Friday, July 25, 2008

Something Like a Phenomenon

HOOPNOTIC HOOPDANCE is the hottest fitness phenom to hit the streets in a very long time! This fun, energetic work out targets the: obliques, the insanely difficult to tone lower abs, back muscles & increases flexibility all the while improving your self confidence & Joie de Vivre!

Hoopnotic Hoopdance Beginning Level 1 DVD

HOOPNOTIC HOOPDANCE is beyond fun - while it was once a child's game Rayna McInturf has transformed hula hooping into a sexy low impact cardio routine that is beyond addictive (just ask Beyonce & Gwyneth Paltrow)

The Hoopnotic TravelHoop™ & Hoopnotic Hoopdance Beginning Level 1 DVD

HOOPNOTIC Hooping is beautiful, mesmerizing & awe inspiring. It can be used as a tool for fitness, meditation, or in the playful art of seduction. More than anything else, it is FUN.

HOOPNOTIC TravelHoop Kit

Who Said Hoops Are For Kids?
Check out for info & products!
"Find Yourself in the Hoop®"


LINDA said...

that's cute... i want a small waist

Anonymous said...

I like hoopnotica but there is another hoop work out too and in new york there's these $12 classes that offer hula hoop lessons you will find the most interesting people at those classes

deesse magazine said...

this post is cure LPB

candygirl girl said...

I am all about gum drops, lollipops and hula hoops I want this

melissabell said...

I have tried this. At first its hard, but I'm am gradually getting there.

lalala said...

Hulahoops are so dope great post girls

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