Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Need NO Introduction......

Fashion Week MUST Have ... FHI HEAT
Stylists Working their Magic
Runway Look at Tracy Reese Courtesy of EDRIS Salon
The "It" factor when it comes to styling Hair...

FHI Runway 1"
Boys & Girls lets admit it .... Beautiful Tresses are coveted by all & Hair Savant Les Haverty of FHI Heat understands this.. FHI Runway is the STAPLE must have for runway shows, magazine shoots & celebrity hair styling.... what's genius about it is that you don't have to be a Kate or a Naomi to have one... FHI Runway is the Aston Martin of irons! I "discovered" the iron while on set and I instantly fell in love with it - I have extremely thick curly hair (I'm Haitian with natural unprocessed hair) & FHI Runway straighten my hair to sheer perfection... While trends change from season to season FHI Runway is & will always be in Vogue... Cheers ; )

Riding High ..

Ariat has long been a staple for equestrians for years but for this spring it's a must have... These riding boots go with pretty much anything ... pair them with a fabulous hot pant or skinny jean for a winning look ... it's a good investment that will last you season after season ... what are you waiting for?

Schlepp No More!

Lately I've been perturbed by my endless schlepping ... Yes I am constantly on the go (there's NEVER a moment to rest when you're a Fashion Stylist!) but I shouldn't feel like I'm lugging a hefty bag (albeit a Miu Miu hefty bag)!
This delectable concoction from Fendi has my name all over it!
It's not too big or too small & it will hold all my daily essentials to get me through the day! OY VAY

Monday, May 14, 2007


Dianne Brill Cosmetics a cosmetics line specially made for the nights outs (how genius!) Invented by Dianne Brill the ultimate "IT" girl of Night Life & Couture (not many women can inspire mannequins to be made in their likeness...WORK BRILL!) Lash Lingerie Lash Extensions is supreme when it comes to lingerie for your lashes - The Lash Extensions comes in 3 styles so you can change & enhance your look as you fancy.... How Cute is That!

Snatch that Waist Ladies!

SKINNY’Z™ by Bordeaux is just what the doctor ordered ... these seamless shapers not only accentuates the BODY but the fabrics are so light-weight you feel like you're not wearing anything at all! The SKINNY’Z™ collection includes four items: Flattering Cami ($60 retail), Casual Tank ($58 retail), Tummyless Short ($52), and Tummy Short ($52 retail) and is sold in top boutiques including Intuition, Madison, Fred Segal & Urbanminx.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

I dont think you're ready for this BETTY!

When it comes to the "Hair Down There" I'm a firm believer that anythings goes (& I do mean ANYTHING!) ... With BETTY BEAUTY the sky's the limit - you can do your BETTY any hue you fancy - this brilliant product is a MUST ....I'm just upset I didn't think of it 1st! Bravo to you Nancy Jarecki for reinventing the BETTY! This one is for you ; )

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Bustin' Loose

For some gals wearing strapless & backless frocks can seem like a horror but with BustFree anything is possible. Being a Fashion Stylist I know 1st hand products like these are a must if you need support when wearing certain outfits - it also helps with cleavage and that's always a plus!

needs no introduction

I don't care how "in shape" you are we all need to take our vitamins! Astaxanthin Supplements from N.V. Perricone Nutriceuticals is the "super antioxidant" it's potency neutralizes free radicals & prevents cellular damage. This is a MUST HAVE for all who crave a glowing complexion and a healthy heart ...