Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm in Love....

While there are legions of devotees to Miuccia Prada - I for one am not. Yes, I live for the Miu Miu footwear/accessories collection every season but I usually bypass the Prada collection ... However this season the Dame of ultra modernism has brought fourth an Autumn/Winter Collection that is so chic, sleek and to die for I was compelled with you all to share my fave looks...
With a bold mix of Wool, Fur and Kinky Wellies the Autumn/Winter Prada collection was a shoe stopper!
PETA be damned with this fur assemble .....
This collection called to the 40's for inspiration - the box jackets to the severe silhouettes were absolutely stunning...
I NEED the tweedy tailoring, fur, paillette embroidery, and most importantly the Wellies in my life for Fall!
While the coats and suits were major standouts in the collection I'm head over heels for the shorts - so chic!
What's your fave looks from the collection?

LPB Can't Live Without...

Necessary Extravagance.....
Insane Cocktail Rings by Bounkit- really must I go on?


Vital Beauty Products.........

Emjoi After Epilation Cream is a total must after my in-home hair removal treatments. Packed with Aloe and Vitamin E - it moisturizes and aids in stopping (yes Ladies) hair from growing in some unwanted areas! Super size it please....
Tarte's The ToolBox Brow Know-How EyeBrow Kit - this mini kit contains all the tools needed for head-turning eyebrows at the new wallet friendly price of $18 how can you go wrong?

BrushLab's Trihandle Large Round Ceramic Brush - Dolls, I'm all about luscious voluminous locks and with this tool made from the Beauty Gods you can have an immaculate mane too!

Can't Put Down........
The A-List: Hollywood Royalty #1 (Poppy) - You will not be able to pull this salacious page turner down the moment you open it! Filled with lust, deceit and the very present red carpet - you will be addicted to the latest book series from Zoey Dean.....

HOPE Soap by KALAstyle - This multi-tasking cleanser completely removes dirt, oil and everyday debris in one simple step. The lovely anecdote on the bar will leave a smile on your face and your skin feeling clean and comfortably balanced.

Simply Satina Matte Pink Compact Mirror - There's nothing cheap about this insanely luxe, lightweight compact mirror by Simply Satina - I refuse to leave home without my wallet friendly stunner!!!!

Signature Rolling Weekender Bag by Maxx New York - A girl can dream can't she? This super luxe Weekend Bag is everything I want for those naughty little spring getaways! Starting tomorrow you can get your hands on this petite wonder and tons of other stunners at Maxx New York's Annual Spring Sample Sale!

Until Next time ...


Tips from Manhattan’s Premiere Celebrity Smile Designers,

Dr. Jeff-Golub-Evans and Dr. Emanuel Layliev

“A gorgeous grin is a great investment, it’s the hottest fashion accessory,” says Dr. Golub-Evans, and in-office bleaching treatments are faster and more painless than ever.”

EAT THIS: Fiber-rich apples, carrots and celery combine with saliva to exfoliate surface stains and act as natural “detergents” for teeth.” Greens like spinach, lettuce and broccoli create a clear film on teeth that acts as a barrier against darkening.

SKIP THIS: Try to avoid food and drinks that stain teeth like red wine, dark sodas, black coffee to prolong your bleaching treatment. As a rule of thumb, foods and drinks that will stain a white t-shirt will do the same to teeth.

WEAR THIS: Berry colored lipsticks with blue undertones and bronzers that look more brown than gold make smiles appear whiter. Avoid orange and gold clothing; they can bring out yellowish tones in teeth.

TRY THIS: If you’re on the go and you’ve only got 1 minute, swish water around in your mouth after drinking coffee or soda, even this will help ward off stains until your next brushing.

Dr. Emanuel Layliev

Dr. Emanuel Layliev combines an extraordinary eye for aesthetic perfection with a devotion to compassionate gentle dental are. As a Director of the New York Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Layliev brings his knowledge of cosmetic and restorative dentistry and close attention to detail to produce the finest possible treatments for a wide array of dental problems. He is President-Elect of the New York Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and is a Fellow of the International Academy of Dental Facial Esthetics.

Dr. Layliev's esthetic excellence can be seen on many celebrity smiles, including football's Tom Brady, Top Chef's Padma Lakshmi, soap star Michelle Ray Smith, What Not to Wear's Clinton Kelly, and baseball's Jorge Posada.

Dr. Jeff Golub-Evans

Hailed as the “Gurr of Cosmetic Dentistry” by Vogue, Dr. Golub-Evans is considered one of the premier smile designers in the country. Using bonding, bleaching, porcelain laminates, crowns and his pioneering work in smile design, Dr. Golub-Evans has created smiles that appeared on the covers of over 300 fasihon and beauty magazines including: COSMPOLITAN, SHAPE, GLAMOUR, VOGUE, GQ, BAZAAR, SELF, HEALTH, ALLURE, SEVENTEEN and many more. His smile creations can be seen on numerous leading actors, models, and rock stars including Kim Cattrall, Bridget Moynahan, Hugh Jackman, and Usher.

Dr. Golub-Evans is the Director of Cosmetic Services for New York University’s Center for Continuing Dental Education, and is a past president of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. His Manhattan based practice, the New York Center for Cosmetic Dentistry (www.nyccd.com) is hailed by New York Magazine as “Best for Teeth Whitening” in 2006, and was named “Top Cosmetic Dentist in America” by Details magazine in 2007.

For more information on Dr. Jeff-Golub-Evans & Dr. Emanuel Layliev

Check Out www.nyccd.com

Monday, March 16, 2009

Recharge Your Style!

No matter what your budget is - this is the time to try something different - like our new favorite 'it' accessories...
Wear a one of a kind statement necklace like the Silver Bead Necklace by Nicole Romano, $365 - this bold and striking piece will liven any look from day to night.

Silver Bead Necklace
by Nicole Romano


Design your very own "It" handbag with B's Purses - the innovative site gives you the tools to design everything from a clutch to a full on glam fab tote all at the comfort of your home. For handbag aficionados you can even start a career with B's Purses.

For more information check out www.BsPurses.com

Try a Tinted Mascara if you have blue or green eyes, try a subtle purple tone. For brown eyes, go with a navy or dark green. Dolls, you will be amazed at the difference!

Invest in a perfect pair of flats with all the mega heels going down the runways and out the boutiques wearing an amazing flat will do your wardrobe (and back) a nice subtle change.

Learn a new way to tie your scarf get a hit of quick sophistication by knotting the fabric behind your neck and letting it drape in front....

Light Up Your Lips With Big Bang Theory!

Enchant, Enamor, Enthrall: Be the life of the party with the ultimate in Lip Gloss by the Lipstick Queen herself Poppy King! The Big Bang Theory the decadent collection of eight illusion glosses that will have your lips moisturize and sparkling like champagne. The colors are rich, non sticky and semi-sheer - added bonus you can go up to two hours without re-applying (Ask any gloss junkie - that's a BIG deal) At $20 dollars it's a well worth splurge.

Runway Dreams & Photography Wishes

With Project Runway, American's Next Top Model and Make Me A SuperModel it's quite evident there's legions of guys & dolls who dream of grandeur on and off the runway. While it's clear there's millions who will try their hand at reality t.v. to get there big break there's a select few who would rather do it the old fashion way with guts, brain and glory - a.k.a schelping until you make it! For those we've come up with some vital tools to get your career in Fashion Design, Modeling and Photography underway -

The Ultimate Source of Beauty, and Model Behavior
by J.E. Bright
Universe Publishing

Wanna walk the runway & dominate the fashion world with your savior faire and beyond FIERCE-ness? Get your hands on AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL FIERCE GUIDE TO LIFE : The Ultimate Source of Beauty, and Model Behavior (universe). Filled with enough resources, info and how-to's about beauty, nutrition, fashion do's and don't you even think about it - you will literally be unstoppable in your pursuit to becoming the next Kate Moss!

Textile Designers at the Cutting Edge
by Bradley Quinn
Laurence King Publishing

This informative & thoughtful analysis on textile design is a must for wanton fashion aficionados in the making. The colorful confection is filled with a plethora of textile designers and their contact information so if you're ready & eager an internship with some of these leading designers may just be in your horizon!

Textile Designers at the Cutting Edge
by Bradley Quinn
Laurence King Publishing

Available at: ChronicleBooks.com, Barnes&Noble.com, Amazon.com

A Complete Guide To The Tools And Techniques Of The Trade
by Bruce Smith
Amphoto Books

Presented and written by a leading fashion photographer, Bruce Smith and serving as a practical self teaching course, this phenomenal book offers a series of tutorials designed to build a budding fashion photographer's experience and get started on a rewarding once in a lifetime career. It's a tome even the experience photographer should have!

A Complete Guide To The Tools And Techniques Of The Trade
by Bruce Smith
Amphoto Books

In Love: 'IT' Jewelry

The season’s most forceful fashion builds on bold accessories - here's a few stunners we NEED in our wardrobe stat! The bold & beautiful earrings at Issa
Pairing the a statement necklace with earring can be tricky but like the models at the Issa S/S 2009 rtw show the hair was pulled back to emphasize the jewelry ...

The tribal influence at the Louis Vuitton show did not go unnoticed! The pieces of metal, wood and velvet were absolutely fabulous...

Who wouldn't want a pair of show-stopping earring like those?

The jewelry at Issa was lightweight and fun - perfect for the upcoming spring/summer season!
A jangly stack of bracelets says flirty fun, but bangles of substance (like the ones at La Perla & John Galliano) delivers pure drama!
Stacked bangles make a bold and daring statement at La Perla S/S 2009 rtw show...
Made of exotic materials like obsidian, crushed amber, buffalo horn and rare jewels these sculptural pieces lends a sophisticated twist to any wrist (as show on the Galliano runway)!

When it comes to jewelry you can adorn pretty much anything and why not your waist? This jewel encrusted belt from Iradj Moini is so beautiful you will want to wear it everyday!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jonathan Saunders goes for gold with Pollini A/W 09 RTW Collection

Jonathan Saunders has now had a chance to get his feet under the table at Pollini. Last season, he said he'd only had a couple of weeks to prepare his debut show, and this season proved that he's working out what the identity of a house that has its origins in traditional Italian footwear might be.
He took a couple of Pollini heritage products—its riding boots and a baroque-print silk scarf—as a starting point for a small collection that brought some of the energy of London design to the Milan runway.
Equestrian-themed jackets caught the big-shouldered silhouette of the moment, paired with surreal-heeled suede and leather riding-boot derivatives.
Best were Saunders' cute interpretations of the scarf motif—curlicued scrolls used on little silk print dresses or cut out and appliquéd on cashmere shifts—evidence of his talent as a textile designer.
The clean looks with the vibrant colors were really refreshing these seasons especially after so much darkness...
Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear


Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear


Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear


Needs No Introduction...

Dolls, I must admit that every season I literally go crazy for the footwear at the Galliano show.. This season he sent the models down the runway with platform confections so beautiful I'm left speechless.... Here's a fest for your eyes

tsk, tsk...

A couple of months ago someone from Donatella Versace's camp made a statement pretty much saying that they will not lower prices or launch a fusion line because their clients can afford the outlandish prices even in these economic times....that's fine but can the House of Versace not re-do past collections season after season?