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Leading Floral Designer Lynn Jawitz of FLORISAN is hailed as an artistic visionary whose ability, uniquely creative talents & outstanding reputation has made her a tremendous success in the lifestyle/floral arena. Lynn has created a name for herself & her company FLORISAN by taking her passion for designing spectacular floral arrangements, bouquets - etc. and transforming it into an experience; the FLORISAN Lifestyle. Here she shares her top secret tips - a must for flower lovers or those looking to get into Floral Design...

Put water in sparkling clean vases
Flower food powder is put into the water
Quick dip (makes flowers take up water) liquid solution is put into a bowl
Flower bunch is unwrapped
Leaves are removed from any part of stem that will go under water
Bottom of stems are cut

Bunch is placed for a few seconds in the Quick Dip

Bunch is placed into water at room temperature for conditioning

Hours later flowers are placed into refrigerator( flowers are like kids, each variety has their own likes and dislikes, so we have to know that one flower likes the cold, the other never goes into the cold)
Flowers are arranged, (if arranged in foam, container with foam securely taped had to have been done ahead of time) misted and placed back in refrigerator, often covered to make sure that no moisture is lost

Flowers are ready for delivery and are then sprayed with a preservative "hair spray" type sealant that prevents moisture from escaping from the petals.
Flowers are then wrapped as prettily as we can wrap them in our signature paper, cards and ribbons attached and off it goes in our air conditioned truck with a separate air conditioning zone/unit especially for the flowers' comfort for delivery as a gift, or for unloading and placing precisely where they are supposed to be placed at a wedding.
For bouquets, we then remind the bride and bridesmaids exactly how to carry their bouquets to make for the best photos from their photographer
We pin on corsages and boutonierres, tie on pew bows etc.
After the wedding, we try to get as much mileage out of the flowers as possibly, so we often re-use the ceremony flowers during the reception, and cocktail hour centerpieces to decorate cake tables etc. After we do any flower moving, we go home!

Lynn Jawitz of Florisan, LLC, is creating a whole new Garden of Eden for the world to see, one impeccably arranged bouquet at a time. More than a florist in the traditional sense, Lynn is a floral architect combining the best of English and Dutch traditional designs to create a lush wonderland of floral fantasy. She continuously exceeds the expected with an unmatched level of inspiration, imagination, and innovation to create the latest trends in Floral Design.
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