Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Forget all the hype- celebrities, designer clothes & an endless bank account doesn't equate to true happiness (although you'll have an amazing closet but that's neither here nor there). Being the Best You starts from within and we've asked legions of LPB readers to chime in on what it takes for true happiness....Enjoy

8 Closed Mouths Don't Get Fed!
Don't be afraid to go after a job, man or anything under the sun for the fear of rejection. You can't die from a "no".
7 Compliment Yourself
No one will ever love & adore you like yourself! Appreciate all the things that make you essentially you
6 Outlaw The Negative
All negative thoughts & comments will just make you a sour puss & who wants to be around that?
5 Live It, Speak It, Breath It!
It's cliche but affirmations, meditations & prayers make a difference.
4 Smile Even When No One Is Looking
It's been proven- smiling makes for a happy beautiful life - that's priceless.
3.5 Leave Judgements To The Supreme Court
Judging yourself or someone else is physically & mentally draining - leave those thoughts at the door.
3 Free Yourself of Other People's Insipid Judgements & Ideologies
The moment you stop caring what other people think & except yourself flaws & all - you will know what happiness truly means
2 It's Okay To Cry & Have A Fit
Sometimes it feels good to cry yourself a river...just apply eye cream when done Ladies!
1 Be Your Own BFF
If there's anyone whose been with you through this whirlwind called LIFE it's yourself -so nurture that loving relationship and don't be afraid to put yourself 1st!

Thank you LPB Dolls for the great advice - let's live it!
Cheers :)

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