Monday, October 27, 2008

Recession Chic- Look Amazing on Any Budget!

In the current economic climate which buying accessories & beauty products with insanely exuberant price tags are beginning to seem gauche (we're still in shock!) Sadly we at LPB are saying tata (for now!) to the free-spending style we've once considered the norm; but fear not dolls -no matter how co$t conscious we may be at the moment we've found products that will keep us posh & out of the poor house!
Tarte Cosmetics Cheek Stain in BLISSFUL a soft sheer pink perfect for the fresh face look
Tarte Cosmetics Cheek Stain in TRUE LOVE a sheer watermelon hue
There's nothing more luxurious then Bergdorf Goodman & now with it's 2 exclusive Tarte Cosmestics Cheek Stains BLISSFUL & TRUE LOVE it just upped it's notch! Both shades goes on sheer giving you a youthful hue that Tarte Cheek Stains can only do! For Recessionistas it's all about getting your hands on the most coveted products without sacrificing daily meals and these cheek stains are it (plus it gives you a reason to go to Heaven on Earth)!


Tarte Cosmetics Cheek Stains in BLISSFUL & TRUE LOVE exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman

COSMOHOLIC COSMETICS addictive hues(from Left to Right): Promiscuous Pink, Prudish Pink, Passionate Peach, Mysterious Mocha, Bossy Berry, RockStar Red, & Gold Digger

Cosmoholic Cosmetics 'Liquid Lipstick' goes on smooth, gives your pout an amazing shine & comes in the most luxurious hues. These 'Liquid Lipsticks' won't break the bank and will keep your looking as posh as ever!

Available for purchase at high end boutiques nationwide &
Indulging in decadent desserts may seem passé (& dangerous to your hips, butt & thighs ) but fear not Ladies Ganache for Lips the all natural gourmet lip balm infused with Shea Butter, Vitamin E & Scharffen Berger Chocolate is completely fat free so you can indulge in all nine luscious flavors without any guilt! The lip balm goes on super smooth and really hydrates your lips without that pesky waxy residue! At under $4 a pop a resourceful Recessionista can't resist these amazing treats......

Available at WholeFoods, Kitson, BeautyHabit & Ganache For Lips

BIOELEMENTS Oxygen Cocktail the amazingly fabulous oxygen-boosting serum that hydrates and moisturizes the skin to epic proportions...

Oxygen Cocktail by BIOELEMENTS FABULESS PRICE $37.00
Who doesn't love a cocktail? With BIOELEMENTS Oxygen Cocktail you can have beautiful, hydrated youthful skin that won't cost you your mortgage! A staple amongst celebrities, noted make up artist & Recessionistas 'in the know' BIOELEMENTS Oxygen Cocktail combats the horrific signs of aging & can be worn under your most beloved foundation so you can stay moisturized while looking flawless!

Available at BIOELEMENTS spas,, or call 800 433 6650 for more information
Lanolin Ago Tval Egg White Facial Soap The secrets out! The Swedish practice of applying an egg white facial once a week was transformed into soaps by KALA Style at the turn of the century. These soaps are made of pure egg whites, rosewater, and lanolin to firm and smooth the skin.

Lanolin Agg Tval Egg White Facial Soap FABULESS PRICE $4.50
Egg White Facials are known to work wonders on complexions. This highly rich soap purifies the skin leaving your face beyond luminous! Filled with egg whites & rosewater you will me amazed that for under 5 dollars you will feel and look like a million bucks!

Available at KALA Style

Sea Breeze Actives aka 1,001 possibilities! This product can remove oil, dirt, makeup, unclog pores, remove blackheads, neutralize the sting & itch of mosquito bites, condition hair, treat cuticles, cool heat flashes remove excess oils, the list can go on & on......................

Sea Breeze Actives FABULESS PRICE $5.49

The Pièce de Résistance ~ Sea Breeze Actives it's literally magic in a bottle! Used for various treatments from skincare to waxing this multi-functional astringent is a Reccessionista's dream! At just under $6 a bottle you can afford to invest in this bottle of endless wonderment!

Available at

Moisture Lock Leave-In Conditioner the newest tress tender, from the 'Queen of Curls' herself Ouidad!
This weightless treatment that infuses each individual hair with conditioning proteins promoting healthy luxurious hair.

While Moisture Lock Leave-In Conditioner is specially formulated for curly hair it literally works wonders on all hair types (here at LPB there's a plethora of ethnicities ,hair types & personalities ~ we all tried & fell in love with the product!) With constant stress and harsh effects from the environment your locks can be left dehydrate, brittle& lackluster - With this ultra luxe conditioner you can combat those horrid effects on your tresses....

Available now, Moisture Lock Leave-In Conditioner is available exclusively at & at certified Ouidad Salons.

All these products are Amazing! Let's all hope & pray the economy gets better before it worsens, I don't have the heart to be a Depressionista!


carolee said...

great products!

mona lisa said...

these products look good but some are a bit pricey

better off alive said...

it's sad the rich get richer the poor get poorer

MizzJ said...

Cool products! Are they available only in the US? I don't recognize any of these :(

mona lisa said...

no the soap is sold in europe, I saw sea breeze in brazil a few years back ...i believe you can get them online too