Monday, August 11, 2008


There's so much preparation a bride has to do before her 'Big Day' & one that will leave both the Bride & Groom blushing is BRIDAL betty™ , the newest addition to the award-winning product betty™ - color for the hair down there! The masterminds at betty™ knows it takes more then just a tasty wedding cake to keep a relationship new and refreshing and this is just it! Your Groom won't know what's in store with this one! Make your "Big Day" even more extraordinary with betty™ charmcil (unique shaped stencils) included with each kit!

Each BRIDAL betty™ kit comeswith FREE dove/heart orheart/hugs & kisses charmcils(special stencil shapes) - complete with product for 2+applications (depending on the amount of hair on said betty), mixing tray, customized application wand, spatula, gloves & easy to follow instructions. And for the dark hair ladies the colors will still be vibrant!

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