Friday, July 25, 2008

Paul Smith's Tips on How to be Dapper!

Fonzworth Bently can learn a thing or 2 from reknown menswear designer Paul Smith ....Here's some of his "Dapper" tips

Know Thyself Style is not something you can buy. It's nothing to do with money; it's already inside you. Be yourself. Analyse your character, body shape and lifestyle and go from there. The most common mistake men make is when they try to go against these things and wear clothes that don't suit their personality. I very rarely wear a tie, and have always had scruffy long hair with a mind of its own - but that's fine because it suits my character completely!

Suits You A good suit is like a picture frame - it holds you in, pulls everything together and creates elegance by following the line of the body. Every man should have at least one in his wardrobe. Ideally, the top of the sleeve should fit as near as possible to the end of your shoulder, and the middle button be more or less level with your navel. Being fitted for a bespoke suit is an amazing experience, because the cutter can design one that's completely in keeping with your character as well as your body

Find Your Fit Choose a cut that will flatter your physique. If you're short or stocky, don't buy a double-breasted jacket, because it makes you look even more so. Instead, pay attention to the lapel notch - the lower the notch, the longer and leaner the whole jacket will look. A higher notch gives a shorter collar, and is a very popular look at the moment

Breaking Point The 'break' of a trouser - where it hits the top of the shoe - is a personal choice. The leaner of frame can go for an elegant, slim-cut trouser, which looks better worn slightly shorter, breaking on top of the shoe rather than concertina-ing at the hem

Mix and Match It's harder to dress casually and still look stylish, especially with the trend for sloppy polo shirts and cargo pants. But suits today are much more relaxed - dress the whole thing down with scruffy trainers, a ragged belt and white T-shirt, or team the jacket with a pair of jeans. What's brilliant about British style is that it's so free-thinking. Italy is full of well-dressed people, but they all wear exactly the same thing; here we're far more expressive in the way we dress

In the Pink Don't be afraid of pink shirts. Men always think they're too feminine, but women adore them. Pink is one of the best colours for pasty British skin as it warms up the complexion. If you have Mediterranean colouring, or a bit of post-holiday suntan, switch to a mid-tone sea blue for a similar effect

Manners Maketh Man When it comes down to it, I have absolutely no problem with the way anyone dresses at all. Who the hell cares? Being 'well dressed' is as much about a person's behaviour, manners and posture as it is about what they're wearing. Yes, a tailored suit and handmade shoes are beautiful things, but the truly well dressed combine them with other qualities - courtesy, good manners, and knowing when to talk and when to listen

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