Thursday, March 29, 2007

Are You A Balmshell?

What rock have I been living under?? I just recently discovered this lip gloss line. I just love it ! From the packaging ( part of the applicator can later be used as a bag/key charm), to the cutesy - names like : "Confessions of a Call Girl" ( not that type of call girl, call girl as in talks on the phone a lot !! you nasty... ) ,"Shopaholic" , "Shoe Fetish", "Sleep-In Beauty" . I swear these girls were describing me when they thought of these names. :) Luckily for me, I can purchase these treats a la Henri Bendel on 5th Avenue, but for you future amour-de-balmshells you can just go to and get your fix!!!

**La Petite Blog is not responsible for marriage proposals, anonymous gifts (hopefully jewelery), or any other forms of flattery graced upon you do to a killer pucker !!**