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Create Beautiful Arrangements with Objects Around the House

Flowers are on my mind at the moment and for good reason. From the intoxicating arrangements at the latest event to the beautiful Orchids my sisters and I gave our mother this past holiday I am on a mission to decorate my home, office/studio with smart (and wallet friendly) decorative designs sure to lift my rooms out of the non-floral doldrums! With the help of Lynn Jawitz owner and head designer at FLORISAN in New York City, known for her floral arrangements that blend strong geometric forms with striking colors - gives LPB her TOP 5 wallet friendly tips on DIY arrangements! Enjoy..

Concept #1:--- Total = $ 20
Ceramic tea pots are also great to use as vases work well with roses because of the versatility and diversity of rose colors. Taking a cue from the colors on your ceramic tea pot, coordinate a rose bouquet for a festive, party look.

Tips on arranging these:
1. Remove foliage below the water line.
2. For better control of your roses, you can place floral foam in the "belly" of the tea pot.
3. Keep the arrangement away from heat and out of direct sunlight.
4. If you have any floral preservative, you can use it in the water.

Concept #2: --- Total = $7 - $22 depending on which flowers you choose.

Mason, Canning or Pickling jars (usually a very handy country-spirited container for an informal look) are great for DAISIES ($7.00) and/or GERBERAS (15.00)

Tips on arranging these:
1. It's medium height and shape compliment many varieties of flowers, making them a functional vase.
2. It's country look works well on most kitchen environments
3. The clear glass can be accented with colorful acrylic rocks
4. Make sure that the height of the flowers are not more than one and one half times the height of the vase or under.
Concept #4: -- Total= $10.00

Ceramic Pots (test to insure that they are water tight) and Pitchers are great with SNAPDRAGONS ($10.00) and/or DELPHINIUMS (15.00) and/or Gladiolas (10.00) because the height of the pitcher supports the length of the taller flower.

Tips on arranging these:
1. Snap off the extreme pointed end of the gladiolas (only gladiolas) to encourage the stem flowers to open.
2. Dendrobium orchids (15.00 to 20.00) can be used here as well.
3. Make sure that the height of the flowers is in proportion to the vase as well as not too tall to tip the pitcher over.
4. River stones can add weight to the bottom of the pitcher to stabilize it for extra tall arrangements

Concept #4:--- Total = $ 10
Old beer mugs are great for CARNATIONS ($10.00) because their weight gives them stability.
Tips on arranging these:

1. Even more stability can be gotten for top heavy flowers with polished river stones in the bottom of the mug.
2. Some color can be added with a wrap of acetate ribbon inside the glass
3. Remove foliage from flower stems under the water line (keep greenery above the water line)4. Mixed color carnations make a bright treat.
Concept #5-- Total = $10 - 15.00
Gourd Vegetables--(hollowed out squashes, pumpkins, and gourds make seasonal, water tight containers) go great with AUTUMN DAHLIAS ($15.00) in rich fall colors or CHRYSANTHEMUMS ($10.00). These work well because these vegetables are naturally water tight.

Tips on arranging these:
1. Do no place directly on a surface in the home, be sure to use an under plate
2. Keep away from heat, which will cause the gourd to decay faster.
3. For a slightly shiny and preservative effect, spray the exterior of the gourd with clear hair spray before you cut it (do not eat!!)
4. You can place a hidden glass vase inside the gourd as the base of your arrangement or use floral foam. If the gourd is not stable on the plate, you can shear off the bottom to flatten it, but the container will last longer if you do not do this--use this only for short-term arrangements.

Lynn Jawitz of Florisan, LLC, is creating a whole new Garden of Eden for the world to see, one impeccably arranged bouquet at a time. More than a florist in the traditional sense, Lynn is a floral architect combining the best of English and Dutch traditional designs to create a lush wonderland of floral fantasy. To learn more about Lynn Jawitz & FLORISAN log on to florisanllc.com

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