Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holiday Gifts For Under $10

While it is the season to give many of us don't have the means to give a lot! Here are a few treats that are friendly on the wallet and will certainly warm the hearts of your family and friends...
Fabuless Price $9.99
Giving & Recieving gifts from the heart is truly priceless and with these wallet friendly art pieces from Art.com the sky's the limit with gift ideas for your loved ones...

Fabuless Price: $7.38
Nothing says excess like Andy Warhol & Marilyn Monroe! With these ultra cute coasters the lucky recipient will love you to pieces...

Party Stockholm
Peppermint Cocktail Twist

Fabuless Price: $10.00

One of the most Perfect Hostess Gifts that can be given all year round! Party Stockholm Cocktail Twists are the yummiest additions to any cocktail - The Peppermint Flavor is the best for the Festive Season...

By Mittie Hellmich

Fabuless Price: $9.98

Mini Bar is the essential go-to guide for the cocktail enthusiast. Each volume in the series is filled with more than 50 traditional and original recipes that really pack a punch!

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