Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Trend Report by * M A D E H E R T H I N K *

Meredith Kahn, Jewelry Designer Extraordinaire & Creator of * M A D E H E R T H I N K * was so kind as to share her "secrets" with us here at La Petite Blog .....

Meredith's advice to any woman getting her "get-up" on, is this:

I believe it was Chanel who said that you should always remove one thing before you complete your outfit. Even if I go over the top, I always take that bit of advice.

1. Decide on what look your going for, if you're going minimal, take every piece of jewelry off and start placing them strategically, based on your clothes, i.e.: if you are donning a deep V-neck ensemble, definitely go for a soft slinky long chain that will accentuate your neckline. Maybe even throw on a few teeny delicate rose gold bands on your pinkie.

2. If you're going for over the top......just load it all on but stick to a theme. I am defiantly a fan of both!

3. Always follow the queen of fashion (Her Majesty Coco) & take one last look in the mirror. Try to remove one thing that may look like your trying too hard ( you always want it to look natural)and you're out the door!

Bonus Tip : When you layer a look, usually start with a palette of color. If you're doing putty's and peaches, go with black leather & crystal.

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Meredith Kahn * M A D E H E R T H I N K * http://www.madeherthink.com/