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The Bochic Woman is the embodiment of independent spirit, confidence, style, adventure, and a zest for life. Whether she lingers over espresso at a Paris café or fastens her safari hat for an excursion though Southern Africa, the Bochic Woman has impeccable taste and a passion for luxury. Miriam Salat and David Aaron Joseph hope to capture the essence of the Bochic Woman in their jewelry.

The Orient Collection was inspired by the ancient jewelry techniques and traditions from India, Turkey, and Morocco. The Bochic Orient collection brings to life the intricacy of the old patterns, interweaving of enamel work and precious gemstones, and the luxurious color combinations. These patterns and colors give the jewelry an exotic appeal, yet the design is modern and clean. The collection is all hand-crafted using the finest gemstones and rose-cut diamonds.

Miriam Salat
Miriam Salat began her career designing airports and highways as a New York City civil engineer. Tired of straight lines and right angles, she turned her attention to jewelry. Three months after designing her first collection, Miriam sold her line of hand-crafted fashion jewelry to Barneys. Soon after she added Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Bloomingdales to a long list of boutiques that carried her line. Whether she sources materials in India or South America or in her own backyard, New York City, Miriam always strives to bring her unique look and flattering styles to her customers.

David Aaron Joseph
For David Joseph, Bochic is a natural extension of his creativity. With a strong background in music and film, David also has an enviable level of experience in the jewelry industry. At a young age, David was introduced to the business through his family, who ran a successful jewelry manufacturing company in London. After graduating from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), he embarked upon a career as a diamond trader and jewelry designer, culminating in the founding of Bochic

Alexia Admor Frocks

Alexia Admor frocks are a MUST for nights out (or in) ... The line is very cute and the pieces really compliment a women's frame - The prices won't break the bank so you can indulge yourself without the possibility of financial ruin... Cheers
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Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Apartment, named after the place where we all keep our most favorite things, is about uniting people. Stefan Boublil latest creation- theapt Forum (, a new interactive online gathering place where the public can publish notes on design that lives at The Apartment. “Our goal is to raise the awareness of a new community that recognizes design as becoming much more about culture and considered choices. We don’t want it to be about us telling them what to think and do. Now it is about telling each other.”

With the new, Boublil delivers on his quest for the “democratization of design” making his site an open mic of sorts. Guests will have the same tools to add entries to the website as the aptPeeps themselves making it one of the first blogs to go beyond the traditional “comment” format into full editorial and user-generated content. I wish I came up with this concept.....

About The Apartment

Stefan Boublil started The Apartment in 2000, first as an experiment in retail as theatre and then as a creative agency serving the needs of a cultural community thirsty for stylish punditry and services such as architecture, interior design, branding and marketing, often all at once. The end goal is to tell a good story with a beginning, middle and end, even if not necessarily in that order.

Stefan Boublil’s motto: “To invent. Always.”

My TARTE Cravings

Glam on the Go Kubuki Brush
Looking Flawless is no easy feat especially when you're always on the go.... Tarte Cosmetics' Glam on the Go Kubuki Brush is a tool every gal should have in her Fendi...

French Tickler Brush
I'm a girly girl and I am proud of it! Tarte's French Tickler Brush is super cute - the delicate feathers makes you feel like a goddess - it's an ultimate must have!

Indelible Wink Liquid Liner & Shadow
I am addicted to liquid liner (actually that's all I use- no pencils for me dolls!) and I have spent a small fortune on acquiring the best liquid liner and kids I think I've found it... Tarte's Indelible Wink Liquid Liner & Shadow is AMAZING... The liner goes on super smooth and when it dries it has such a rich, deep color I nearly cried with the results.... LOVE IT!
Beauty innovators Maureen Kelly of tarte cosmetics and Scott Vincent Borba of BORBA teamed up to create Inside Out - vitamin-infused lipgloss - Tarte's long-lasting, moisturizing lipgloss works to soothe and hydrate lips, while BORBA’s nutraceutical blend delivers powerful skin-caring ingredients -- what's really cute about it is that each lipgloss comes with a drinkable sample from Borba... Beauty at it's finest
For more information check out
p.s. check out TarteTrainer - it's a cute fitness series the girls at Tarte do on the site


Edited by Luca Beatrice, Matteo Guarnaccia

Dame of the British Empire Vivienne Westwood is best known for her provocative SEX/Seditionaries boutique on Kings Road, and then perhaps her runway shows. Her shoes recently got a hit of mass-market retail power when she did a limited edition collection for a partnership including Nine West, Macy's and Vogue. Westwood was comparatively reserved in that work, but for other venues, her bulbous, curving platform soles sometimes grow to NBA-qualifying heights. This is the first book to gather Westwood's shoe designs, every one of them--140 examples, including the infamous platform that felled Naomi Campbell--from 1973 to the present day. Newly commissioned color photography documents each model, and detailed reporting explains their history, laying bare the designer's sources of inspiration and working practices. Vivienne Westwood Shoes includes a biography and chronology of the designer's life and work, most recently her 25th year of runway shows, a first major retrospective at the Victoria and Albert Museum, and designs for the rich and famous--from Tracey Emin to Cameron Diaz. It's essential reading and window-shopping for all fashion hounds, shoe fetishists and fans of the Queen of British design, who is at once the one of the greatest living British fashion designers and the most talked-about.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS BOOK - it's a MUST READ .... If I had a book club this would so be our Book of the Month :) ....

VIVIENNE WESTWOOD: Shoes is available at, Barnes & Noble, &
Xtina in a DARK GARDEN Corset
A Gorgeious Look from the Collection
Dita von Teese in a signature look from DARK GARDEN

When Dark Garden owner and founder Autumn Adamme made her first corset in 1987, she based her pattern on an antique from her grandmother’s closet. With over 20 years of experience in couture stitching and historical costuming, Adamme’s San Francisco shop, Dark Garden, is one of the few workshops in the world that specialize in the traditional art of custom corsetry.
Fueled by word-of-mouth marketing from years of satisfied customers, Dark Garden’s client base has grown to include some of Hollywood’s hottest names, including Dita von Teese, a modern pinup model who posed in a Dark Garden corset for one of Playboy’s most popular 2002 covers, and Christina Aguilera, who was fitted for a bespoke Dark Garden corset including a custom tailcoat for her "Back To Basic" album release party in August 2006.
Autumn and her skilled production team of 12 designers, stitchers, cutters, and finishers as well as production/store manager, Alyscia Perez-Reyes, are committed to superior customer service and exceptional quality and unique design for every single one of their clients.

For more information please check out the www.DARKGARDEN.COM