Thursday, July 31, 2008

Alexander McQueen Oversize Clutch is what dreams are made of! It's big enough for all my accoutrements.. it can literally go with everything and with it's price tag I would be wearing it to sleep!

Pretty in Pink

I am overwhelmed with pure adulation for these 5" wonders... Giambattisa Valli has captured me yet again...Talk amongst yourself while I pull it together

prAna's a lifestyle!

Hey Dolls ~ I've been on a full throttle mission to change my lifestyle, home & work space to reflect my new joie de vivre & the results are amazing! Since fitness plays a huge part in my renovation of sorts I have come to adore prAna ~ an fitness apparel line that uses innovative techniques & materials that are divine to wear & work up a sweat in!

Reversible Headband

I'm all about looking your best at all times & these Reversible Headbands are great for taming your mane while you drop a few stones!

Mini Pearl Top

prAna's Mini Pearl Top is a jewel to behold! It holds in all the moisture so you won't feel icky when your exercising and with it's innovative Viana™ performance fabric you will be able to move without any worry of having a wardrobe malfunction!

Erin Top

The Erin Top fits like a glove & when it's hot outside (or when your burning up at the gym) the last thing you want is a long sleeve or cotton top becoming heavy when you sweat, causing annoying chafing & discomfort. Try this fashionable and functional sleeveless top from prAna; it's made with Viana™ , has built-in support & the sexy racer back looks great on most body types.

Ono Pant
prAna's ONO Pant is an absolute MUST! It's great for workouts, schlepping or just lounging around. They provide great coverage and comfort while still being flattering.

Get Your Gym Couture at

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How To Approach An Attractive Man

Remember that high school tactic of laughing really loudly to get the attention of a hot guy? Forget it. The real sirens of the world exude discretion, control, and a little bit of intrigue. That said, don't take yourself too seriously—talking to a handsome man is supposed to be fun.
Make eyes. Before you go up to any stranger, catch his eye first. That lets you gauge his level of interest. If he looks away, give it a minute and try again later (he might just have been distracted). If he holds your stare, look him in the eye and flash a smile.
Don't rush it. At this point, there's no need to go bounding across the room. Instead, try saying "hi" under your breath, which may encourage him to approach you. If not, there's nothing wrong with eavesdropping in his vicinity for a minute or two—when there's a pause in conversation, lean in and say, "I couldn't help but overhear you discussing...." Or if you're feeling shy, wait until he's alone and casually ask what he's drinking. Or comment on his velvet jacket or killer shoes.
Find a connection. To keep the conversation going, look for common ground. Maybe you have mutual friends (a good bet if you're at a small party), like the same films, or work in similar fields. When talking, avoid hair flipping, wild hand motions, and nail biting—all come off as nervous gestures. Instead, keep your voice steady, let your fingertips linger on your clavicle or the rim of your glass, and touch his forearm occasionally.
Handle distractions. If you're chatting with an attractive man, chances are someone will try to hijack his attention. If another woman interrupts you two, graciously introduce yourself, but don't go out of your way to include her in the conversation. On the other hand, if you're pulled away by a friend unexpectedly, roll with it. You've made enough of an impression by now that if he's interested, he'll come find you later.
Wrap it up. As long as you are both enjoying the conversation, there's no need to set a time limit. That said, it's better to err on the side of leaving too early rather than too late. If his eyes wander over your shoulder or he edges away from your side, it's time to excuse yourself. Simply say, "It was so nice talking to you," then slink off with an air of mystery.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


August 1st will be my twenty-something birthday & I have been in a complete renewal phase at the moment from reorganizing my closet to renovating and decorating my home & work studio ~ My current objects of obsession are Metropolitan Home's RENOVATE & DECORATE, two books that are filled with innovative ideas & insider tips from the Top Pros in Design and Architecture..

Both books provides a wealth of knowledge when it comes to renovation and design. However I truly adore RENOVATE. It's truly an inspiration to see how one can transform a space into an immaculate dwelling. Metropolitan Home RENOVATE has created a guide to renovation that is both visually dazzling and filled with practical advice. Each makeover, from the highly pragmatic to the purely aesthetic, is well-illustrated with before and after photos, and all include floor plans. Divided into seven style-specific chapters the book presents homeowners with a wealth of helpful, easily implemented design lessons and provides creative solutions to renovation problems. The book presents homeowners with a wealth of helpful, easily implemented design lessons and provides creative solutions to renovation problems.

DECORATE by Michael Lassell

This is a gem of a book! Metropolitan Home Decorate uncovers the secrets of the Professionals. This lovely page turner can help anyone turn your Home from Drab to Fabulous! With its focus on current trends, this book offers advice and insight from some of the top designers working today. It's an investment for anyone who is contemplating redecorating! The 33 projects that are collected in this book are captured beautifully and are given in depth explanations. It will give you so many ideas about transforming your space into your dream house (or office), that you'll want to start repainting your bedroom as soon as you spot your favorite room in the book. DECORATE concentrates on design and decoration, rather than new construction or structural renovation (I highly recommend purchasing both RENOVATE & DECORATE), hoping that the lessons of each location included will be realistic goals for many homeowners no matter what your aesthetics may be. What I absolutely adore about the book is the straight-shooting advice from the pros to help you avoid costly errors, as well as the "Key to the Style" box which explains the designer's approach and concepts, & the "What the Pros Know" sidebars which help you gain insight into the ways in which the theoretical becomes possible no matter what kind of space you inhabit!
To purchase these books go to

Irons, Dryers & Hair - OH MY!

The T3 Tourmaline flat iron is the ultimate in hair care on & off the runway!
T3 PRO. Straighten Flat Iron is literally what dreams are made of! PRO.Straighten is AMAZING in ceramic styling ~ it creates sleek, fabulous hair while leaving locks shiny& fabulously frizz-free!

DOO.RI Fall 2008 Hair by ORLANDO PITA for T3

T3 is literally the ultimate in designer hair care leaving hair straight and healthy with a Über high-gloss shine finish. It's a staple on the runways, celebrities and legions of fab guys & dolls who won't leave home without their T3 fix!

T3 PRO.Dryer

T3's PRO.Dryer is LEGENDARY! Thanks to breakthrough tourmaline technology, T3 hair dryers are lightweight, high powered tools proven to dry hair faster. A phenomenon among stylists, celebrities & mere mortals alike...

Derek Lam Spring 2008 Hair by ORLANDO PITA for T3
Using T3's revolutionary products famed stylist ORLANDO PITA was able to create gorgeous bouncy, polished curls or soft, sexy waves with ease.

T3 PRO.Mini
While the PRO.Mini is small in size it's anything but! This tiny wonder can straighten, style and curl hair effortlessly with amazing results. It's slim & compact design makes for easy traveling and styling, whether jet-setting as a session stylist, globe-trekking with glamour, or simply staying overnight. What's perfect about it is that it won't break the bank although you will look like a million bucks!

To learn more about T3 & to purchase products
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Monday, July 28, 2008


Yours Truly's Birthday is coming up & I taken to 'Luxuriating' everything in my life at the moment ~ From my home to my lovely little work studio I have created an intoxicating atmosphere with the help of THYMES Indigenous Collection
THYMES Indigenous Collection which features everything from Poured Aromatic Candles, Reed Diffusers & Home Fragrance Mists will not only enhance your surrounding with it's rare & exotic fragrances but will literally change your home or office into a harmonious habitat instantly giving you a mood lift and a certain joie de vivre that is synonymous with THYMES

Here's a tip from LPB .... THYMES Scents gives you the opportunity to create their own fragrance! To that effect, LPB suggests to burn two different scents of candles at the same time ~ the candles should be from different families of scents ( my fav combo is Tamarind Lychee & Blue Lotus). Here's the trick... the candles should burn far from each other so that the blend created can be best appreciated in the middle of the room ~ the final result ....DIVINE

THYMES products are available in over 5,000 specialty stores nationwide & internationally.
For a complete list of the retailers, or to purchase products,
visit or call 1 800 366 4071


Gorgeous Bronzed Skin & Summer goes hand in hand & in this installment of
I will share with you some AMAZING products that will give you the
Perfect Golden Hue ......

CLARINS Self Tanning Instant Gel effectively self tans your face and body with a gorgeous tint of natural color. The application is easy. As you smooth the creme on your skin, a golden sheen instantly appears to help create an even look.

Liquid Bronze Self Tanning

Liquid Bronze Self Tanning feels luxuriously moisturizing and skin softening. Leaves skin soft, moisturized and protected against free radicals. Layer with After Sun Replenishing Moisture Care for Face and Decollete & After Sun Moisturizer to build up a darker tan. The results are amazing ~ you will be a Bronzed Goddess (or God) in no time! CLARINS Paris
After Sun Replenishing Moisture Care for Face & Decollete

Most people simply look better with a little color. CLARINS After Sun Replenishing Moisture Care for Face & Decollete will radiantly bronze your skin without the sun damage for the best looking and lasting faux tan. The color comes up natural on skin. It effortlessly self tans the face and decollete!

LPB'S Tip :To achieve an even faux tan, exfoliate with CLARINS Smoothing Body Scrub from head to toe. Use the SELF TANNING GEL first as the base in two even layers, letting dry in between. Go lightly on ankles, knees, elbows and sun spots. Every third day re-apply the LIQUID BRONZE & AFTER SUN MOISTURIZER SELF TANNING to maintain the look. works great for quick touch ups anytime, especially on the face and back. An even self tan looks the most radiant.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Something Like a Phenomenon

HOOPNOTIC HOOPDANCE is the hottest fitness phenom to hit the streets in a very long time! This fun, energetic work out targets the: obliques, the insanely difficult to tone lower abs, back muscles & increases flexibility all the while improving your self confidence & Joie de Vivre!

Hoopnotic Hoopdance Beginning Level 1 DVD

HOOPNOTIC HOOPDANCE is beyond fun - while it was once a child's game Rayna McInturf has transformed hula hooping into a sexy low impact cardio routine that is beyond addictive (just ask Beyonce & Gwyneth Paltrow)

The Hoopnotic TravelHoop™ & Hoopnotic Hoopdance Beginning Level 1 DVD

HOOPNOTIC Hooping is beautiful, mesmerizing & awe inspiring. It can be used as a tool for fitness, meditation, or in the playful art of seduction. More than anything else, it is FUN.

HOOPNOTIC TravelHoop Kit

Who Said Hoops Are For Kids?
Check out for info & products!
"Find Yourself in the Hoop®"

HOW YUMMY! The Girls have invaded Marc Jacobs site.... I LIVE

Paul Smith's Tips on How to be Dapper!

Fonzworth Bently can learn a thing or 2 from reknown menswear designer Paul Smith ....Here's some of his "Dapper" tips

Know Thyself Style is not something you can buy. It's nothing to do with money; it's already inside you. Be yourself. Analyse your character, body shape and lifestyle and go from there. The most common mistake men make is when they try to go against these things and wear clothes that don't suit their personality. I very rarely wear a tie, and have always had scruffy long hair with a mind of its own - but that's fine because it suits my character completely!

Suits You A good suit is like a picture frame - it holds you in, pulls everything together and creates elegance by following the line of the body. Every man should have at least one in his wardrobe. Ideally, the top of the sleeve should fit as near as possible to the end of your shoulder, and the middle button be more or less level with your navel. Being fitted for a bespoke suit is an amazing experience, because the cutter can design one that's completely in keeping with your character as well as your body

Find Your Fit Choose a cut that will flatter your physique. If you're short or stocky, don't buy a double-breasted jacket, because it makes you look even more so. Instead, pay attention to the lapel notch - the lower the notch, the longer and leaner the whole jacket will look. A higher notch gives a shorter collar, and is a very popular look at the moment

Breaking Point The 'break' of a trouser - where it hits the top of the shoe - is a personal choice. The leaner of frame can go for an elegant, slim-cut trouser, which looks better worn slightly shorter, breaking on top of the shoe rather than concertina-ing at the hem

Mix and Match It's harder to dress casually and still look stylish, especially with the trend for sloppy polo shirts and cargo pants. But suits today are much more relaxed - dress the whole thing down with scruffy trainers, a ragged belt and white T-shirt, or team the jacket with a pair of jeans. What's brilliant about British style is that it's so free-thinking. Italy is full of well-dressed people, but they all wear exactly the same thing; here we're far more expressive in the way we dress

In the Pink Don't be afraid of pink shirts. Men always think they're too feminine, but women adore them. Pink is one of the best colours for pasty British skin as it warms up the complexion. If you have Mediterranean colouring, or a bit of post-holiday suntan, switch to a mid-tone sea blue for a similar effect

Manners Maketh Man When it comes down to it, I have absolutely no problem with the way anyone dresses at all. Who the hell cares? Being 'well dressed' is as much about a person's behaviour, manners and posture as it is about what they're wearing. Yes, a tailored suit and handmade shoes are beautiful things, but the truly well dressed combine them with other qualities - courtesy, good manners, and knowing when to talk and when to listen
Nina Ricci
Suede platform bootie with sparkle overlay

Narciso Rodriguez
Suede thigh-high boot

Narciso Rodriguez

Leather thigh-high boot

Miu Miu
Leather platform boot with sculpted heel

Miu Miu
Leather lace-up boot
Ankle boot with wood platform
Manolo Blahnik
Posh Pirate boot encrusted with seed pearls
Manolo Blahnik

Our Flat two-tone lace-up boot

Patent leather mid-calf boot
John Galliano

Leather boot with wood heel

Alexander McQueen
Leather triple-tongue ankle boot

Brian Atwood

Ruched leather boot


Leather Button Up boot


Wrap Knee High Boots

Emilio Pucci

Patent Leather Lace Up Boots

Giorgio Armani

Swarovski City Boot


Knee High Boots

Mr. Roberto Cavalli knows a thing or two about nightlife. The cigar-prone designer vows to shake up the Dubai scene with the November opening of his Cavalli Club in the Fairmont Hotel on Sheikh Zaved Road. The club will span two floors, boasting its own private entrance. Expect Swarovski crystalks, black quartz floors, a room showcasing the most exclusive accessories from the Cavalli Maison as well as Italian and sushi restaurants. Of course, there’s a wine bar for Cavalli Selection vin and the Roberto Cavalli vodka…and a place to taste the Cavalli signed chocolates as well as a place for cognac and cigars. And if Dubai’s simply too far to travel? Cavalli will open a new club in Florence by the end of 2008. More are bound to follow.


It has long been commonplace for catwalk models to wear false lashes to waltz down the runway (Dior) but mere mortals are getting into the swing of it now that beauty brands are investing in the trend. Shu Uemura, MAC and Boots all sell lashes, some in singles, some in lines and some with feathers and embellishments that you can have applied for free when you purchase them from the shop (Shu Uemura). Give this trend a go, the lashes open up the eye and change the shape of the face.

Hey Dolls!
Here's my recipe for the LPB Mojito ...
La Petite Blog Mojito

1 ½ oz
Barbancourt Rhum

3 fresh-cut lime wedges

8 fresh-cut mint leaves

1 Tbsp of sugar

2 oz of fresh lime juice

2 oz soda water

Cracked iceSugar cane

In a highball glass, muddle mint leaves, 2 lime wedges, & sugar. Fill glass with cracked ice. Pour in
Barbancourt, lime juice & soda. Stir gently & garnish with a lime wedge & sugar cane.
Marisa Miller is known for her body and ability to look good in borderline invisible attire. But these days, the model, who recently graced the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, is turning her talents to feet. Miller has collaborated with Vans to create the Vans by Marisa Miller high top, slip-on and sandal. Using her surfer girl knowledge, Miller redesigned the brands Classic Slip-On LX and a Sk8-Hi LX. She added a seventies airbrush retro depiction of one of her favorite bluffs on the Santa Cruz shoreline. The sandals bear some of her favorite family beach photos on the sole. The collection, which will retail from $30 to $65, will be available at Vans stores and Urban Outfitters nationwide.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Riccardo Tisci at Givenchy is such a GENIUS combination! Season after Season he delivers strong collections with very wearable pieces.

Kudos to Tisci for featuring models of colors!
Tisci is setting himself with his young, modern, and urban take on chic dressing, punctuated with incisive tailoring and a flair for intense shots of decoration. He's mastered the "Edgy Chic" Look without being ostentaious!
For day, his tailoring alternated between wide-cut, dark khaki pants with luxe bombers and leather jackets and pin-slim long jackets and fitted vests worn over leggings.
Tisci had a theme for Fall—anticipating the trip to Peru he plans to take in August gave way for a rich color scheme, from the tobacco browns of gauchos to the vivid pinks, folkloric alpaca blanket stripes, and patterned knits of Inca culture.
Tisci's floor-grazing, asymmetric jersey dresses with trailing trains and the series of sheer, black Chantilly lace gowns under biker jackets and capes gave the sense of a collection that has a central core.