Tuesday, November 4, 2008


With 45 years of evening extravagance "Impeccable", is the word—perhaps the one Valentino owns, above all other designers! In the masterpiece retrospective - VALENTINO: Themes and Variations by Pamela Golbin (Rizzoli New York, 2008) we get a priceless insight on his collections of that were seemingly effortless, luxe, calme, et volupté that it made the thought of a world without Valentino unlikely—no, make that impossible.
The book isn't just a retrospective, but the essence of Haute Couture- the Valentino way with double-faced coats , little luncheon suits, the fragile beaded chiffon, the cocktail sheaths, the love of lace, flower prints, and succulent satin bows; the magical draping; the manner in which he can cut a column ; arranged an asymmetric shoulder strap just so and his ultimate contribution to fashion: the gorgeous Red Gowns. Creating standout moments over 45 years that were both relevant to fashion of the past & present that's timelessly gorgeous.
Pamela Golbin showcased his remarkable career with such savoir-faire you will not want to put the book down! She thoroughly explores one of the last masters of couture who knows what draping is all about. Valentino can whip silk chiffon around a bod and into flying panels, quivery ripples, and filmy, flippy hemlines like no one else. And his finesse with beading on tulle—makes others' attempts look coarse by comparison. His technical wizardry & recurring motifs - the variations on the ideas of lines, volume, surface, pleats, florals & geometry was captured through sketches, editorial images & exceptional photography from François Halard encompasses Valentino's legacy (past, present & future) .
Opulence is an understatement when it comes to Valentino's mastery of classic couture embellishments—from embroidery to fur and feather trims—the expertise of the atelier truly is mesmerizing (I was speechless in the effect called "pages" layers of organza that fluttered like a stack of tissue paper as they moved around the hem of a skirt or the shoulders of a cap - just breathtaking). With this immaculate jem of a book it's now possible to see how someone with Valentino's enviable array of skills has accomplished what few can only dream about!

VALENTINO: Themes and Variations by Pamela Golbin is available on AMAZON & RIZZOLI


coco said...

valentino is amazing and it's sad he retired he is the last of the great ones

Anonymous said...

ysl dead, coco dead, valentino retired it's sad but he should live his life not make dresses for rich ladies with nothing else to do

papaiyah said...

I brought the book and the YSL Style book your recommendations are always the best

mona lisa said...

his red dresses are stuff dreams are made of

goddess love said...

great piece

teah said...

I hope Obama wins and Michelle Obama wears Valentino -

pepper said...

I brough this book the other day because I loved the cover jacket

Mona Lisa said...

nice piece it's well written and makes me want to spend my coins on this book (it's nearly 100 dollars ladies) it's way cheaper then my drug of choice ...LOUBOUTINS but I (guess) it's worth it

kiki von monspresse said...

Leave it to la petite blog to write an amazing piece on Valentino bravo

joy said...

no one works a red gown like valentino he should come out of retirement to design a gown for the new 1st Lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hunter said...

love love love the book i saw it at a bookstore in houston i will go back and get it

mbelL said...

I would liket to check this book out-thank u for the reviews.

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