Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Gavin Douglas (left) with Gordon Brown at the event

GAVIN DOUGLAS, the 2006 winner of Fashion Fringe, was one of the top 50 black role models praised by Gordon Brown at the launch of the Black Brittania exhibition at City Hall last week. Black Britannia, an exhibition of photographs by John Ferguson - Fleet Street's first black photographer - aims to inspire today's generation of black Brits. It features a portrait of Douglas alongside the likes of Naomi Campbell, Lewis Hamilton and Sir Trevor McDonald.There to open the exhibition, Brown said: "This is not just a celebration of the achievements of fifty remarkable people, it is a celebration of the whole contribution of black people to British culture and to British public life." This acknowledgment is the latest in a string of high profile achievements for Birmingham-born designer Douglas, who has now shown three collections at London Fashion Week. The rising star has always shown himself to be a force to be reckoned with - as a relative unknown he introduced himself to Tom Ford, the then-chairman of Fashion Fringe, in Claridge's, asking for his business card.
GAVIN DOUGLAS is really making a name for himself - Kelly Rowland is a fan and has been seen wearing a number of his frocks to events when she is in London... Let's hope he will be around for the long haul - Bravo to you GAV ;)


DSquared2's Dean and Dan Caten
DSQUARED2 will make its debut in the ever-growing eyewear market next year. Designers Dean and Dan Caten have teamed up with the Marcolin Group, which will produce and distribute DSquared2-branded sunglasses and prescription frames. Part of a five-year licensing agreement, the resulting line promises to be innovative, with the attention to detail for which the label is known. The sunglasses range will launch in the first part of 2009 and, once the operation is in full swing, it is expected to generate a turnover of approximately 20 million dollars. "We are pleased to work with Marcolin because we believe that, from a creative perspective, they are the most innovative group on the market, able to distinctly diversify the brands of their portfolio and devote all the efforts necessary to support a project as important as this," say the designers of their newest project. "We are extremely happy that Marcolin decided to invest in our brand for its notoriety and also for its tremendous potential."
Kids I don't leave the house without proper eyewear & I am beyond elated these 2 have decided to expand the brand to include sunglasses... Throwing Shade is one of my favorite things & I can't wait to get my hands on some DSQUARED2 eyewear!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

FELIX REY the Über Chic accessories line from Lily Rafil & Sulaika Zarrouk is a MUST for the Smart & Stylish Girl about Town! Each piece speaks volumes and it's perfect for both day & night

FELIX REY'S umbrella's are the cutest! Jennifer Lopez & Lucy Liu have been seen around town toting them...

Perfect for a night out with the girls....

The KATHERINE (Above) & The MARGOT (Below) are perfect for schlepping
around town ...

Felix Rey is available at Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus & Better Boutiques across the Globe
Check Out more from the line.. www.FELIXREY.com

To be fully honest I thought House of Holland was going to last maybe 2 seasons and quickly be forgotten like so many designers (way too much to name) - The autumn/winter collection with it's repetitiveness of the prints & crests were comical and very animated something I don't expect from Brits but it was very refreshing.... Models resembling a sexed up Sailor Moon... I LOVE IT

Backstage at House of Holland Autumn/Winter 2008/09 Show – London Fashon Week
Photo: Thomas Giddings

Backstage at House of Holland Autumn/Winter 2008/09 Show – London Fashon Week Photo: Thomas Giddings
The tartan came as super-short mini kilts, with the models' butt-cheeks on display, or fashioned in mohair for skirts, or trench coats teamed with skinny Levi's in various rave shades, or as a short sleeved shift dress which frilled out into a tiered train at the back.

The boys in the show were outfitted in crest-ed out velvet outfits - insane furs and tartan madness...
Backstage at House of Holland Autumn/Winter 2008/09 Show – London Fashon Week
Photo: Thomas Giddings
Henry Holland with Coco Rocha & Aggy Deyn
The piece de resistance was Agyness (of course), eye patch firmly in place, decked out in a strapless, tiered, purple tartan gown made bridal by the addition of a rainbow-coloured veil....
Brits can get away with anything...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Minx, Inc.™ aka MINX Nails is all the rage in high-end nail salons & with celebrities such as Beyonce, Rihanna and The PussyCat Dolls... The MINX manicure & pedicure line includes designer styles, personalized graphics and sparkling metallics.

Beyonce sporting MINX Nails while performing at the 2008 Grammy's
Beyonce showcasing her MINX nails on the Red Carpet
Red & Gold Fishnet Look by MINX Nails

Made of flexible film, Minx finally gives women completely customized nails that can feature the exact pattern and colors of their newest gown, their favorite photo, or that season’s hottest designs.

Get Minxed!
To Learn more about MINX check out www.MINXNAILS.com

Monday, March 17, 2008

Marchesa will stage a runway show of approximately 23 to 26 looks on April 23, as part of Design Cares presents "A Night of a Thousand Lights" benefiting St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. The second-annual event will take place at the Roseland Ballroom and be hosted by stylist Phillip Bloch. Marchesa designers Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig are expected to be on hand for the evening, and have invited their celebrity friends to turn to support the cause. Tickets--$350 for VIP for $150 for the main event-may be purchased by visiting www.st.jude.org.


CATCHING the eye of the fashion crowd with his dresses of zig-zagging linen and chenille, Jamie Bruski Tetsill established himself as one-to-watch with his debut summer 2008 collection. With a nomination for "New Talent of the Year" award at the Scottish Fashion Awards 2007 under his belt, Tetsill, fresh from studying at Central Saint Martins, is hotly tipped to be the next-big-thing out of Scotland. His autumn/winter 2008-9 collection, inspired by strong women, made a departure from his statement dresses of last season to combine his talent in playing with material and structure for a collection of beautifully shaped tailoring – oversized coats, zip-up sweater dresses and vibrant colours. His training primarily in textiles, Tetsill's collection for autumn/winter is a collaboration with Scottish textiles manufacturers Alexanders of Scotland. Traditional tartans and checks, shaping up to be a big trend for next season, form the base of his collection, while chunky knits, tulip skirts and embellishments help him play with the oversized silhouette for next season.


A few weeks ago I reported that Gisele Bündchen was teaming up with Dolce & Gabbana - apparently I was wrong... Here's the real scoop! Gisele Bündchen wants to put to rest the persistent rumors that have her designing a special collection for Dolce & Gabbana. Through her agency IMG Models (whose parent company IMG also owns Fashion Week Daily), the Brazilian supermodel said, "I am surprised and flattered by the news that there was a party being planned in honor of a collaboration with Domenico and Stefano. [I am] surprised certainly as no such line is in development."
In December, reports surfaced that Bündchen, the face of Dolce & Gabbana's The One fragrance, was designing a range of clothing and accessories with friends Dolce and Gabbana. A release date of this spring was even touted, as were projected sales of $200 million, though to date no garments have arrived in stores. Then, on February 25, an additional report claimed that the designers were planning a star-studded party in Rome to celebrate the launch of the collaboration, followed by events in New York, London, Dublin, Paris, Barcelona, and São Paulo.
"They are two of the most talented designers in the world and are in no way in need of my help to complement their collections," Bündchen continued. "I have been so grateful to participate in their campaigns and runway shows and look forward to a continued relationship with them in this capacity."

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

No Need for An Introduction

I discovered the phenom that is Jessica Weiner by sheer luck.. I was styling a spread for a high end fashion magazine with a HUGE photographer.. I was extremely nervous because he's a big shot (pun intended).. The funny thing was I wasn't nervous about styling the job - I was terrified about the photographer meeting me because I'm short, black & thick (yes it's shallow but it's the truth - it's different when you're conversing with someone via email & phone - once you meet sometimes attitudes change ...) ! The make up artist I worked with could sense my dis-ease on set and mentioned a book she lived by called 'A Very Hungry Girl' by Jessica Weiner, she assured me it would change my life and I needed to get it ASAP... Fast forward 6 months later - I read the book - reread the book and yes it did change me ... Jessica Weiner's touching story on battling bulimia & body image issues really hit close to home - She has an uncanny ability to relate to people albeit through her books or her other ventures - Jessica doesn't preach or points the finger she speaks from the heart & her message transcends to the masses regardless of gender or race.. "Queen of Self-Esteem." Jessica Weiner
A "Very Hungry Girl" chronicles the journey of Jessica Weiner, who spent most of her life suffering from bulimia. I recommend everyone to read this book - young or old! This compelling book is divided into 3 parts - the 1st part Jessica shares her story from adolescence through young adulthood ; developing her disease & seeking help to the 2nd part where she shares stories of others whom she has encountered through her journey of self discovery & healing (my favorite story was the girl with the mickey mouse socks) the 3rd part she tells it like it is ... she talks to you the reader directly ... she tells you there was no quick fix & if you want to change yourself do it with true conviction... Life Doesn't Begin 5 Pounds from Now
Life Doesn't Begin 5 Pounds From Now brings good news: by changing your thoughts, language, and action, you can truly begin to love and appreciate your body! Jessica gives solutions to a lot of problems many people face today. This book is such a delectable page turner -I plan to give this out to all my friends...

The "Queen of Self Esteem" herself, Jessica's Weiner was so gracious to share her top 5 list of quotes for LePetiteBlog Readers:

  • "Forget the Clock and Take the Compass" - One of my favorite quotes says that the direction you are headed in is more important than the time it takes to get there. I couldn't agree more. Have you ever sat down at breakfast and thought about what you were gonna eat at lunch? In our lives we tend to rush everything. Stay in the moment. Don't worry about the time. Focus on the experience. Whether it's bathing your kids or watching your waistline. It's not about the end result but the journey. ·

  • "To Laugh Often and Much...This Is To Have Succeeded" - Emerson said it best...we can't forget to laugh. Having a solid sense of humor is a really important element of self-esteem and inner style. It reminds you to put things in perspective and best of all - a good belly laugh is worth about 10 sit-ups if done correctly. So next time you want to stress out - try laughing out loud instead. It's good for your mental health. ·

  • "Love comes out of heaven...unasked and unsought" - Thanks, Pear S. Buck....so many of us are looking for love, searching for love. On-line in coffee shops, next to us at work. One of the most important people to be in a relationship with is yourself. We are taught in this culture that our completion may come with a man or a marriage proposal but the true love, the real love lives inside of us, first. ·

  • "Be The Change You Wish to See in the World" - Gandhi hit it right on the head. We can sit and dream of the life we want to experience but it's up to us to move off the couch (or away from the computer) and really create the life we dream of. Taking action and doing esteemable acts is the only true way to build self-esteem. So make a list of the things you want to see happen and slowly set out to do them. (Refer to quote #1 on the timing of this·

  • "Walk Your Talk" - I don't know who said this first but I say it often. To be a good friend, good mom, or good loved one - you have to really back up your words with actions. Mean it from the heart. You can't tell someone else they are gorgeous and then tear yourself down. Our words are powerful but our deeds are stronger and we have to make sure we match them up as best we can.

To learn more about Jessica & her misson check out her site www.WithJess.com

Become an Actionist® !


JOHN GALLIANO looked to the East for his own-name collection this season, tapping into the unstructured silhouettes and Oriental influences of Twenties design legend Paul Poiret. Quoting from Coleridge's famous poem Kubla Khan, guests to the show were invited to a "stately pleasure dome" and, on setting, Galliano never disappoints - one could devote whole reports to the lavish backdrops against which the designer reveals his sartorial stories (top marks to the model who took to the catwalk not only balancing on the sky-high platforms for which Galliano is notorious, but holding a crow as she did so).
On top of that, there's news for fans to check out: Right on time to catch the season's excitement about jewelry, Galliano is launching his own line, which liberally bedecked the girls in the form of oversized brooches and neckpieces.
But on to the clothes, which equally demand every ounce of attention from the spectator, complex and opulent as they invariably are. The autumn/winter 2008-9 show opened with pink brocade trousers pulled in at the ankle with a crotch that hung almost as low, a recurring theme throughout, and most beautifully reworked in sheer silk chiffons and teamed with cropped fur jackets and elegant day gloves. Short jackets were the order of the day, in boxy Twenties styles with wide collars, formal riding styles with hip-pockets and black buttons on claret wool, or chic, unstructured shawl shapes with wide bell sleeves and cross-over necklines. Seperates dominated, and what dresses did feature were often obscured by wildly voluminous coats or, deliciously, patterned knits - a gorgeous autumnal additon to Galliano's repetoire.
Flapper dresses (some so sheer they bared the model's breasts), ruffles, bows, tassels, feathers and embellished print shifts teamed with stark black over the knee socks upped the ante for evening, though in the world of John Galliano, a sense of occasion is ever skewed towards an overriding sense of the utterly fabulous - no matter where in the world, or indeed, at what point in history, one might be dressing.

A sense of the season did pervade the collection thanks to its emphasis on layering heavy outerwear over fragile fabrics beneath, and of course, through the beautifully evocative autumnal palette which was rich in burgundys, blushes, russets and navies, shot through with coral, orange and turquoise.

If it didn't make for one of Galliano's wildest collections, it will look good in stores. His delicious palette of dusty salmon pinks, pale blues, teals, and burgundies is guaranteed to reverberate amongst the sea of black that's destined to hit racks this fall. Galliano gets "it" .... very very well!


Making a stand against the fast pace of fashion inspired the quirky & surreal collection at Dutch design duo Viktor & Rolf's autumn/winter 2008-9 show. Their 80's Regean-esque "Just say NO!" theme translated into a beautiful trench coat boasting a collar that morphed into the word 'No' as the look & feel of the catwalk.

The theme continued throughout the show with the words 'No', 'Wow' and 'Dream on' emblazoned across the models faces, as buckles on belts teamed with skinny fit trousers in red wine shades, & enveloping shoulders of party frocks dusted with staples as embellishment.

MAJOR SHOES from the VIKTOR & ROLF A/W 2008-9 Collection

Jackets came seemingly created from two different wardrobes – furry sleeves completed a double-breasted number while padded and puffer sleeves made for a striking contrast on a neat jacket and skirt ensemble.

While some pieces were undoubtedly more wearable than others, it's unlikely we'll be saying "No" to the cool party dresses ,sassy sheer shirts & KILLER Shoes!

VIKTOR & ROLF are one of my fav designers and it still amazes me what they produce season after season... I'm a shoe FANATIC and these small wonders truly have a place in my heart - Bravo!!

These adorable bracelet & clutch are a serious MUST for A/W!

While not everyone was a fan of this collection I LOVED it - Fashion is moving faster these days and it seems impossible to stay with the times ... all in all they had a message and they translated it into a strong collection ....