, ice and motivation behind your team. When they need guidance, give it to them; when they need appreciation, offer it to them. Inspire, motivate and lead by supporting your delegated decisions and following up on them often.

The 7th rule of being a #GIRLBOSS
Image Courtesy of SOPHIA AMORUSO | Nasty Gal
There you have it Mon Petites, if you are itching to create a space for yourself as a business owner or not these tips from both Sophia Amoruso and Zenovia Andrews are indispensable. Now let's get to business ladies! 

Rebel with a Corset

Mr. Pearl |Photo Credit: Pinterest | Graphics La PETITE Blog

Mr. Pearl is the illustrious pseudonym worn by Mark Pullin - master  corsetier to the Fashion world. His brilliance has been seen on runways for Dior, Thierry Mugler and Alexander McQueen, -  adorned by the likes of Dita Von Teese, Kylie Minogue and Mr. Pearl himself. I have always had a fascination with Mr.Pearl, how elusive he is, his famous physique and the outlandishly beautiful corsets he has produced for glamazons across the world.  A few weeks ago I was watching 'The View' and Sherri Shepherd question if corsets made a resurgence because of Kim Kardashian and I screamed 'blasphemy'  at the television! While KimK is known for her hourglass frame she does not encompass nor exudes the allure and sensuality of a true corset wearer.  Mr.Pearl radiates and oozes the poise, composure and sheer elegance a corset gives to one who commits to wearing that foundation. It's more then a garment, it's a lifestyle that might not be for all can be appreciated even from afar. 

Mr. Pearl laces up a corset swimsuit with white satin panels worn by Inna Zobova. Thierry Mugler Haute Couture Collection SS 1998
Mr. Pearl |Photo Credit: 

From Left: AGENT PROVOCATEUR Petunia floral-embroidered stretch-tulle corset , $790;  L'AGENT BY AGENT PROVOCATEUR Penelope boned satin corset, $240; AGENT PROVOCATEUR Demelza lace-appliquéd tulle corset, $790 all available via 
While we, mere mortals can not fax Mr.Pearl and order up a corset or two (or maybe you have that fabled number - if you do ...SHARE!) we can peruse these corsets from  that can give us the illusion of a tapered waist. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Zoya Nail Polish: Summer 2014 Sneak Peek

#ZoyaNailPolish #ZoyaTickled #ZoyaBubbly #SummerNailPolish - See more at:!/?Moment=1346#sthash.MBefjj5K.dpuf

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Top It Off Ladies!

Those Haute Olsen Twins.
Photographed by Bruce Weber | Vogue 
Mon petites, I don't know about you but I love any moment where I can finish my look off with a chic  chapeau. From couture baseball caps (God Bless The Fashion Gods for this invention), fascinators to raffia confections of perfection there's a million reasons why one shouldn't explore the beautiful world of millinery. Here are some haute looks from  NET-A-PORTER.COM, BROWNS FASHION.COM, & LUISAVIAROMA.COM -  that beckon one's attention. 


Creative Direction by Doug Lloyd
Model Photography by Craig McDean
Hair by Orlando Pita
Makeup by Tom Pecheux
Model Constance Jablonski

It's no secret that purple reigns supreme when it comes to all things beauté. From smoked out eyes, to spectacular lips and let's not forget electrifying blush the hue is all the rage on the runway,on the streets and just about any where else on this beautiful world of ours. We here at LPB are here to report that the shade of the moment, possibly of the lifetime (we're dramatic people!) is none other that Purple! It compliments all complexions, works well day or night and can be worn all year round. What I particularly love about all things purple is that it's decadence, it's a rich hue and ups the ante each and every time. I particularly love this look by the Makeup Maestro Tom Pecheux for ERIN LAUDER - the color story is outstanding from eyes to nails and it's just works! Here's my picks every dame and gent should have in their arsenal if ever they are in the mood to make the hue the look of the moment. 


From Left: Anastasia Beverly Hills 'Brow Wiz' Mechanical Brow Pencil, $21.00 | LORAC 'PRO' Mascara, $23.00 | SMASHBOX Photo Op Eye Enhancing Palette - Hazel Eyes , $40 | MARC JACOBS BEAUTY Shameless Bold Blush COLOR 218 Tantalizing - deep magenta ,$30 | M·A·C Lipstick in Herione $16.00 | Zoya Nail Polish in Mikka, $9 

Time To Say Good Buy: Anastasia Beverly Hills 'Brow Wiz' Mechanical Brow Pencil, $21.00
Let's Talk Brows: Colored eyebrows are not my thing so I will not be advocating them here. But nothing completes a FACE like an immaculate pair of brows that will open said visage. I am a true believer in all things ANASTASIA and never leave home without my brows. This pencil is easy to use and the color goes on smooth. If you are a novice when it comes to brows you can also purchase her stencils kit too. 

Time To Say Good Buy: LORAC 'PRO' Mascara, $23.00 
Let's Talk Lashes: Mon Petites, if ever there was a mascara that gave you full coverage it has to be LORAC 'PRO' - it coats the eyelashes and it's truly pigmented for a dramatic effect with no clumping. It's money well spent.  

Time To Say Good Buy: SMASHBOX Photo Op Eye Enhancing Palette - Hazel Eyes , $40  
Let's Talk Eyes: SMASHBOX's palette is not to be regulated for Hazel Eyes - it's design for all. 

Time To Say Good Buy: MARC JACOBS BEAUTY Shameless Bold Blush COLOR 218 Tantalizing - deep magenta ,$30
Let's Talk Cheeks: We questioned Marc Jacobs Beauty products because we weren't sold on him selling us products that worked let alone on women of color. While we aren't in love with the brand we can appreciate this blush and how lovely it looks on certain skin tones. 

Time To Say Good Buy: M·A·C Lipstick in Herione$16.00  
Let's Talk Lips: M·A·C knows lips, not only does it knows lips it is well versed in pigments as well and Herione is no exception. Ladies and gents if ever there was a reason to buy lipstick it would have to be this hue! 

Time To Say Good Buy: Zoya Nail Polish in Mikka,$9 
Let's Talk Nails: Mon petites, where do we begin with this Zoya Nail Lacquer? The Wintery Deep Wine Purple polish, is elegant, edgy and so on trend. At only $9 a bottle it's an indulgent that will not break the bank but will surely make you look like a million bucks. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

I Pledge The Allegiance To Myself!

Mon petites, 2014 has begun and it has started off well! Thanks to health initiatives sparked by Our dear first lady,  various social media resources, and amazing brands like VIONIC there is literally no excuse why we shouldn't get off our derrières and improve our quality of life, overall heath and our waistline too!

 Starting this month VIONIC has launched the 2014 VIONIC Walkabout Campaign spearheaded by  VIONIC Footwear with Orthaheel Technology in partnership with leading fitness expert Juliet Kaska (celebrity instructor to P!nk, Ali Larter, Stacy Keiber and Kerry Washington just to make a few) and renowned health guru Dr. Andrew Weil. The Walkabout: A 28-day quest for good health, puts a spotlight on walking for personal health and encourages the public to walk for 30 minutes each day. Anyone from anywhere can participate in the Walkabout, which starts March 3rd (better late then never Mon Petites!) and runs for 28-days.

VIONIC Zen Walker Shoes, $119.95
For my Walkabout I will be wearing the VIONIC Zen Walker Shoes and tracking my progress threw rain, sleet and snow for the next 28 days. To learn more about the campaign check this out: 

 Mon petites, I invite you to join me by signing up for the campaign here: : . I will track it and will update you on my progress. Remember ladies and gents we won't get to where we are meant to be without taking that first step! 

Thursday, January 9, 2014


Mon petites, we are proud to launch a new fun series here on LPB entitled In VOGUE, - and it's just that! Articles we absolutely love and want to elaborate on will be featured on yours truly. Like any dame or gent who adores the publication (and it's ultra cool website) we want to keep the dialogue going and here is just the place. In the first installment we delve into 10 haute on trend finds and how you can incorporate it into your wardrobe. 

Charlotte Olympia x Tom Binns Kitty Anarchy flats , $695
Photo: Courtesy of Moda Operandi | VOGUE
Let's face it animal prints are the new neutrals! It literally goes with everything and when it's done well it's haute!
Top Row From Left: CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Tounoir leopard-print calf hair ankle boots $1,195 via Net-A-PorterALAÏA Animal-print calf hair pumps $777.50 via Net-A-PorterGIUSEPPE ZANOTTI Ester leopard-print calf hair pumps via Net-A-Porter |  BRIAN ATWOOD Cassandra leopard-print elaphe pumps via Net-A-Porter |  JIMMY CHOO Tokyo leopard-print calf hair and mirrored-leather sneakers $556.50 via Net-A-Porter DOLCE & GABBANA Leopard-print calf hair pumps  $477 via Net-A-Porter ALAÏA Animal-print calf hair and suede ankle boots  $1,160 via Net-A-Porter |  GIANVITO ROSSI Leopard-print calf hair and PVC pumps $805 via Net-A-PorterKATIE GRAND LOVES HOGAN Suede, leather and tiger-print calf hair sneakers  $165 via Net-A-Porter

Circus by Sam Edelman flat, $90
Sam Edelman, NYC, 212.226.7800
 McQ Alexander McQueen pleated tartan shirt, $1,480
For information:
Photo: (from left) Courtesy of Sam Edelman; Courtesy of McQ Alexander McQueen | VOGUE
There is nothing like a lady in red! The fierce hue is legendary and rightfully so, it mesmerizing on any dame - regardless of race, age or size. 
Clockwise From Left: SHOUROUK 'Bloody Widow' necklace $1497.39 via farfetch | BALMAIN button detail sweater via farfetch | MARNI leather bi color top $1640 via farfetch | MAISON MARTIN MARGIEL A high collar jumpsuit $1410 via farfetchKENZO cropped funnel neck jacket via farfetch | HERVÉ LÉGER studded stretch knit dress $2342.92 via farfetch | CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA 'Paloma' platform pump $776.45 via farfetch | ISABEL MARANT skinny trouser $342.59 via farfetchVALENTINO GARAVANI 'Rockstud' ballet flat via farfetchALEXANDER MCQUEEN ankle cuff sandal  $758.07 via farfetchKENZO 'Eye' pencil skirt via farfetchVERSACE shiny vinyl trouser $907.91 via farfetchATELIER SWAROVSKI crystal earrings $315.19 via farfetch BARON VON FANCY X FIVESTORY Lips ring $60 via farfetchSHOUROUK crystal earring $512.12 via farfetch | GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI DESIGN hi-top chain detail trainer $1063.36 via farfetch 

House of Waris Problems necklace, $250
Photo: Courtesy of Moda Operandi | VOGUE
It's all about statement jewelry - literally! 
From left: LANVIN 'Hot' Necklace $2,380  via LUISAviaROMABIJOUX DE FAMILLE PINK MAHARANI LEATHER AND TIN CUFF  $ 458.00 via LUISAviaROMA | LANVIN GOLD DOUBLE-FINGER COOL RING  $438 via SSense |  LANVIN Gloria resin, Swarovski pearl and crystal necklace $1.030 via Net-A-Porter | LANVIN  Gloria resin, Swarovski Pearl and crystal necklace $1,825 via Net-A-PorterLANVIN GOLD DOUBLE-FINGER LOVE RING  $504 via Net-A-Porter 

Derek Lam Romia lace-up oxford, $495
Proenza Schouler text-print straight dress, $1,650
Proenza Schouler, NYC, 212.585.3200
Photo: (from left) Courtesy of Derek Lam; Mark MacPherson | Stylist: Bill Laughlin | VOGUE
On and off the streets these pieces are worthy enough to be in wardrobe - stat!
Clockwise From Left: GIVENCHY printed bomber jacket $4791.48 via farfetch | LOVE LEATHER lamb leather tank top $825 via farfetch | BALMAIN halter neck blouse $2555.81 via farfetch | PREEN BY THORNTON BREGAZZI Atomi printed satin-twill and crepe top via Net-A-Porter CHALAYAN Textured Abstract Printed Trousers $327 via BROWNS FASHIONJEAN PAUL GAULTIER VINTAGE fan print shorts $627.44 via farfetch | GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI BLACK PATENT LEATHER SPIKED BLOK 40 BOOTS  $1012 via SSense | HAIDER ACKERMANN Kills leather pencil skirt  $1,339 via MATCHESFASHION PROENZA SCHOULER spiral pant $750 via farfetch 

Chanel glazed calfskin boots, $1,650
Chanel, NYC, 212.535.5505
Photo: Courtesy of Chanel | VOGUE
Timeless images are captivating, why not wear it? 

Clockwise From Left: OPENING CEREMONY 'Jailhouse Rock' t-shirt via farfetch KENZO 'Eyes' skinny jeans $452.37 via farfetchPREEN BY THORNTON BREGAZZI 'Bo Tartan' collar $97.60 via farfetchMCQ BY ALEXANDER MCQUEEN printed t-shirt  $103.23 via farfetch | TOM BINNS crystal necklace $1134.22 via farfetch VIVIENNE WESTWOOD ANGLOMANIA plaid pencil skirt  $241.77 via farfetch LOEFFLER RANDALL 'Tamsin' pump $250.6 via farfetchGIUSEPPE ZANOTTI DESIGN  stars & strips boot $775 via farfetchThe Beats Studio Headphones x Alexander Wang , $499.99 via ALEXANDER WANG | CHANEL VINTAGE  logo cuff $1984.44 via farfetch 

3.1 Phillip Lim cropped sweatshirt with combo zip, $495
3.1 Phillip Lim, NYC, 212.334.1160
Photo: Tim Hout | Stylist: Renate Lindlar | VOGUE 
Wildlife just went couture! 
From Left: STELLA JEAN studded cuff $130.22 via farfetch GIVENCHY Black Bambi And Female Form Print Sweater $1155 via linde le palais | CARVEN zebra print silk blend top $373.07 via farfetchROBERTO CAVALLI jacquard snakeskin tank dress $1942.18 via farfetchPIERRE BALMAIN animal print t-shirt  $90.72 via farfetch  | EMILIO PUCCI Haircalf Animal Print Shorts $2,489 via STYLEBOP | MIHARA YASUHIRO snakeskin print dress $3179.14 via farfetchGIANVITO ROSSI Leopard-print calf hair and PVC pumps $805 via farfetch ROBERTO CAVALLI python skin boot  $1552.43 via farfetchGIANVITO ROSSI Leopard-print calf hair sandals $910 via farfetch | ROBERTO CAVALLI snakeskin print trouser $544.6 via farfetch7 FOR ALL MANKIND animal print jean $198 via farfetchROBERTO CAVALLI link snake belt  $540.43 via farfetch ROBERTO CAVALLI SWAROVSKI CARP NECKLACE $4,160 via LUISAviaROMATOM BINNS animal collective lion cuff $506 via farfetch 

Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci rose-gold metal chain bracelet with shark tooth pendant, $580
Barneys New York, 212.826.8900
Photo: Tim Hout | VOGUE
It's looks so good it should be lethal! 

Theyskens’ Theory embroidered top and pants, price upon request
Theory, NYC, 212.524.6790
Photo: Tim Hout | Stylist: Renate Lindlar | VOGUE
Don't knock it till you try it (plus that color blocking shtick is getting old). 
From Left: DOLCE & GABBANA Floral Jacquard Silk-blend Tank $941 via BROWNS FASHIONDOLCE & GABBANA Floral Cotton Skirt $859 via BROWNS FASHION | DOLCE & GABBANA FLORAL BROCADE LOAFERS $495 via LUISAVIAROMA | 3.1 PHILLIP LIM dandelion souvenir jacket $895 via farfetch3.1 PHILLIP LIM dandelion jersey top $425 via farfetch3.1 PHILLIP LIM high waist shorts  $314.08 via farfetch Peter Pilotto MOLETON WOOL-BLEND SWEATER $357 via mytheresa | Peter Pilotto FREJA PRINTED CREPE TROUSERS  $558 via mytheresa

Christian Louboutin Cris case in tartan velvet with spikes, $795 | Christian Louboutin, L.A., 310.652.5700   Preen by Thornton Bregazzi Fallon dress, $1,785 Five Story New York, 212.288.1338 Photo: (from left) Courtesy of Christian Louboutin; Tim Hout | Stylist: Renate Lindlar | VOGUE
Heavy metal just got chic and we love it! 
From Left: MARIA BLACK FINE JEWELRY 18-karat gold wing earrings $2,220 via Net-A-PorterSAINT LAURENT Studded leather bracelet $395 via Net-A-PorterSaint Laurent BETTY STRUCTURED LEATHER AND SUEDE STUDDED SHOULDER BAG  $2,813 via Net-A-PorterBalenciaga LEATHER STUDDED WEDGES  $995 via mytheresaKARL LAGERFELD Antry studded leather collar $190 via Net-A-PorterVERSACE Studded leather-paneled stretch-crepe dress $2,586.50 via Net-A-PorterRYAN STORER Rose gold-plated Swarovski crystal ear cuff $300 via Net-A-PorterGIUSEPPE ZANOTTI DESIGN COLLECTION BELT $1695 via LUISAVIAROMA SAINT LAURENT Betty Small leather shoulder bag $1,690 via NET-A-PORTER | Valentino Rockstud Leather Ballerinas $895 via MYTHERESA EDDIE BORGO safety chain choker $375 via farfetch STELLA MCCARTNEY Bretta snake-effect matelassé mini dress $1,400 via Net-A-Porter 

Thom Browne sweater with safety pins, $1,150  | Thom Browne wool zipped kilt, $3,820 
Photo: Courtesy of Moda Operandi | VOGUE
I have always loved a good uniform and one tailored to your whim - perfection! 

From Left: EMANUEL UNGARO leopard print coat  $6147 via farfetch EMANUEL UNGARO checked shift dress $981.90 via farfetch |  EMANUEL UNGARO polka dot top $885.24 via farfetchEMANUEL UNGARO contrast polka dot print skirt  $536.69 via farfetchEMANUEL UNGARO polka dot boot $866.74 via farfetchEMANUEL UNGARO houndstooth blazer $1957.24 via farfetch | EMANUEL UNGARO houndstooth print pencil skirt $1187.54 via farfetch

Numeric Images Courtesy of VOGUE | How to Punk Up Your Pre-fall Wardrobe  | La PETITE Blog is not affialiated with VOGUE