Thursday, April 2, 2009

Beauty Rx

There's nothing we like better then playing amateur dermatologist- here's what we'll be prescribing to all our friends!
BeautyRx: Emjoi Emagine

Cure For: Hair Removal

The Scoop: With double heads & 72 tweezers discs the Emjoi Emagine us the ultimate when it comes to epilators. The Emagine weakens follicles so hair grows in sparser and thinner. You can see results after 3 at-home treatments.

Cost: Emjoi Emagine retails for $119.95 going to a pro takes at least six visits at $100 - $1000 each - it's an investment ladies!

Ouch Factor & Risks: Some mild discomfort but it's best to prep your skin with a full body exfoliate to loosen the skin....

BeautyRx: Pure Radiance Mask with Cherry Pit Oil by Renee Rouleau

Cure For: Dry, Rough, Sluggish Skin

The Scoop: Luxuriate your flaky, dull skin with the Pure Radiance Mask loaded with cherry pit oil, shea butter, green tea and soybean feels like cool silk on your skin and moisturizes instantly you will be luminous in no time.

Cost: Pure Radiance Mask with Cherry Pit Oil retails for $60.50

Ouch Factor & Risks: Little to none - the products are formulated by renown esthetician Renee Rouleau and with more then 20 years of experience her products are void of harsh ingredients.

BeautyRx: ANSR

Cure For: Acne

The Scoop: This handheld LED with it's accompany cleanser, AM & PM treatment treats and revitalize even the worse case of acne prove skin. The combination of the pulse light treatment and the parabeen free cleanser (don't forget to follow with the AM & PM regime) clears complexions to perfection.

Cost: ANSR retails for $185 - compared with $150 - $250 per session for the recommended in-office treatments this is a BeautyRx steal!

Ouch Factor & Risks: None- if you're prone to cold sores - light therapy could trigger an outbreak.

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