Monday, June 9, 2008


Achieving the ultimate SunKissed look isn't all about the perfect tan! One can not (or should not for that matter) forget about your luscious mane in the summer months!

Beautifully Curly Dame Halle Berry
Here's some brilliant tips from our friends at Ouidad Salon (a.k.a. Curl Mane Mecca) on achieving boombastic curls for the season!
I After shampooing and conditioning your hair, leave about 25% of the conditioner in your hair. Apply styling lotion in fatter sections (about 2 inches wide and 2 inches thick) so you are able to create bigger waves, and perform the Ouidad Rake & Shake method.
II Be sure to apply the styling lotion evenly working your way all the way up to the top of the head.
III When you get to the top, create a side part.
IV Next, take the side part section, apply styling lotion and create a wave pattern with the Ouidad Rake & Shake method.
V Be careful not to rake too much or you will create too much bounce.
VI Allow hair to set. Once it is set, gently diffuse the hair, without placing hair in the diffuser, or again you will be creating too much bounce.
VII Once hair is completely dry, apply a pomade such as Ouidad Clear Control Pomade by rubbing your palms together, pulling hair into a mock ponytail and running your hands through. For the final touch, add a dollop of pomade at the top of the head to smooth any flyaways.
VIII Get ready to turn heads with your sexy ‘do!
Whether you wear your hair straight or curly here's some products you shouldn't leave home without!


Ouidad Climate Control is a revolutionary design in styling gels. It uniquely protects curls from humidity by absorbing moisture from air to hydrate each strand of hair and help prevent frizz making it ideal for rainy and high humidity days.

Product Usage!

Apply to palm of hand and begin by raking fingers through underneath layers of hair first. Then, beginning at the crown, rake downward towards the ends, and lastly rake from the temple and forehead to the crown. This will ensure complete coverage and help prevent the under layers of hair from sticking out when dry. Do not rinse out. Set or style hair as usual.

Tip From Curl Connoisseur Ouidad

**Excellent at protecting hair from blow-dryer heat when a straight style is required, as well as for protecting hair when using a curling iron. The ingredients evaporate when the heat hits hair, therefore saving the strand from direct heat damage.

Sun Shield Spray works to nourish and protect hair from harsh environments and damaging sun exposure. This completely new, reformulated, proprietary blend offers increased sun protection, deep conditioning benefits and a crystal-silicat sealant that leaves hair softer, smoother and shinier.

Product Usage!

Simply spray Sun Shield Spray onto curls before going out, and especially before sun, salt water and wind exposure that can leave hair unmanageable and curls stiff and dry. Sun Shield should also be used both pre and post-swim to protect and hydrate hair as its potent UV filters keep hair color looking vibrant and healthy shine intact. Spray onto curls and work through hair with fingers or a wide tooth comb for best results.

Tip From Curl Connoisseur Ouidad

** Sun Shield Spray was developed as the at-home companion product for Ouidad’s exclusive, in-salon Sun Shield Treatment. This signature treatment uses organic ingredients and sealants to protect hair from sun damage for 4 to 6 weeks -- the perfect prescriptive treatment for summertime or for the outdoor enthusiast who enjoys their fun in the sun time.
To get products or book an appointment check out the following:
Ouidad Salons, or by calling 800-677-HAIR

SUPER HEROES: Fashion & Fantasy

This year's Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute Gala brought out some of the fashion world's luminaries like Armani, Tom Ford, Zac Posen,& Nicolas Ghesquiere all in attendance to celebrate the original purveyors of Fashion & Fantasy- The "Superheroe"
Harold Koda & Andrew Bolton concocted this magnum opus that looks into how fashion & fantasy are one in the same.

From Wonder Woman’s satin stars & golden bracelets to Batman’s brooding cape & mask, the style of Superheroes’ dress has influenced both street wear and high fashion. This richly illustrated book explores how radical couture, avant-garde sportswear, and state-of-the-art military garments—as seen through the lens of the superhero—can be metaphors for sex, power, & politics. Beginning with the origins of the superhero costume, this volume looks at how designers have been influenced by iconographic components such as the cape, mask, boots, & unitard (all key factors in achieving a perfect look!). Costumes, such as those worn by Batman and Catwoman, are examined as reflections of sexual and physical prowess, while others, most notably those of Superman and Captain America, are analyzed as political propaganda.

Superheroes also explores superpowers and their manifestations––literal, symbolic, or metaphorical: Flash’s speed, Iron Man’s invulnerability, Hulk’s strength, & Spiderman’s agility are presented in their fantastical evocations. Featured designers include Pierre Cardin, John Galliano, Azzedine Alaia, Giorgio Armani, Hussein Chalayan, Alexander McQueen, Nicolas Ghesquiere, Jean Paul Gaultier, Comme des Garçons, and Walter van Beirendonck.

If reading isn't your forte you can check out "Superheroes," through Sept. 1 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 212-535-7710, or

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I have a weakness for sweetness! These ultra mouth watering caramels from Sweden are so decadent you won't feel guilty about devouring these sweet morsels~

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Auntie Mame starring the legendary Rosalind Russell is one of my ALL time favorite movie ~ it never gets old ! Her brazen sense of style has been a source of a lot of inspiration for designers and for the past 3 seasons I can bet my money that John Galliano has this gem of cinema on file!
Rosalind Russell in “Auntie Mame"
Galliano has been mining the good old U.S. of A. for raw material from which to spin his dreams. For a season as commercially skewed as resort, Yankee practicality seems an apt starting point.
Like in the movie Galliano modeled his collection after women who weren't afraid to make a bold sartorial statement, one that preferably involved a whopping piece of jewelry. From a shimmering backdrop that conjured a Tony Duquette garden, there emerged a full wardrobe for their modern-day counterparts in Palm Beach, Beverly Hills, Dallas & New York. Rendered in a bouncy, optimistic palette of corals, fuchsias, and limes, nearly every look was heavy on the beaded embroidery (down to the swimwear and shoes) and topped off with outsized sombreros and bijoux.
With its sixties-era strains of printed tunics, capri pants, trapeze silhouettes, little peplum jackets, and haute bohemian caftans and peasant blouses, the collection hewed closely to the line Galliano sent out last season (btw I LOVED the collection last season).


Resort & Pre-Fall Collections are coming full force! From Valentino to Helmut Lang the designers are delivering major pieces for the intermezzo seasons! From billowy gowns to minimalist frocks there is something for everyone...
Resort 2009
Oscar de la Renta- Runway

Resort 2009
Oscar de la Renta- Runway

Resort 2009
Versace - Runway

Resort 2009
Versace - Runway

Resort 2009
Versace - Runway

Resort 2009
Helmut Lang - Runway

Resort 2009
Helmut Lang - Runway

Resort 2009
Helmut Lang - Runway

Resort 2009
Calvin Klein - Runway

Resort 2009
Calvin Klein - Runway

Resort 2009
Fendi - Runway

Resort 2009
Fendi - Runway
I will be the 1st to admit that it takes a village for me to work out -Yes, I love being in shape (there's nothing like looking & feeling good!) however working out can be a bit monotonous & IndoBoard has an answer for that! Originally designed as a cross training tool for surfers, these balance boards a.k.a. IndoBoard works out your entire body (with emphasis on your core) it's the perfect workout for the hot summer season!
Check out for more information


Art Deco or art moderneär, term that designates a style of design that originated in French luxury goods shortly before World War I and became ubiquitously and internationally popular during the 1920s and 30s. Coined in the 1960s, the name derives from the 1925 Paris Exposition of Decorative Arts, where the style reached its apex. Art deco is characterized by long, thin forms, curving surfaces, and geometric patterning, the practitioners of the style attempted to describe the sleekness they thought expressive of the machine age. The style has undergone a resurgence of popularity, it has made a comeback yet again in everything from electronics, home decor, cosmetics & fashion...


Having a Natural, Flawless complexion is converted by all! Becca Cosmetics understands this and has created products so all women regardless of ethnicity can look their ultimate best!
Becca Cosmetics boasts an impression make-up range that features an immaculate collection of 34 concealer colors & 30 foundation colors, natural hues for the lips, cheeks & eyes ~ All the products enhancing your natural, organic beauty without all the fuss

Shimmering Skin Perfector
Becca's Shimmering Skin Perfector is a water-based moisturizer with an SPF of 20+ and light-diffusing particles of shimmer that creates instant radiance and vitality and reduces imperfections. It's very lightweight and goes on super easy - it's superb for daytime!

Jewel Dust

These exquisitely embellished powders add playful color to the eyes when worn alone, and create rich, exotic tones when layered over neutral eye shadows~ The hues are very rich and can be worn alone for an intense look

Loose Shimmer Powder
An ultra-fine powder that adds a mystical sheen to the face, eye, and body. Can be used to decorate the skin with an all-over glow or to highlight cheekbones, cheeks, eyes, brow bones, lips, decolletage, shoulders and body
This tint for the lips and cheeks is heaven sent! It's richly pigmented crème formulation is the ultimate multi-tasker. Created to suit any complexion, this versatile, super blendable crème can be applied over or under other makeup for an effortless, natural-looking finish, without shimmer. It transitions well between day and night looks..

For Products & Store Locations Check Out,&,


I have been on the hot pursuit of finding the perfect mascara for eons & I finally think I've found it! Fiberwig the best import from Japan since Comme des Garçons is the best mascara hands down~ Not only does it extends your lavish lashes to new heights it also conditions your lashes as well... It's perfection in a bottle!
Engineered to create the perfect lashes with twice the amount of micro-fine interconnecting fibers, The instant drying formula creates a long lasting film coat around your natural lashes. Fiberwig imparts a perfect, smudge-proof maximum lash extension effect with a water-resistant formula that's easy to remove with warm water, without risking damaging or losing your natural lashes. A jet-black fiber film coats the surface of each lash with long-lasting, clump-free, lash lengthening color that's resistant to tears, sweat, and oil.

Monday, June 2, 2008


The Summer Season is just around the corner and with that brings the must haves of the season..
"Way Shiner" Sunglasses By Lanvin
These stunners are the epitome of summer luxe! The shape of the frames flatters most and it's a nice alternative to the Jackie O-esque shape that's been around for the past few seasons..
Available at Edon Manor

LORAC’s Mocktails are exotically flavored, high-shine lip glosses that drench your lips in gorgeous color while each delicious flavor tastes like your favorite tropical drink. It's the ultimate guilt-free cocktail!

Crema Corpo Organic Aloe Vera Body Cream
Crema Corpo Organic Aloe Vera Body Cream is a silky, lightweight cream for the hands & body that soaks in easily to leave skin soft and smooth. It's great for after the beach, work out of just out the shower~
Check out for more info


Breathrx is the Lamborghini of Dental Hygiene! Founded by Dr.Bill Dorfman the acclaimed cosmetic dentist of Beverly Hills & Extreme Makeover ~ the site features numerous high end dental products that won't break the bank and will give you a 'Million Dollar Smile" (great looking teeth & fresh breath will and always be in vogue!)
Here are some of my personal faves ....
BreathRx oral care products are designed to work together as a simple 3-step bad breath treatment system that will help to keep your mouth healthy and odor-free.
The purifying, whitening gel from Breathrx is the AstonMartin of toothpastes. It has a clean mint flavor, all the benefits of Fluoride, tartar control, and enhanced whitening action. Your smile will Thank you!

BreathRx Anti-Bacterial Breath Spray is the utlimate refresher! It's dual-action rinse formula eliminates oral odor ~ Just think... all that power in a light, penetrating spray.
Bad-breath bacteria is hiding in the nooks and crannies at the back of your tongue. What do you do? One quick spritz of the BreathRx Anti-Bacterial Tongue Spray immediately starts killing these nasty bacteria. BreathRx Anti-Bacterial Tongue Spray offers added strength where you need it most- your tongue! Use BreathRx Anti-Bacterial Tongue Spray and the BreathRx Gentle Tongue Scraper for a clean sweep!
The Sugar Free Breath Mints & Gumballs are perfect for everyday schlepping, nights out on the town are the quick refresher when on a date ...

Breathrx is your direct dealer for premium dental products. To purchase these items check out

Back to BLACK

BLACK is Bold, Sophisticated, & will always be "it" color in fashion. From Beauty, Home Decor, to Runways Black is the staple for pure decadence! Unlike any other color BLACK has the genius duality of being both classic & modern at the same time ...
Schonbek, the legendary chandelier company has introduced a line of chandeliers & lamps designed in beautiful Jet BLACK crystals. The brilliance of the new collection is breathtaking!
Lovely Footwear from GIVENCHY Spring 2008 Couture Show
Riccardo Tisci is a madman! His showstopping collections for GIVENCHY has made me a happy happy girl ~ his innovative use of BLACK is so modern, luminous, & clever..

Thandie Newton in Chanel Resort 09 at the Met Gala Event
BLACK, LACE & Ruffles never gets old...
Maria Evora Carob Mineral 4 Bar Soap Set
KALA Style is a one-stop shop for hard to find old-world toiletries from around the world. One of my all time faves from the site is the Maria Evora Carob BLACK Soap. The legend of Maria Evora began in Rias Bajas,Spain~ a dazzling world of light & water, a place of rich beauty. Maria was famous for her exquisite patina complexion & deep BLACK eyes (it has been said that one could always find the eternal presence of the sea) ~ Kismet it was the sea that took her love, for whom she made mineral baths of opulent pleasure (and trust if you use the Carob Mineral soap you will luxuriate in all it's opulence) Made from heady sea salts & dark fruits of myrtle & carob trees you will be enriched from head to toe!