Tuesday, January 6, 2009


We all love the Winter, but everyone knows, with the Winter season, comes weather! Yes we all love a bit of snow, however, when it comes to rain, sleet, wind and hailstone, we suddenly remember, that staying chic during the season isn’t so fun! How on earth are we supposed to stay glamorous? Especially when your casual yet neat up do has been blown all out of proportion and is sticking to your lip gloss, your coat is buttoned so high, you cant see your new leopard print neck scarf and your Ugg boots are on the soggy side…well ladies, we are here to help you!... Enjoy

WEDGEWELLYS' top 10 style tips to stay chic when the weather’s bleak…!
By Laura (a.k.a. The CREATIVE One)

10 WedgeWellys
These are your biggest must haves this winter, with high end fashion prints and a glamorous wedge to give you extra height and comfort, these fantastic wellies will keep you dry and enviable. Get them at
wedgewelly.co.uk for just $40.!

(* LPB note: these boots are so chic you can wear it all day! Wear it with your A-Line Sweater Dress & tights for a cute day time look)

9 The Coat
Make sure you have the most stylish up to date trench or duffel coat. The more flamboyant the better, this winter it is all about bold colours so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

Wild Thing Wellies

8 The Hat
This is an absolute must!...it will protect your hair and will look like you know what you’re doing. You can grab these from any high street shop but make sure you get a colour to match your coat.

7 Oversized Bag
ALWAYS. You will need to fit all of your essentials in when you’re off on your marathon shop. Wallet, phone, water, gloves...the list just goes on and on.

6 Your Umbrella
Get a funky umbrella which will fit in your bag and keep you looking glamorous when the rain starts to fall. Spend no less then $10 on this as you don’t want to be blown down the high street with your spokes in the air!

5 The Scarf
The bigger the better. One that you can wrap around your neck at least once and leave on the outside of your coat to show off your latest purchase. Animal prints are very poplar this winter.

4 The Jeans
Skinny or straight leg is the way forward so you can tuck them in your boots/wellies; however, if these are not your fave choice, boot leg is just as good with the right boot.

The Jumper
Not too thick as you will be hot when you shop but something to give your arms that extra warmth. Topshop do some classics.

2 Leather Gloves
Gloves are essential. They will keep your hands warm while you are clutching onto your 'it bag' and give you a sense of fashionistic importance. Leather is a good choice and you can pick them up in any department store.

1 The Lip Gloss
You know you can’t go anywhere without this. Pick a neutral color leaving your lips luscious

WedgeWelly, the 'Rolls Royce' of Wellington Boots is making a splash as the latest 'it' in footwear. Contrived by 4 fabulously creative & innovative individuals (Mike, Sarah, Laura, and Mark) WedgeWelly is fast becoming a favorite with many celebrities, in addition to being championed by leading fashion gurus.
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