Monday, June 15, 2009


The relationship between fashion and interior design has all the tension of a hot & heavy courtship between well matched lovers. Both interior and fashion design have danced around each other, making the necessities of clothing and shelter into an art form. The two disciplines continued to inspire, intrigue and mirror the every changing styles of the moment and this Spring, Publishing maestros Yale, Rizzoli, Universe, Flammarion, Skira and Merrell - respectfully has managed to yoke Fashion and Interior Design in some insanely chic tomes!

Thomas Hope
Regency Designer

by David Watkin
Yale University Press

The classical elegance of the Regency period in England is considered one of the most sophisticated and refined moments in design history, now with the newly released tome THOMAS HOPE: Regency Designer (Yale University Press) showcases one of the most sumptuous and creative epochs in English art, architecture, and decoration. THOMAS HOPE is a gorgeous photographic odyssey through the renowned designer and patron’s illustrious history. This is a captivating visual experience for historians, decorators, and art lovers alike.

European design, like much of European culture, perennially oscillates between populism and elitism, between the rich historical beauty and the fusion of different ethnic groups to the elusive exclusivity of the Royal's. This book traces the development of European design from the "armory practice" of early European machinists through mid-century "design for modern living" to the branded, consumer-oriented, high fashion design of the present day, including work by Phillippe Starck, Garouste & Bonetti and Ronan Bouroullec, among many others. R.Craig Miller's lively introduction provides an overview of the decadent European design culture, while the rich essay by Catherine McDermott illuminates the masterpieces of European design that are superbly captured in this rich volume.

by Diane Dorrans Saeks

Rizzoli New York

The name Orlando Diaz-Azcuy is synonymous for bravura minimalism and in the eponymous tome ORLANDO DIAZ-AZCUY (Rizzoli New York) you will be blow away by the first minimalist luminary who integrated architecture, interior design and artistry with such harmony you will be speechless (and a little envious your abode wasn't design by Diaz-Azcuy). Filled with iconic images of Diaz-Azcuy work you will be elated to have this masterpiece in your home!

by Tiffany Godoy and Ivan Vartanian

If Hello Kitty married Marilyn Manson JAPANESE GOTH (universe) would be the love child- dark, romantic at at times bizarre Gothic Lolita subculture reigns supreme in Japan's Harajuku district. This trendsetting fashion, art and gothic lifestyle is artfully explored with great details you will think you are in Tokyo!

France is the world's style mecca and Christiane de Nicolay-Mazery has scoured the hexagon to showcase the rich interior designs that epitomize French style. In FRENCH INTERIORS (Flammarion) the handsome volume showcases French savoir faire through the centuries. With 9 stunning chapters you will be enthralled by the exquisitely detailed tome that truly delivers the ground breaking style that only the French can do!

Salvatore Ferragamo
by Stefania Ricci, Wanda Ferragamo, Samuel Kung

Celebrating 80 years of luxe - Salvatore Ferragamo: EVOLVING LEGEND 1928-2008 (Skira) is a must-have to all fashionistas and lovers of the world-renown band. Jam packed with sketches, photographs and images that spans a lifetime (literally) this tome is a MUST!

Salvatore Ferragamo
by Stefania Ricci, Wanda Ferragamo, Samuel Kung

Rizzoli New York,, Barnes&