Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Signature Holiday Gifts...

Every year you vow to come up with original ideas for the loved ones on your holiday shopping list, but between the endless cocktail parties and family obligations, who's to blame a girl for succumbing to that stress-free go-to, the gift certificate? For this extremely busy time of the year it's all about giving out signature gifts to the ones you love! We've come up with some equally easy but infinitely more personal options that will substantially up the wow factor on the big day. So this year, when your nearest and dearest squeal “It's so me!” you'll know they actually mean it.

For Your Nearest & Dearest:

Tom Wesselmann: His Voice and Vision
John Wilmerding
Rizzoli, New York
Available at :
Rizzoli New York, Barnes&Noble, ,

Stocking Stuffers for your 'Girls':

Available at:
For your co-workers: