Monday, June 15, 2009


There are some things girls are born instinctively knowing: the LBD – the all purpose get ‘em dress, the RED dress… really must I go on; but the one dress that is the dress of all dresses is THE WHITE DRESS & in the engaging tome The White Dress: Fashion Inspiration for brides (Laurence King Publishing) you will be enthralled by the brilliance of this thoroughly researched book that covers every type of bride imaginable! From the Fairytale Princess to the Siren bride (let’s not forget our colorful brides as well!) Worsley leaves nothing uncovered- she effortlessly shows how a bride’s gown are a direct reflection of her philosophy/dream/aspiration/current dilemma appeals to one’s individual style who are looking for glamour, sophistication or controversy on the most important day of their life. Technical acumen, tremendous creativity, and attention to detail are the overriding principles that THE WHITE DRESS showcases are the driving force behind the mythical entity known as The Wedding Dress. An absolute must for wedding enthusiasts, fashion lovers or day dreamers THE WHITE DRESS will certainly have you craving to say ‘I do’.

by Harriet Worsley