Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Banish Stress and Anxiety with Mette Vangso - San Francisco

If you're struggling with the holiday chaos (& the current economic crisis) you're not alone! Fear not with Mette Vangso - San Francisco the luxurious range of pleasure pillows you will be able to look & feel fabulous from the inside out! Mette Vangso's range of ultra luxe pleasure pillows has inspired us at LPB to share with you all a few tips to help you get through the lines, wrapping paper and frustration so that you'll look fabulous and be able to reduce the stress.

The Classic by Mette Vangso - San Francisco reduces your stress, cramps (Praise the Gods!), muscle tension, restores your vital energy and promotes a stable, balanced state of mind...

Make lists.
Lists can aid you in checking off who has been naughty or nice when you are buying gifts. Also, writing down some notes next to each name can help in figuring out what to get them.
Stress Reliever:
After a long day of schlepping pop "The Classic" in the microwave for 2-3 minutes for an intense & deep penetrating moist heat! Place in on your lower back, chest, feet and hands for a mind-blowing treat to yourself...

Banish all tension with this amazing aromatic eye catching pillow specially designed to provide relaxation and stress relief to your lids like now other!

Manage your time.
This can be easier than it sounds. The first step is to realize things will take a little longer with more people running around. Patience will be a great friend to you. Who wants premature wrinkles due to fits on the check out line?

Stress Reliever:
Eyes are sure to get puffy from all the events during the holiday season! With
Mette Vangso Chamomile, flax & lavender infused "Eye Catcher" you can bid adieu to the puff & bags with it's anti-inflammatory properties. Chill your 'Eye Catcher" and place it on your eyes for 5-10 Minutes for a luxurious cold eye therapy!

Neck Hugger in KLIMT
Made with the finest natural filling of buckwheat, lavender, and flax seed this aromatic pillow's range of therapeutic benefits is astounding!
Make Me Time.
Once you have accomplished your goals for others on your list, take some time for yourself. When you have time to reflect, the peace you feel at that moment will be warming and help you to feel the joy this season can bring.

Stress Reliever:
Can be either chilled or heated to relieve the neck and shoulders of any stress. We actually love to use it as a cold compress it's a great alternative to a neck massage (wallet friendly too!)

Shop Online.
It's not a secret anymore, but one of the most convenient ways to shop during the holiday season is using online stores to purchase gifts. You can do this from home, at any time of day, without leaving your desk or your pjs and have everything sent to your door - no more lugging large bags up the stairs. Plus, this season you can find the best deals online as well.
For instance, Mette Vangso has a great gift section with holiday gift sets for everyone including yourself.

Stress Reliever:
Go all out & De-Stress your mind, body & soul with all 3 products at once! Lay on your back - place the Eye Catcher on your lids, the Neck Hugger on your Neck & Shoulders and drape The Classic on your feet for a mind-blowing relaxation session!

If all else fails get something for yourself.
Wrap it up and put it aside until the big day. You'll be guaranteed to get something you wanted when you open it. Get Learn more about these amazing Pleasure Pillows go to


Anonymous said...

smart write up! the holidays can be depressing and stressful especially since i don't have any spare money for gifts

kira said...

I am so stressed out no job no man no nothing I will gift myself with one

Scoozner said...

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