Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Short List

The 5 Things we're ready to splurge on this month!
Petite, and super sparkling this hydrating high shine lip glosses goes from day to date so you'll always be chic!


An heirloom worthy cuff, but you won't have to fight your family members for it!
From accordion pleats to medici collars and beyond, this dictionary is a reference book for the fashion forward crowd. Hundreds of concise and informative entries, the universe of fashion from the mid-18th century to today is fully documented with great detail. With dozens of illustrations the petite tome of style is a MUST-HAVE solid reference for readers & fashionistas interested in the rich history of fashion.
Who said toys are for kids? This fun indoor toy wonder will be an added treat at my office/stylist studio/showroom! The Tinker Bell™ Vertical Flyer is crash-resistant, so there's no need to worry about chandeliers getting destroyed or mirrors getting scuff! The insanely chic flyer will surely entertain the many fairies already inhabiting the LPB headquarters!
At first glance it's a darling little purse - but when your get into all the beautiful detail you are completely enamoured with this arm candy!

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