Monday, March 2, 2009

Transitional Beauty

How does one treat your skin during mid-season? Every year we are faced with the same dilemma, what are the best products for your skin when it's no longer winter, but not quite yet spring? Fear not dolls- we've found some ultra rich products that will moisture, hydrate and treat your skin, lips and hair during the seasonal transition....
Mystic Tan
Perfect Tan Kit - BODY

Not all tans have to scream weekend in St. Barts (especially since you haven't left the city all season). Mystic Tan Perfect Tan Kit - Body deposits a shear, believable veil of color that won't overwhelm the palest complexions or under-perform for the darkest!

Mystic Tan
Perfect Tan Kit - BODY
$54 &

The secret behind head turning hair through all the seasons Warren-Tricomi PROTECT Organic Hair Sheild, this moisture packed mist gives hair the ultimate protection against environmental damage. Before blow-drying your hair spray your mane with this beauty serum - making your locks invincible!

body glow

's skin-brightening body glow is amazing! With just a few whiffs your skin will be hydrated and the compliments on your radiance will be pouring in...

Kai Fragrance
body glow

Hydrate lips with the ultra rich Beauty Rehab Rose Salve Lip Balm - it will instantly smooth rough patches, leave your lips super soft and we've even noticed the balm works well on your cuticles too!

This luxuriously rich yet light weight body cream makes skin so smooth you'll want a lifetime supply!

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