Monday, June 9, 2008


Achieving the ultimate SunKissed look isn't all about the perfect tan! One can not (or should not for that matter) forget about your luscious mane in the summer months!

Beautifully Curly Dame Halle Berry
Here's some brilliant tips from our friends at Ouidad Salon (a.k.a. Curl Mane Mecca) on achieving boombastic curls for the season!
I After shampooing and conditioning your hair, leave about 25% of the conditioner in your hair. Apply styling lotion in fatter sections (about 2 inches wide and 2 inches thick) so you are able to create bigger waves, and perform the Ouidad Rake & Shake method.
II Be sure to apply the styling lotion evenly working your way all the way up to the top of the head.
III When you get to the top, create a side part.
IV Next, take the side part section, apply styling lotion and create a wave pattern with the Ouidad Rake & Shake method.
V Be careful not to rake too much or you will create too much bounce.
VI Allow hair to set. Once it is set, gently diffuse the hair, without placing hair in the diffuser, or again you will be creating too much bounce.
VII Once hair is completely dry, apply a pomade such as Ouidad Clear Control Pomade by rubbing your palms together, pulling hair into a mock ponytail and running your hands through. For the final touch, add a dollop of pomade at the top of the head to smooth any flyaways.
VIII Get ready to turn heads with your sexy ‘do!
Whether you wear your hair straight or curly here's some products you shouldn't leave home without!


Ouidad Climate Control is a revolutionary design in styling gels. It uniquely protects curls from humidity by absorbing moisture from air to hydrate each strand of hair and help prevent frizz making it ideal for rainy and high humidity days.

Product Usage!

Apply to palm of hand and begin by raking fingers through underneath layers of hair first. Then, beginning at the crown, rake downward towards the ends, and lastly rake from the temple and forehead to the crown. This will ensure complete coverage and help prevent the under layers of hair from sticking out when dry. Do not rinse out. Set or style hair as usual.

Tip From Curl Connoisseur Ouidad

**Excellent at protecting hair from blow-dryer heat when a straight style is required, as well as for protecting hair when using a curling iron. The ingredients evaporate when the heat hits hair, therefore saving the strand from direct heat damage.

Sun Shield Spray works to nourish and protect hair from harsh environments and damaging sun exposure. This completely new, reformulated, proprietary blend offers increased sun protection, deep conditioning benefits and a crystal-silicat sealant that leaves hair softer, smoother and shinier.

Product Usage!

Simply spray Sun Shield Spray onto curls before going out, and especially before sun, salt water and wind exposure that can leave hair unmanageable and curls stiff and dry. Sun Shield should also be used both pre and post-swim to protect and hydrate hair as its potent UV filters keep hair color looking vibrant and healthy shine intact. Spray onto curls and work through hair with fingers or a wide tooth comb for best results.

Tip From Curl Connoisseur Ouidad

** Sun Shield Spray was developed as the at-home companion product for Ouidad’s exclusive, in-salon Sun Shield Treatment. This signature treatment uses organic ingredients and sealants to protect hair from sun damage for 4 to 6 weeks -- the perfect prescriptive treatment for summertime or for the outdoor enthusiast who enjoys their fun in the sun time.
To get products or book an appointment check out the following:
Ouidad Salons, or by calling 800-677-HAIR


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