Thursday, May 21, 2009

Behind the Scenes Beauty Volume I

Dozens of easy, innovative moves for younger looking hands; soft, shiny hair; and skin that glows!
Follow these tips to smooth, moisturize & prevent wrinkles.

*Use Soap Selectively *
To keep skin soft, use soap only on select areas – your face, underarms, feet, groin & buttocks.
Rinsing with water is enough to get other spots clean & prevent you from unnecessarily stripping skin on its natural oils.

*Clean a Wet Face*
Use cleanser – especially foaming or gel types on damp skin.

This non drying cleanser helps clarify skin and removes surface impurities. Using cleanser on damp skin instead of dry skin prevents irritation.

*Mist up Midday*
Refresh parched skin with a spritz of a facial mist on your bare skin – just be sure to apply moisturizer after to seal in the added hydration.

This luxurious mist hydrates the skin and aids to minimize enlarged pores. You skin will have a dewy, youthful glow.

Restore shine, bounce, & softness
*Shampoo Just Your Scalp*
Hair is dirtiest at the scalp and the sudsy runoff is enough to clean your locks without stripping its natural sheen.
The ultra creamy shampoo nourishes, revitalizes and cleans your scalp and hair like never before- the 100% vegan product surpasses anything we’ve used thus far!
*Condition Only the Ends*
It’s a more that keeps roots from falling flat.

The perfect follow up to accompany pureology’s AntiFade Complex Shampoo – the Hair Condition is light weight, hydrating and doesn’t leave your hair limp (limp hair especially at the crown can give you a haggard, older appearance and we don’t what that right ladies!)
Give your hands an instant boost!

*Remove Polish Safely*
Massage a drop of hand cream or cuticle oil into the skin around your nail beds before removing polish to keep them healthy.

Both products nourish the nails & cuticles so you’ll have the most beautiful, subtle and gleaming pair of hands around!

While we would love to divulge all our secrets we simply don’t have the time! Be sure to check back for more Behind the Scenes Series to come…

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