Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Down to the 11th Hour Shopping Guide

Every year you vow to come up with original ideas for the loved ones on your holiday shopping list, but between the endless cocktail parties and family obligations, who's to blame a girl for succumbing to that stress-free go-to, the gift certificate? For this extremely busy time of the year it's all about giving out signature gifts to the ones you love! We've come up with some equally easy but infinitely more personal options that will substantially up the wow factor on the big day. So this year, when your nearest and dearest squeal “It's so me!” you'll know they actually mean it.

For Your Nearest & Dearest:

Shag The Art of Josh Agle

Chronical Books

$ 40.00

This major monograph is the perfect gift to give your loved ones! It's visually pleasing and wallet friendly - what's not to love...

Stocking Stuffers for your 'Girls':

This fashion trivia board game will delight fashionistas and style tyros alike. Includes four shopping nags, collectible high heels, scissors, sunglasses, mirror figurines and golden dice.
For your co-workers:

Tiffany & Co. stores nationwide

With the looming economic crisis it's all about playing your cards right! It's a fitting gift for all your co-workers ...


Anonymous said...

I just got those playing cards for my father in law

Anonymous said...

i never knew that art work was from 1 particular artist i have the 'libra' as my screensaver i will buy this book nice feautre lpb