Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Essential Holiday Survival Kit

The Holiday Season can bring forth a massive amount of stress! From not having the right dress, your heels not being quite high enough to dreadful hair it's imperative you prepare yourself for anything with this fail proof essential Holiday Survival Kit ! WHAT IT IS: Dr. Scholl's® For Her Ball of Foot Cushions
WHAT IT DOES: Unique gel cushioning provides instant comfort to the extremely sensitive ball of the foot area.
WHAT'S IN IT: A soft massaging gel insole enclosed in a wave pattern cushion.
HOW IT WORKS: The innovate gel waves cushion the ball of foot area, it literally massages your feet with every step!

WHAT LPB THINKS: Fits discreetly in both open and closed-style shoes it provides so much comfort you will want to buy it in bulk so you won't ever have discomfort in your heels again!
COST: $6.99

WHAT IT IS: Bioelements Oil Control Sleepwear
WHAT IT DOES: An overnight rejuvenation cream that moisturizes as it controls oil production, increases hydration, rebuilds firming collagen & elastin and replenishes your inner glow all while you sleep - how amazing is that!
WHAT'S IN IT: Insanely rich ingredients like Vitamin E, Retinol, Green Tea, and tons of other antioxidants...
HOW IT WORKS: Warm a small amount between your fingertips to release the active ingredients. Immediately apply to face and neck.
WHAT LPB THINKS: Maintaining radiant skin takes a lot of work and while you sleep this creme of the Gods works wonders - it prevents damaging substances that causes wrinkles, sags and premature aging - After using this for a week we've instantly noticed our skin clear, beyond soft and luminous!

COST: $59.00
Bioelemnts Spas. For Locations, visit or call 800 433 6650

WHAT IT IS: grrl toyz® Get Lucky grrl™ Kit
WHAT IT DOES: Reusable keepsake zipper bag that holds sexy necessities that a grrl would need on a moments notice!
WHAT'S IN IT: 3 SEXNAP packs for intimate cleansing, 2 sexy dice: 1 die tells an action to perform, 1 die tells a body part to perform it on,3 Durex latex condoms & 1 pillow pack of climax® H2O personal lubricant
Get Lucky grrl™ Kit can work many different ways but 1st thing 1st put on the Durex condoms before you engage in anything Ladies!
WHAT LPB THINKS: With all the fetes and soirees that are going on during the holidays you don't want to regret anything that may go down after hours and with this adorable kit that can literally fit into any clutch or handbag you will be prepared for anything that may come up (literally)!

COST: $15.00

WHAT IT DOES: Natural sugar crystals exfoliate while the vitamin E vanilla lip balm soothes, calms and protects lips
WHAT'S IN IT: Made with the greenest skinvigorating™ ingredients: aloe leaf extract, jojoba seed oil, chamomile extract & countless vitamins...
HOW IT WORKS: Every few days exfoliate your lips with the sugar (which is extremely gentle) and immediately moisture with the rich vanilla lip balm.
WHAT LPB THINKS: We can not get enough of this dynamic duo! A must have all year round (especially during the dry, harsh winter months)
COST: $11.00

WHAT IT DOES: Soothe skin with this lightweight, fast-acting lotion saturated with the ingredients that stressed skin needs to act normally again. Calms, protects and helps normalize blotchy, stressed, oily skin prone to break outs. It also works wonders on skin after dermatological treatments and sunburns!
WHAT'S IN IT: Japanese Green Tea, Chamomile Oil and a slew of antioxidants that will calm and soothe the skin!
HOW IT WORKS: The calming effects of Chamomile soothes away all irritation in this lightweight and grease less lotion formulated to protect and hydrate sensitive skin.
WHAT LPB THINKS: Guys & Dolls this lotion works wonders - It's compact and can literally fit into anything, it won't break the bank and will make you look like a million bucks!
COST: $25.50

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