Monday, January 5, 2009


Step I
Choose an eyeliner appropriate for your eye color. Brown, navy and charcoal accent light eyes well, while brown and plum shades flatter brown eyes. Make sure your liner complements the color of your shadow.
Step II
Consider the type of look you're after. Pencil eyeliner gives your eyes soft definition, while liquid versions offer precision and drama. You can also moisten dark eye shadow and apply it with a small, flat brush.
Step III
Prepare a cake liner or a dark eye shadow by applying a small amount of water to your brush. Or, if you're using a pencil eyeliner, ensure that you've sharpened the pencil adequately.
Step IV
Move the wet brush gently through your cake liner or dark shadow. Hold the brush or pencil as you would hold a pen.
Step V
Tilt your head back slightly and bring your eyes to a half-open state. This creates a good angle for application, while allowing you to see what you're doing.
Step VI
Draw a line across the upper lid just above the lashes, from the inside corner to the outside corner of the eye. If you're using liquid liner, allow it to dry before opening your eyes all the way, or the color may transfer into the crease of your eye.
Step VII
If you used a brush or a pencil, soften the look by gently smudging the line with your brush, a cotton swab or your finger.
Line the lower lids. Moving from the outside edge inward, draw a line on the outer two-thirds of the lid or more, depending on the look you're going for. Your line should be slightly thicker at the outside corner, becoming thinner as it moves in toward your nose. Using your brush or pencil, lightly stroke the area. If using a liquid liner, apply it in one smooth stroke. Apply less color so your eyes don't appear raccoon like.