Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Beauty According to VOX

Vanessa Gulino, Creator of Vox Cosmetics explains why simplicity is key when it comes to beauty!
Brushes are an after thought for most women but are the most important part of the makeup application. There are 5 brushes V wants to suggest that will make your makeup application fast, easy and beautiful.
This brush is extremely important to a flawless face & your makeup bag is the powder brush. The Vox Powder Brush 1 is made from very soft natural bristles that set your foundation and concealer for longer lasting makeup.

Foundation Brush 4
Having a great foundation brush is a must have in your makeup bag. The Vox Foundation Brush 4 applies foundation seamlessly to create a beautiful face.
Three of my most favorite and probably most valuable brushes in my makeup bag are my Vox Blending Crease Brush 6, Tapered Shader Brush 10 & Brow Brush 14.

The Vox Blending Crease Brush 6 is a must, must, must, must. This brush creates a soft beautiful crease. If you can see the demarcation of colors then you haven’t blended enough. Keep blending!

The Vox Tapered Shader Brush 10 is a great brush that deposits shadow on the lower lid while creating an outline of the crease. You can also use it to deposit a highlighter on the inner corner to give a pop to your eyes.

The Vox Brow Brush 14 is the brush I never leave home without. It’s a multi purpose brush. I use this brush to fill in the brows to create a nice seamless look. Using a brow brush and shadow is a better method to fill in the brows. You can manipulate how much product is used on that area as well as how soft or dramatic you want it to look. The other function of the brush is used as eyeliner. The angle of the brush can create a beautiful liner on the lash line.
There you have it, 5 important brushes makeup artist Vanessa from Vox Cosmetics thinks you should most definitely have in your makeup bag.
For more tips on looking your ultimate best and to get your hands on these superior brushes log on to www.voxcosmetics.com

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