Thursday, January 1, 2009

Re-Inventing You : Make 2009 Your Year!

Happy New Year Dolls! 2009 should be the year you remember as your year. Here are some simple New Year’s Resolutions that can help you be as beautiful as you’ve always wanted.

Wash your face daily. Who wants to start off the year with a dull uneven complexion? With Rx for Brown Skin's Bright and Even Regimen Set you can brighten your lackluster complexion instantly! The range of brightening products in this kit lift off dirt, debris, and environmental pollutants to uncover radiant skin, even skin tone and gently exfoliate to remove dead layers of skin without irritation. This kit is an absolute MUST for your 'New Year, New You' arsenal!

Rx for Brown Skin's Bright and Even Regimen Set ($75 Value)

Price: $55.00

The four-piece kit contains a 3 oz Bright & Even Exfoliating Cleanser, 3 oz Bright & Even Exfoliating Toner, 1 oz Bright & Even Exfoliating Moisturizer, and a 1.5 oz Naturally Flawless Advanced Botanical Brightener.


Multi-task. Hydration is always an important step to keeping healthy looking skin. However, when you drink water daily you get a specially formulated dose of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants designed to amplify your ability to showcase your naturally beautiful skin!

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Appreciate your naked beauty. Ladies (& Gents too) you have 1 & only 1 body to love and if you are currently unhappy with your appearance we recommend 2 things: #1 Get completely naked and appreciate your body for giving you life and mobility! Now if you don't like the reflection of your God-Given Wonderland we then suggest #2 Get thy hands on 7 DAY PRESCRIPTION DVD by David Kirsh. This 7-set DVD pack will transform your body to epic proportions! The set is designed to be done 7 days a week - each DVD features seven different body-sculpting workouts to energize your body, clear your mind and cleanse your soul! If there was any investment to be made this year 7 DAY PRESCRIPTION DVD is surely it!
4’6” resistance tubing and door anchor included.
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Initiating any of these simple resolutions will advance your 2009 goal to be the year that you feel and look your best inside and out - from head to toe.

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