Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Mon petits, style is a controversial subject. For some style is one asserting their identity - for others it all about cultivating & creating your best self. Either way it's all comes down to experimentation, inspiration and achieving your own signature you (evolving as it may - but nonetheless- you!) Starting this spring & fall (it will be here sooner then you think) Assouline, Rizzoli and Laurence King Publishing will release 3 no nonsense style tomes that all fashionistas (rock, classic, or global) will treasure for seasons to come!

Evelina Khromtchenko

Russia (Moscow in particular) is the undisputed capital of conspicuous consumption of all things fashion & in RUSSIAN STYLE (ASSOULINE) Khromtchenko takes you on a visual tour de force of all the splendor & grandiose that only a Russe can produce! Khromtchenko the reigning authority of Russian Fashion as well as the editor of L'Official Russia showcases the rich history in a fabulous & straightforward approach you will be utterly captivated! From the Russian dominance on the runways to the uber obsessed Russian obligarch market this tome leaves nothing untouched!

Assouline Publishing has created fine illustrated books, luxury editions and an exquisite gift line dedicated to fashion, photography, art and design. Starting today, all LPB readers will receive a discount on this titles exclusively on Go on to and use the code LAPETITEBLOG to receive an uber fab discount!

Keanan Duffty with Paul Gorman

Madonna (or Her Majesty to some) has reigned supreme in Rock & Roll history for staying ahead of the trends with countless reinventions but she can not hold a match to David Bowie with the chameleon maneuvers & the louche style that makes Rebel Rebel:Anti-Style (Universe) such a fashion masterpiece! This lavishly illustrated and authoritative tome looks at the Anti-Style phenomenon as it spans over 3 decades and numerous countries with a history as rich and varied as it is shocking & daring. Duffty & Gorman exposes the fiery history of a furious, rebellious, contradicting and boundary - redefining music, fashion and cultural movement which to this day is massively influential.

Rebel Rebel: Anti-Style (UNIVERSE) will be available September 09. Check out Rizzoli New York to pre-order this must have (tell them La Petite Blog sent you)!

While the Rebel Rebel style prides itself to non conformity Laurence King Publishing's UNIFORMS examines the personal & cultural meaning of wearing uniforms. This tome examines & analyzes the roles that uniforms play in all walks of life from the military, the church, hospitals, entertainment, film, sports & everyday civilian life (on a personal note for a time in 2000 I had a uniform that consisted of Vivienne Westwood Jeans & cowboy boots...still wondering what that was about!). In each of these contexts,Dunn explores the symbolism of every aspect of UNIFORMS have on society at large from the fabrics, colors, accoutrements & it's cultural significance to the world at large. This fun celebration of UNIFORMS is both intriguing & inspiring an must for budding designers, fashion historians and UNIFORMS aficionados.

UNIFORMS released March 09 is available at

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