Monday, August 18, 2008

AS the modern fashion industry becomes increasingly globalised, style maven Daphne Guinness, writing in the Financial Times, is celebrating a return to individuality.
"Between couture fashion and street fashion, there is a certain continuity. It's great to go to London's Camden Market or downtown New York and see what the kids are wearing," she says. "Today, you don't even have to travel to do this; all you have to do is look at fashion blogs."
"On one site you might see a hipster in Williamsburg, New York, for example, in very tight, very shrunken jackets and trousers, and then you jump to another and see a different type of person wearing an oversized shirt, belted with silver tights. It's like a bunch of ad-hoc experiments going on all the time."
With the media focusing increasingly on which celebrities are wearing which labels - or, indeed, collaborating with them - seeking out individuals with style is more refreshing than ever before, Guinness adds.
"Celebrities almost never look good unless they are 'out' at something or other, while real fashion animals always look a little interesting, even if they are only going to Starbucks. Individuality will always exist," she asserts. "It's more that it has become very underground and doesn't infiltrate the mainstream as much as it should, so you have to search it out, which is getting more difficult, but also more rewarding."

"It's exciting to see people inhabit their look, wearing clothes from morning to night. Fashion at its most interesting and purposeful, whether it's the most expensive clothes being made or the least expensive, is not about showing off - it's about creation."
Amen !

HEIST ALARM: To mark the launch of the new Damier Graphite collection for men, Louis Vuitton cooked up a novel window display concept. The company’s Fifth Avenue flagship in New York currently features two windows with the bag in a museum-like glass case, surrounded by chrome and metallic security cameras pointing at it. The adjacent windows show the same scenario, except with the cases broken into, glass shards on the floor, the bags missing and the security lasers activated. While it makes for great viewing pleasure, the concept apparently proved too real for some. Last Wednesday morning, police officers entered the boutique to investigate the broken glass.
The September issue of Harper's Bazaar not only features Tyra Banks in the imagined role of First Lady, it also allows some of the world's top designers to live out their fantasies. Michael Kors, Karl Lagerfeld, Donna Karan, Donatella Versace, Alessandra Facchinetti, Giorgio Armani, Alber Elbaz, Rodarte's Laura and Kate Mulleavy and Roberto Cavalli were all asked to get into character as something other than a designer.

Michael Kors as James Stewart as L.B. Jeffries in Hitchcock's Rear Window

The men took to the silver screen for inspiration, while others channeled forces of nature, animals and royalty. Armani played the role of Fred Astaire, Kors took on James Stewart's L.B. Jeffries character from Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window, Elbaz reinvented himself as a Hollywood producer with James Bond flair and Cavalli went Gone with the Wind as Rhett Butler; he was shot embracing Coca Rocha as Scarlett O'Hara.Karan embodied a hurricane and Facchinetti dressed up as Pierrot, while the Mulleavys came out as black cats on Halloween. Lagerfeld became a rapper, complete with Phat Farm jeans and untied shoelaces. "Believe it or not, I love rap," he told Bazaar. Versace indulged her regal aspirations in a shot straight from The Princess and the Pea. "I am not a great believer in fairy tales. Every woman should fight hard for her own happy endings," said Versace, who was perched atop a pile of mattresses. "Although occasionally, it is nice to wake up as a princess."

Karl Lagerfeld as a rapper

Pick up the new Harper's Bazaar on newstands now...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mouse, Spray & Braids ~ Oh My!

Fashion week is coming up & for me it's the best time of the year! Going non stop, seeing all the new collections & going to fab parties is such a whirlwind you have to be prepared to look your utmost best at all times! For the shows I am determined to as versatile with my hair as I am with my wardrobe! For this very reason I am taking some pointers from Patricia Morales, Redken session stylist who recently gave Fergie Über fishtail braids for The Teen Choice Awards. This luxe bohemian inspired look is perfect to be seen in without trying to hard...
Fergie Rocks Super Cute Fishtail Braids at Teen Choice Awards Show
To create the look, Morales applied Redken full frame 07 protective volumizing mousse & Redken Extreme Anti-Snap, to the hair when damp.

Redken full frame 07 protective volumizing mousse

This provided lots of body and volume but also smoothness and shine, which allowed an easier time to create the fish tail. Morales then rough-dried the hair to keep Fergie’s natural texture.

Redken Extreme Anti-Snap

She started the braid by creating a low ponytail at the nape of the neck with a center part, then proceeded to create her fish tail securing with elastic then wrapping Fergie’s own hair around it.

Redken workforce 09 flexible volumizing spray

Morales pulled pieces in the front to shape Fergie’s face and kept the braid to the side and over her shoulder. Morales finished off with Redken workforce 09 flexible volumizing spray, for hold and added shine.

Viola, Camera Ready Hair!

For more information on Redken, visit or call 1-800-REDKEN8

The Wizard Of Shoes

We knew it was on the cards but here's a first look at Sergio Rossi's version of Dorothy's famous ruby red shoes, as part of a particularly fashionable commemoration of the 70th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz. Incorporating CRYSTALLIZED™ Swarovski Elements, Sergio Rossi joins 19 other designers including Betsey Johnson, Christian Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik to reinterpret the character's iconic slippers as part of a showcase and auction to raise money for the Elizabeth Glaser Paediatric AIDS foundation. The fruits of their fashionable labor will be unveiled at Saks Fifth Avenue on September 4 before moving to Bryant Park on September 5 for the start of New York Fashion Week. Public viewings are also planned throughout 2009. We can't wait to see the rest.

Monday, August 11, 2008

When showing in the Grand Palais—a soaring dome of a space capable of dwarfing an enormous audience and miniaturizing any runway—Karl Lagerfeld needs to exaggerate to make his theme carry. Thus, a 50-foot set is craned in to announce the season's keynote: in this case, a vast multilevel stack of steel-gray tubes, suggesting organ pipes.
Fall 2008 Couture Chanel

What proceeded, inevitably enough, was a virtuoso fugue in tubular cutting, played up, down, and across every possible scale in Chanel's suiting, embroideries, chiffon, and eveningwear.

The general impression was of a collection that had changed key from last season's girlishness to something tuned more to a winter-weight, grown-up frequency.

There's nothing more I ADORE then Ruching, Beading and full on Drama!
The delight was all in the more light-fingered treatments: delicate fronds of ostrich fringe on a micro-beaded suit, or silvery zigzag embroidery on an intensely sequined belted dress.
Fall 2008 Couture Chanel
Surrealism at it's Best!
Fall 2008 Couture Chanel
Lagerfeld's irrepressible facility for quick-fire free association in design ideas led to dozens of three-dimensional devices thereafter: huge bunchy cap sleeves, cartridge rolls of material encircling waists or hobbling hemlines, deep scrolls of fabric standing out from skirts, and spaghettilike fringing flying from shoulders.

Couture at this supreme level only gets more incredible the closer you get to it. The frustration is that, paraded at such a distance, the astonishing skill involved in creating these effects is incapable of being picked up by the naked eye. There is, of course, a sense of occasion and anticipation in being invited to sit in the Chanel grandstand, but the genius of Karl Lagerfeld and the unique ateliers of the Rue Cambon might be far better appreciated in close-up.
A Karl Lagerfeld Staple... Fingerless Gloves
The clothes took on curvilinear volumes, starting with gray-flecked, cocoonlike car coats over short skirts and trompe l'oeil tweed "suits" with belled skirts, which on closer inspection were actually one-piece coat-dresses.

Dolls, I'm miles away from walking down the aisle but that doesn't mean I can't have a look see at a few wedding worthy frocks....
This tulle confection is perfect for the girl who wants the drama! It's the best of both worlds it has major 'puff factor' but doesn't miss a beat when it comes to being sexy...
Jenny Packham
This frock is for the no holds bar type of bride, the type who doesn't need a wedding party she knows the wedding is just about having all eyes on her! When it comes to weddings I honestly & truly believe you should go with what you love and if it involves a technicolor frock with feathers go for it! It's your day!!!

Jenny Packham
When in doubt it's always great to go with black and this amazing frock is just that - one word

Emmanuel Ungaro
This soft ethereal frock is perfect for the low-key bride ~ this flowy gown it's ideal  for a beachfront / outdoor ceremony....
Elie Saab
This little number is perfection! I can imagine a bride wearing this Elie Saab piece to tie the knot at City Hall~ Carrie Bradshaw be damned!!

Jenny Packham
Airy, Dreamy & Short this is an adorable dress for a bride with killer gams who isn't afraid to break the rules....

Elie Saab
Elie Saab knows how to make a woman feel beautiful and this dress does just that! This modern frock is so very now... Wonderful for eloping...


There's so much preparation a bride has to do before her 'Big Day' & one that will leave both the Bride & Groom blushing is BRIDAL betty™ , the newest addition to the award-winning product betty™ - color for the hair down there! The masterminds at betty™ knows it takes more then just a tasty wedding cake to keep a relationship new and refreshing and this is just it! Your Groom won't know what's in store with this one! Make your "Big Day" even more extraordinary with betty™ charmcil (unique shaped stencils) included with each kit!

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Who were the women Christian Lacroix sent out for Fall? Some sort of squadron of Ruritanian drum majorettes, marching along with their corseted, bejeweled jackets; leg-of-mutton sleeves; frothing tulle skirts; lace-veiled eyes; and jet-encrusted mohawks? Only a dull mind could ask for any literal explanation.
An invitation to Lacroix's couture show is a ticket to witness a unique excursion into mind-bending color, multiple historical mergers, and elaborate detail piled upon elaborate detail.
Where it starts out—this season, in sexy little bustled skirts—isn't where it can be expected to end. In between, there are the girls in splashily painted pink sixties car coats and matador jackets, the severe Edwardian ladies, the infantas, and finally, a grand procession of guests wending their way to some fantasy ball. Everything about it is unlikely, excessive, and delightful.
Who else could match lace skirts with lace tights and get away with it? Or bother to patchwork three different shades of pink and red beneath the black passementerie on one tiny toreador bolero? Or paint the layered flounces of gown to look like the petals of a giant poppy?

Rich deep tones, lace and intricate beading were all on display on the runway

At a time when so many voices are calling for a return to sobriety and realism, this is certainly not it. It's escapism on such a heroic scale that it can only leave an audience wishing that life could ever live up to Lacroix.
Ribbons, Ruching & Fur, Oh My!!


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Designer Spotlight: Masha Ma

Inspired by the crazy maids in Guy Bourdin’s fashion photos, Masha has created a feminine collection provoking an aura of tension between the paleness and the power of white. Mainly using cotton and wool, Masha’s collection gives a tender touch to the fall/winter season. The outfits’ slim and restricted tailoring emphasizes femininity and sophistication, while the delicate pleating details on neckline and hemline have added complexity to the purity of white colour and aroused a breeze of coldness. Born and brought up in Beijing, Masha moved to London in 2001 and started to undertake her fashion education in Cnetral Saint Martins College of Art & Design since then. In 2008, she was granted a MA Degree in Fashion Design Women’s Wear. Her graduation collection was shown in London Fshion Week this February and selected by B Store London. She has worked in studios of some renowned fashion designers like Alexander McQueen in London and Veronique Branquinho in Antwerp.

Friday, August 8, 2008


Lately I'm all about creative expression & my current book list explores this concept through fashion, nature, human behaviour & sexuality. Style Deficit Disorder

A Look at Harajuko Style

The Harajuku neighborhood of Tokyo is one of the worlds' international style mecca, a street-level fashion scene prowled by major designers looking for inspiration, & whose local, cutting-edge labels enjoy global cache. Style Deficit Disorder is a insanely detailed book to explore this remixed, fast-forward fashion hotbed, profiling its most daring and influential designers, labels, stylists, & shops (including Comme des Garçons, Hysteric Glamour, Super Lovers, A Bathing Ape, & Laforet). Featuring nearly 200 photos, essays by key Japanese fashion editors, & commentary by Edison Chen, Patricia Field, John Galliano, Shawn Stussy, Shu Uemura and others, this is a must-have, insider's look at an international fashion & pop culture epicenter, past, present, and future.

Growing Orchids is my new hobby and this book is filled with great tips, inspirations & hands-on facts for transforming a windowsill, glassed-in porch, fabulous work studio or small garden plot into orchid territory, with the emphasis-given a plant that can be all too intimidating-on the easy.Complete with concise, easy-to-follow instructions, and beautifully illustrated with full-color photographs, Easy Orchids makes growing these prima donnas of the plant world rewarding and enjoyable for beginner and expert gardeners alike.

The Bunny Book

With unprecedented candor, three professional Bunnies—one a career-driven diva, one a quintessential party girl, and one happily married—get together and dish on everything. And I mean everything! They share insider tricks on how to wow a first date, walk in heels, look (and feel) great naked, give an unforgettable striptease, choose the right makeup, care for hair (down there). It even explores topics such as masturbation to anal sex (they left no stone unturned)! The Bunny Book gives a gal everything she needs to know to refine her image and expand her repertoire.

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