Thursday, September 18, 2008

Girl on the Go Survival Kit

Working non stop, jetting the world over & the occasional fête or two can leave a doll ragged if not careful! While I won't divulge all my secrets - I will share with you all a few tried & true products I won't leave home without.....


EBOOST is the foremost effective vitamin supplement that aids the body in staying alert, healthy, & energized on a daily basis hands down! EBOOST's unique formula of minerals, B-12, green tea, extract & a slew of other active ingredients provides vital supplements for overall wellness that truly is priceless for days of constant physical & mental pressures from everyday life. EBOOST is my mid-day MUST or as I call it my "Boostini",whether I'm on the run heading to appointments , shoots, workouts or jetting around town I rely on this uber yummy orange-flavor, effervescent drink to keep me going! A fave amongst celebrities, super parents & workout fanatics it's the closest thing to the perfection.

Having soft hands is a must and with ultra luxurious L'annine hand & body cream is a necessity every busy doll needs in her arsenal. This essential moisturizer treats dry skin, cracked cuticles, cuts, minor burns & can give aid to those suffering from diabetes (how fabulous is that). Frankly it defies the laws of nature - the cream miraculously improves the skin's appearance, your skin will appear softer, firmer & even the driest of complexions can be healed! L'annine comes in 3 rich scents: Lemon, Mango, & Avocado & trust it's a LPB promise that you will no doubt be steadfast in your devotion to L'annine.... I know I am!


Making a lasting impression is key & having fresh breath is detrimental to one's life! SMARTMOUTH mouthwash eliminates & prevents bad breath (including the horrid morning breath) 24 hours a day with consistent twice daily use! SMARTMOUTH mouthwash's innovative minty, fresh flavor cleans & refreshes your breath like no other! My 1 wish is that it came in both a super large & mini travel sizes because it's really amazing - it's the one thing I don't mind schlepping!


Don't call it a comeback! Psssssst dry shampoo a staple from the 70's removes dirt, oil, & odor from hair without using water- I live by it during Fashion Week when it's non stop shows & parties and little time to go to the salon. Not only does is it an instant "do refiner" it can add volume to your locks as well. At less then 6 dollars a pop it's an inexpensive miracle worker!

Napoleon Perdis

Last but not least I give you Napoleon Perdis Palette Patrol an uber sleek eyeshadow, gloss, & blush doubledecker kit that's small enough to fit in any purse, clutch or current "it" bag that will surely leave you looking your utmost best!






Napoleon Perdis


monalisa said...

In this day and age there's no time for nothing and it's nice to know there's products for girls on the go

katya said...

Eboost is great I always use it when I am at the delano in south beach it's for those days u need an extra pick me up I didn't know u can u it for work outs I wonder if it works best for pre or post work out?

plum said...

Napoleon Perdis is sold at targget so that's cool