Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Current Obession: LV Spring 2009

Dolls, I can not stop thinking about all the little treats Marc & co. concocted for the RTW Spring 2009 collection - with the looming depression ahead and uber tight wallet pinching (on my part) I'm happy Marc gave me some yummy treats to dream about! It's sexy, saucy, and full-on Parisian, somewhere out of the forties and swizzled up with a dash of glitter and Josephine Baker African razzmatazz—Louis Vuitton came like a cathartic, mood-enhancing cocktail at the end of a long, grinding season. It was a suggestion rather than a theme, but there was something here of the plucky glamour of women in wartime Paris: a Deco-era palette sparkled up with showgirl glints of metallic python and crystal; crepe kilts spliced with windows of dotted net in the rear for naughty jeune filles; sculpted-shoulder blazers and graceful high-waist pants for grown-up mesdames.And then there was the mesmerizing sight of a zillion accessories. A slew of tribal-art references came in necklaces, earrings, and stacks of bangles and amazing shoes loaded with sproutings of feathers and plastic collages of abstract African faces. The bags were back in sumptuous array: tactile, poufy shapes glowing with mixed-material suedes and multicolored metallics, python, and leopard spots.
Quite brilliant.
Here's some of my fave looks from the collection

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