Monday, October 6, 2008

Snap Your Body into Shape with JumpSnap!

Brad LaTour, Founder & Creator of JumpSnap is truly a Renaissance man!
Motivated to shed unwanted pounds by high impact movement (i.e., jumping rope) he soon became frustrated with the rope itself & JumpSnap was born.......

This Limitied Edition Pink Handled JumpSnap in associated with Breast Cancer Research Foundation to raise money for Breast Cancer Research

JumpSnap, the Ropeless Jump Rope & it's accompanying DVD is a surprisingly fast paced fat burning fitness routine that targets your entire body. It's non-intimidating & very well structured introduction to jumping rope (per se)- JumpSnap tones your core, arms & lower body in such a fun exhilarating workout you will be hooked after your 1st try (we here at LPB surely was!) Expertly led by JumpSnap trainers, each move has a subtle intensity & quiet effective-ness you'll burn mega-calories as you increase strength, agility, and balance.

Brad LaTour revolutionize fitness with this mind blowing workout! You'll reawaken your body to epic proportions with this Tour de Force Fitness Regime!

The Sky's the Limit (literally) with JumpSnap...

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Lisa said...

sounds like a lot of fun

Ginger said...

I run central park and I saw a trainer use this on a client I just thought it was for professionsal I will def try it out

Anonymous said...

I am ADDICTED to JumpSnap the founder lost tons of weight and when you buy the product it comes with tips on changing your lifestyle it worth it

CoCo said...

jumpsnap helped my relationship my bf and i were putting on the pounds we decided to do something because it was causing issues in teh relationship so we got jumpsnap i lost 40lbs and my bf lost 60lpbs it helped me with my confidence and it turned our sex life around! i looooooooooooooove jumpsnap lpb should do a post on the dvds because they are great!

monica said...

i hope it doesn't kill your knees

Diana Dee said...

I love it when LPB does the fitness write ups! It's all about looking good with this economy who can shop? With Fitness it's an expensse but the reward is priceless

fundai said...

I should look into this.

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