Tuesday, April 29, 2008


If there is anything I love doing is blogging about beauty products (it's the narcissist in me)! In this edition of 'BEST IN SHOW' I'm featuring some products that - 1. won't break the bank & 2. will have you looking your ultimate best......

Charles Worthington London BIG WAVES

Charles Worthington London latest haircare line BIG WAVES, is perfect for the spring/summer season! The revolutionary new line is tailor-made for curly, wavy & textured hair. The products don't weigh down hair and it manages to keep your hair frizz-free, unruly and truly gorgeous!

Charles Worthington London’s BIG WAVES products are available for $5.99 at Walgreens, Rite Aid, Longs Drugs, Brooks/Eckerd, Duane Reade, Ulta and other fine drug and grocery stores nationwide


While I'm all for BIG WAVES I love my hair long, straight & sleek (I'm over the Rihanna/Victoria Beckham-esque bob girls... time to move on...) ghd's CREATION SPRAY is perfection in a bottle! It's firm hold helps style hair in versatile looks with irons, contains ingredients that 'plumps' up hair - making it appear thicker
& it's revolutionary 'shrink-wrap'effect protects the cuticle from moisture loss. It's worth every penny!


In this day & age it's all about protection ~ ghd THERMAL PROTECTOR maintains moisture and helps increase the elasticity of hair during heated styling processes, contains rich ingredients which deflect & absorb heat - This luxe product not only protects your gorgeous mane but it also controls unruly hair and it's light thermal hold will do wonders for your luscious locks!

ghd Thermodynamics is a range of high-performance products that cleanse, nourish, protect, style & finish heat styled hair. Many of the products in the Thermodynamics process are heat activated & offer superb heat protection as soon as the temperature starts to rise (it's a total MUST for the spring/summer seasons!). ghd products are available in great salons, SEPHORA stores, and at www.ghdhairusa.com

It's always been said that an apple away will keep the doctor away & in doctor we mean Dr. 90210 (and dolls we don't want that- don't believe the hype!) ... juice BEAUTY's Green Apple Hydration Mask is just the fix we need no matter your age (remember ladies & gents beauty is ageless!) This nutrient-rich, hydrating mask blends antioxidants to brighten, hydrate and replenish complexion best yet it won't leave your completely broke...

This gem in a bottle can be found in shelves at SEPHORA stores nationwide, select Nordstrom stores and several spas nationwide...

The Pièce de résistance aka FHI Nano Weight Pro 1900 Turbo Blow Dryer was left for last for a reason! If you haven't noticed I'm all about hair & this product with it's ultra smooth finish & quite dryer makes blow drying a breeze (pun intended) The ceramic ionic blow dryer emits infrared heat that prevents damage & leaves your hair silky smooth and shiny. This dream of a dryer cost a few pennies (around $200.00) but it's worth every coin!

Nano Weight Pro 1900 Turbo Blow Dryer is available in pearl white, pink & onyx black ~ This uber product is available at fine hair salons, professional beauty retailers nationwide & online at www.fhiheat.com


marylouz said...

I did the math all these products will cost in total a little under 500usd that's without weave- that's insane - you go girl

casey said...

I love the best in show post I look forward to another edition
thanks lpd

ella said...

you are always talking about hair and shoes can you show us your hair and shoes thanks