Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Simply Sweet

Cleaning has just gotten sweeter with Sweet Grass Farm's FARMHOUSE COLLECTION, a fabulous all natural line of home & skincare products that will fill your home with it's plethora of delicate blends of sugarmint, fig & cedarwood and vanilla. The line covers everything from soap detergent to furniture wax that employs the sophisticated blend of the essential oils (lemon verbena, lavender & tangerine bergamot) that provides amazing cleaning benefits from the all natural antibacterial properties as well as evoke a blend of intoxicating aromas of the Mediterranean & beyond. Here's a few products we can't live without....

(Clockwise from L-R) Farmhouse Laundry Softener, Farmhouse Liquid Dish Soap, Farmhouse Linen Spray & Farmhouse Laundry Soap

Farmhouse Laundry Softener is an all-natural plant based formula is known to soften & brighten fabrics. Fragrance with luxuriously pure essential oils like Fresh White Lilac, Lavender, & New Lemon Verbena your laundry will smell like perfection!

Farmhouse Liquid Dish Soap, this earth-friendly dish washing soap not only cleans your dishes but is extremely gentle on your hands and the fragrance will fill your sink with the sweetest aromas around!

Farmhouse Linen & Room Spray is literally a miracle in a bottle! Use it to add fragrance to your fabrics, curtains & upholstery's as well as for ironing (or in my case steaming...I don't go near irons - long story) the fragrance is so rich you will be addicted with the 1st spray!

Farmhouse Triple Milled Soap will make you daydream about your next shower! Naturally made from olive oil, Shea butter, vitamins & moisturizers you will truly luxuriate with each lather! The fragrance is uber rich and the soap is gentle enough to use on all skin types of any age......
Last but not least Farmhouse Laundry Sachets are an absolute must! These sachets are designed to be used in the dryer however you can use them as drawer, linen or closet fresheners. For less then $7 for a pack of three you will love these petite wonders....

The Farmhouse Collection can be purchased at or at fine gifts & specialty stores.