Thursday, March 29, 2007

Are You A Balmshell?

What rock have I been living under?? I just recently discovered this lip gloss line. I just love it ! From the packaging ( part of the applicator can later be used as a bag/key charm), to the cutesy - names like : "Confessions of a Call Girl" ( not that type of call girl, call girl as in talks on the phone a lot !! you nasty... ) ,"Shopaholic" , "Shoe Fetish", "Sleep-In Beauty" . I swear these girls were describing me when they thought of these names. :) Luckily for me, I can purchase these treats a la Henri Bendel on 5th Avenue, but for you future amour-de-balmshells you can just go to and get your fix!!!

**La Petite Blog is not responsible for marriage proposals, anonymous gifts (hopefully jewelery), or any other forms of flattery graced upon you do to a killer pucker !!**

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Who needs trainers when you can wear these to the gym

It's springtime again and some of us (who shall remain nameless) needs to get thee to the gym
- I suggest wearing these heavenly creations by
Nicolas Ghesquière for Balenciaga
- Not only will you get in shape for the season you will turn heads as well ; )
**La Petite Blog does not endorse doing any strenuous physical activity when wearing 5" heels **


Here's a little secret we would like to share with you all - whenever you're in doubt of a faux pas just think of
our dear friend Andre Leon Tally -
Then do the opposite
Truth be told we adore Andre Leon Tally ~ Let's do lunch ALT!

Sunday, March 25, 2007


It is our
God Given Right to Throw Shade
especially when you can do it with
a pair of exclusive sunglasses
-with it's vast collection of brands from decades past is an eyewear connoisseur's dream of a website


Being a FASHION SAVANT is no easy task - With this gift of style it is my duty to inform you when it's time to get your coins and take thee to the nearest Miu Miu boutique to get the Coffer bag - Thank me later

Bonjour Mon Amis !!!!

It's Your New Best Friend.. Actually its friends because it's two of us.

Here to share a few of our "bloggiest things" ( humming Sound of Music ).

We needed a place to rant and rave about Beauty and Fashion.. Also a little about whatever we were thinking..

So we thought collectively to do it on this blog since we know there are so much people in the internet-world in dire need of our opinions.

*** Karl Lagerfeld does not endorse, nor is he a sponsor of this website, but we sure do wish he would pull a "Angelina" and adopt two sisters that have too much style (the real kind) for their own good! Do you hear us Dad? ***