Wednesday, May 7, 2008

5 Ways To Find (NOT STALK!) Someone Online when you have nothing to do...

To Find - An old friend's details... Type in the name, and this site will spit back listed &
unlisted addresses & digits...
True story - My friend who is a publicist put in a guy's name she was dating at the time..
from the site she was given a link to the New York Times where
his wedding was featured ... gags galore!
To Find- Details about your ex. Enter his name, city, and state & pipl will
give you press mentions & a link to his MySpace profile.
3 Click
To Find- The guy your co-worker/mother/BFF wants to set you up with..
Wink scours several social networking sites at once, and unlike similar sites, lets
you enter screen names, as well as someones real name or location.
To Find- The mystery person who just rang. When a curious number pops up on your phone,
log on to this site & enter the digits. It'll tell you who called & provide their address. If it's
an unlisted or mobile number, you'll still get details about the service provider and the
caller's locale.
To Find- Dirt on your boyfriend's babymother (yeah you have problems if you do this -
who am I to = This site seeks out every Web mention of the name you
enter and presents it in a user-friendly format...sometimes w/ photo's included ....


carmen sandiego said...

This is greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttt
I love spying on people

ndabiz said...

I love the links too.

DaCartersgetonmynerves said...

Thank you for the info-these links are great