Monday, January 5, 2009

All Hail The Punk Glamour God

Stephen Sprouse - King of deluxe dishevelment & pioneer of Punk Couture is finally given the recognition he deserves in this insanely brilliant tome The Stephen Sprouse Book by Roger Padilha, Mauricio Padilha (Rizzoli New York).

Europe had Jean-Paul Gaultier & Vivienne Westwood but American fashion had no one until Stephen Sprouse exploded on the scene in a blaze of pop art fluorescence. Stephen Sprouse was THE American fashion designer and artist who in the early 1980's pioneered the decade's revolutionary idea of mixing uptown sophistication with a downtown punk and pop sensibility in clothing. He singled-handed revolutionized fashion!
In this magnum opus the Brothers Padilha thoroughly explores Sprouse's creative legacy, business short-comings and his never-ending love of graffiti, day-glo colors, all-black palettes, mirrored sequins ,high-tech fabrics and Velcro attachments from the people closest to him. From the never-before published images from photographers such as Steven Meisel, Bob Gruen, and Mert & Marcus to his awe-inspiring work & archives this tome covers everything that is SPROUSE.
Truly a Must Have...

(The book will be available with 5 different jackets, - also one will be sold exclusively in Louis Vuitton Shops with the Sprouse LV design - the remaining 4 will each feature a different Day-Glo color, an homage to Sprouse’s iconic album cover for Debbie Harry’s Rockbird.)
The Stephen Sprouse Book
Tama Janowitz (Foreword by)


MONA LISA said...

I pre-ordered my book on this makes book 18 LPB good work

Anonymous said...

sprouse is a genius i brought a piece from kenny valenti a year ago it was 2k worth every penny

kiki said...

sprouse is amazing too bad he died..