Thursday, August 7, 2008


There is nothing more I love then blogging about products that makes me swoon & Dolls these products are MAJOR! From Brow Shaping to enhancing one's curly locks & vanishing those dreadful stretch marks ~ we have all of the latest IT products you absolutely MUST own... Thank us later

Unfortunately for most people the eyes are one of the 1st places that ages but luckily for us BORBA, the purveyor of nutraceutical skin care has developed Orbital Eye Rejuventator: an Über luxurious, multi faceted eye treatment that is specifically designed to diminish the look of fine lines & crow's feet all the while re-energizing a younger refreshed look for your eye area.
The BORBA treatment really is a low cost (around $38.00) effective product that will not only minimize and refine the eye area it will also banish those dreadful dark circles around the eyes as well... It's heaven in a bottle!

Let's face it kittens it's all about the brows & Anastasia Soare is the utmost authority when it comes anything brow related! Her signature collection of brow products are AMAZING. You can achieve immaculate brows at the comfort of your own home! This 5-Piece Brow Kit by Anastasia Beverly Hills includes everything you need to shape, color, and finish your brows. The 5 Piece Brow Kit includes Brow Powder, Brow Gel, Brush Angled Cut/Spooley, Precision Tweezers and Brow Stencils. Anastasia's truly is a savant when it comes to grooming & shaping brows & the best part about it is now you can have her tools of beautification too!

All curls are not created equal and the team at REDKEN has developed the fantastic FRESH CURLS collection specifically formulated to tame, moisturize, smooth & enhance one's curly mane depending on your specific hair type. Rocking curly hair & looking good can sometimes be a challenge but with these products you will be able to look and feel like a million $$ without breaking the bank. It's an absolute MUST, if you're not going to invest in yourself who will?


Eucalyptus Bath Salts Jar

Being an fashion stylist & blogger extraordinaire comes with a lot of tension on a daily basis - my one (of many) stress relievers is the serendipitous Thymes Eucalyptus Bath Salts I discovered purely by chance & thank the heavens I did because it's intoxicating fragrance of eucalyptus, crisp Italian lemon, lime & petitgrain makes soaking away my troubles a soothing & invigorating experience in itself! Loves it....

Stretch Mark Control

Whether your fit or not dreaded stretch marks afflicts everyone (guy or doll). CLARINS Paris Stretch Mark Control is literally Elysium in a bottle! It was designed to target, eliminate and help prevent & reduce the appearance of stretch marks will moisturizing the skin during periods of weight fluctuation and pregnancy. It's a staple amongst everyone in the know and now you too!

Younger Longer Balm

Although I am still in my 20's I'm all about preserving & maintaining youthful, succulent skin at any cost (some may call me a bit narcissistic but I move on..) CLARINS Paris Younger Longer Balm not only stimulates the skin but it also repairs & protects capillaries (a sure sign of aging), hydrates the skin & minimizes the effects of free radicals & the horrid effects of modern pollution all at once. It's worth every penny and the results are anything less then spectacular!



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