Thursday, August 7, 2008


My current obsession is HOOPGIRL...It's a fun, flirty & innovative way to get in shape while dancing your tush off! Not only does it tone your body (and slims your waist) it also relieves stress and gives you a new "talent" you can also showcase at parties or even better~ the bedroom (it's all about spontaneity dolls!) HOOPGIRL’s main objective is to improve the lives of individuals around the world, physically, mentally and emotionally, through the joyful, transformative art of word ~ PHENOMENAL!
From a fitness point of view, HOOPGIRL provides and encourages core strength, flexibility, coordination, reduces stress & opens up creative self expression. It's such a fun activity for generations to enjoy together & once you master one move you will literally be addicted to practicing and mastering each move! You may notice an increase in energy, or that you have become slimmer. You may find yourself more joyful and less stressed out (like I have). Or you may even find yourself more creatively self expressed, both in the hoop, and in other areas of your life! Hooping is beautiful, transformative & mesmerizing. It can be used as a tool for fitness, meditation, or in the playful art of seduction. More than anything else, it is FUN!
HOOPGIRL Christabel Zamor, M.A.

HOOPGIRL Connoisseur Christable Zamor has taken hooping to the next level, through DVDS, Hoops & Classes which are held throughout California one can truly discover the joy of hooping and rediscover yourself at the same time!

For more information check out or call 877.Hoop.Joy

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