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Lisa Logan
Celebrity Manicurist

New York celebrity manicurist Lisa Logan began her career over 12 years ago, and has built a reputation among her A-list clients for staying ahead of the curve and finding the hottest new trends in nail fashion. Among her celebrity clients are Beyoncé, Charlize Theron, Eva Mendez, Anne Hathaway, Eve, Jay-Z and Sean “Diddy” Combs, as well as designer extraordinaire Roberto Cavalli. Lisa’s work has graced the covers of magazines such as GQ, InStyle, Vanity Fair and Vogue. She has worked on campaign ads for labels such as Cover Girl, House of Dereon, L’Oreal, and MAC.

Most recently, Lisa has introduced the new nail fashion, Minx, to her celebrity clientele where it has caught on like wildfire. Unlike nail polish, Minx is a flexible film nail fashion that is applied with heat and pressure, and it is available in rock star metallics, graphics and designs.
We asked Lisa to share with us some of the tips and trends that she uses daily as one of the country’s top celebrity manicurists who has kept on top of the nail fashion game.


1. Moisturizer is truly important! Moisturize your hands and cuticles as often as you can, especially after washing your hands. My favorite moisturizer is Avoplex by OPI, which you can use every day, and I also like Solid Gold by Qtica, which is great for keeping your cuticles moisturized while you are wearing Minx. Don’t worry about ruining your Minx manicure – moisturizer won’t penetrate your Minx but it will keep your hands soft.

2. Figure out what your most flattering nail shape is, and stick to it. I highly recommend the “Squoval” shape, which is a slightly square oval shape. Don’t let someone talk you into square nails – they will make your fingers look stubby no matter who you are, and you’ll likely end up in the emergency ward after scratching yourself on the corners.
3. Try to use a crystal file or a fine grit file to shape your nails. When the grit is too high, the file will end up shredding your nail and the final look will be rough instead of clean.

4. Before applying Minx to my clients, I make sure the nails are clean and polish-free, and then I soak a lint-free pad in rubbing alcohol and swipe it across the nails, followed by wiping the nail dry with a clean and dry pad. Rubbing alcohol removes any debris or oils from the nail surface, and ensures that Minx will seal tightly and firmly to the nail.

5. Remember that heat is your friend! Always heat the Minx templates and heat your client’s hand under the Minx heat lamp while you are applying Minx.

Solange Knowles with Minx Nail Fashion by Lisa Logan
6. Be daring, be wild, and extend your fashion to your fingertips! Minx comes in a wide array of styles, but it’s the metallic colors and designs that will bring out your inner rock star. My absolute favorites are the Black & Silver Lightning, Hounds tooth, Golden Lightning, and the Silver, Gold & Black Weave. I recently did Anne Hathaway’s nails, and she especially loved the Nativity Scene that Minx has introduced for the holidays.

7. Treat your nails well! It takes your nails a long time to grow out. It may be tempting, but don’t use your nails to scratch off stickers or price tags. You will ruin your nails, and your Minx manicure while you are at it! The worse transgression I ever saw was when my client was very impatient to dry her nails, and she was getting closer and closer to the nail dryer until she lost her balance and squashed her nail against the nail dryer grid, and ended up with a waffle design on her fingers! Thank goodness Minx doesn’t require drying time – you put it on and run out the door!
Beyonce Knowles Cadillac Records Premiere- Minx Nails by Lisa Logan

8. For those of you who want to increase your nail length but haven’t had luck, you may be pleasantly surprised by this little benefit to wearing Minx. My daughter bites her nails and has never had any length, but since I’ve started to put Minx on her, her nails have started to grow out! She’s so thrilled, and when it’s time for a new set of Minx, she will start to panic and say “Quick, Mom! Put on another set before my nails break off!”

9. Don’t hate me because I have to hop on a private jet and fly off with my client to the Bahamas! For those quick trips, I always used to make sure that I had quick-dry products and a fan, because you know everything is going to be rushed. However, now that I use Minx, I don’t need to worry about drying time so I use the room in my luggage to pack a couple extra bikinis!

10. A final tip for being a true celebrity/rock star… if it’s a special night and your outfit demands a strappy, sexy high heel, DO IT! Step out in open-toed shoes with an awesome pedicure, even if your boyfriend has to carry you over the snowbanks on his back!!!
For more information on Lisa Logan, visit nextmodels.com
For more information on MINX Nails, visit minxnails.com
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Thank for the tips, but I don't know what flying off to the Bahamas had to do with quick-drying nails.

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Hi Lisa,

I have just started using Minx's and I am having trouble with the manicure portion. I have done what they have said, but after I finish I have a lot of shrinkish.I can't get my edges smooth, and I use the crystal file, but it only lasts a day or so. Can you help me?

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