Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bring on the Sun

There’s no time like gloomy weather to convent the warm weather of the summer months! We’ve decided to transform our LPB studio to a summer wonder with….
A decadent day of sunbathing may be weeks away but with Eric Fischl: Beach Paintings (Rizzoli, New York) you will be entranced by the brilliant monograph of one of America’s foremost painters – With vibrant colors and immaculate details you will be captured by the vibrancy of Fischl’s work with or without the beautiful summer days.

Kai Skylight Candle

Here at LPB we are firm believers that candles create an instant atmosphere and what better way to transform our cold winter studio to a tropical oasis then Kai’s Skylight Candle – the fragrant votive fills the studio with an intoxicating aroma of summer at it’s best….

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