Monday, October 6, 2008

FABULESS: Look Amazing On A Budget!

Looking and Feeling good is priceless & frankly you shouldn't have to go bankrupt (and with the current state of our economy it's possible!) in the pursuit of beauty! We here at LPB have search the world over for wallet friendly beauty finds that will surely have you glowing from top to bottom & turning heads!
40 Carrots Retinol Rich Skin Care Line contains a unique Beta-Carotene, Retinol-rich complex utilizes the purest forms of Vitamin A, the proven ingredient dermatologists recommend most to de-age, brighten and even out skin tone, while smoothing fine lines. The line is absolutely luxurious and all the products are under $20!
40 Carrots - Carrot & Cucumber Eye Gel FABULESS PRICE $15.00

Unfortunately for us the eyes are one of the 1st places to age but with 40 Carrots Carrot & Cucumber Eye Gel , a revolutionary anti-aging skincare line you can bid adieu to puffy, tired looking eyes. Packed with all natural ingredients & retinol you will surely be amazed with the visible benefits! With the wallet friendly price of $15 it's an investment that keeps on giving....

Skin Appétit was developed by renowned nutritionist Keri Glassman as the recipe for ageless skin. With these luscious creams, treatments & cleansers you will be amazed at the inexpensive price tags!

Skin Appétit Nutri-Moisture Balm Stick FABULESS PRICE $15.00

I will be the 1st to admit I have shelled out top dollars for Über rich moisturizers that has left my epidermis a tad lackluster & my wallet dryer then the Sahara Desert! With Skin Appétit's Nutri-Moisture Balm Stick you get a nutrient dense, beyond luxe moisturizer loaded with a plethora of essential oils, vitamins, & antioxidants that are good enough to eat! Packaged in an super cute push-up stick it's ideal for the entire body with an added plus for the knees, elbows & heels (all target areas we dolls must not neglect!) At a price point less then $20 Dollars you will cherish this "Magic Stick".....

Skin Appétit available at Walgreens, Rite Aid, Longs, Duane Reade, &

ELLIN LAVAR TEXTURES specially designed for all hair types, the products are made from the finest ingredients from around the world! Ellin Lavar, an Emmy award nominated hair stylist noted for her countless celebrity clients & ground breaking weaving techniques hits the mark with her immaculate wallet friendly hair care line that addresses needs for all types of hair textures! The products are all under $10.00 & they will leave your hair feeling like a million bucks!


ELLIN LAVAR TEXTURES Liquid Glass' name says it all, use a very small amount on the hair, either wet or dry and it will shine like glass and feel like satin. It gives unbelievable control on curly or wavy hair and instantly eliminates frizz. Take this one with you to keep in your purse; you won’t want to leave home without it. Your hair will be fabulous and you will look & feel like a queen!

ELLIN LAVAR available at &

Milani Cosmetics designs specially for dolls to experience the expensive look of all of the very latest fashion color trends without spending a small fortune (Amen to that!). The range is designed for all ethnic groups so there's something for everyone!


I'll be the 1st to admit I would often bypass Milani Cosmetics NAIL LACQUER for the pricier brands because they were....pricier- I have since came back down to earth & have feel in love with Milani's long-lasting, chip resistant & beyond Über glossy NAIL LACQUER - the colors are so vibrant & insanely rich you will be amazed that it cost less then 4 dollars (less then $4.00!). The line comes in 62 amazing shades so you can be as versatile as you fancy with this fabulous products!

Milani Cosmetics available at, Rite Aid, Duane Reade &


cara said...

With the financial crisis we're facing the last thing I am thinking about is high priced beauty products
thanks lpb

laura said...

ellin lavar's show was sooo funny i hope it comes back!

Mona Lisa said...

I just read an article that states 1/2 the country makes under 32K so this post is what we the people need b/c it seems like only the celebrities and socialites can afford the Le Mers and the other thousand dollar creams THANKS LPB

riri said...

thanks for the info, I need affordable products.