Sunday, October 14, 2007

Let's Get Physical!

Being a fitness novice I am always on the search for fitness programs that aren't too complicated. I think I've found it with the BOSU® Balance Trainer. Balance is the foundation of all movement & the BOSU® Balance Trainer is specifically designed to help you achieve balance more quickly, more safely, and more completely than any other training device. With every exercise on the BOSU® Balance Trainer, you are always seeking the path of least resistance and striving to do less! For example, the most basic exercise on the BOSU® Balance Trainer - to stand with both feet on the "bubble". You immediately become aware of something that most of us have long since ceased paying attention to - namely, that standing is highly complex and dynamic. It is this awareness that is critical for further developing your Central Nervous System and allowing yourself to find the path of least resistance. Amazingly, there is no conscious thinking required. By simply standing on the BOSU® Balance Trainer, you will intuitively begin to find the path of least resistance, and as a result, your body will begin to move and operate more efficiently. Your kinesthetic awareness grows and your movements become more fluid. Improved balance can instill in you a greater sense of confidence that brightens your entire outlook and affects everything you do. You will sweat like never before and see the changes in your physique within weeks.
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Special Thanks to Suzanna West