Monday, March 2, 2009

At it's Finest!

From neo-baroque to pin-up these gorgeous tomes are visual tour de forces- art truly at it's best....
This large-scale monograph of Harvey Dinnerstein's work captures the New York City experience - it's deluxe format with it's vivid images heightens the cultural impact of urban life! Underground Together (chronicle books) is the definitive book on New York.

Alberto Vargas celebrates the innovative, sophisticated style and rich artistry of pin up legend Alberto Vargas. Reid Stewart Austin has created a beautiful and inspiring monograph of the mastermind's work. The gorgeous images and Vargas history packed in this awe-inspiring book will make you convent a piece of this visionary art! Alberto Vargas (Bulfinch) is an extraordinary glimpse into the rich history of pin-up Vargas Style.

Ryan McGinness is ahead of his time! From his recent installations, sculptures, paintings and pieces featured in this brilliant retrospective - you will discover the genius that is McGinness. This definitive collection of Ryan McGinness Works. (Rizzoli New York) technicolor wizardry will leave you speechless - wanting more!

For some Bert Grimm, Amund Dietzel and Percy Waters are in the same echelons as Matisse, Dali and Warhol in some respects they are - In Vintage Tattoos (universe) you will be intrigued, shocked and titillated by the fascinating visual journey of the art of tattoos from the 1800s to the 1950's. Vintage Tattoos delivers a enlightening commentary on one of the worlds oldest art form. Page after page you will be captivated by the witty, erotic, and surreal body of work from the masters of tattoos.